Fangirl Thursday: The Best of Castle and Beckett


Can you hear the wedding bells starting to chime, fellow Castle fans?

On Monday night, after waiting what’s felt like forever, Castle and Beckett are finally tying the knot, so this seemed like as good a reason as any to reflect back on my favorite moments in their relationship over the last seven seasons. (I did the same for Leslie and Ben right before their perfect Parks and Recreation wedding a couple of years ago.)

Castle and Beckett’s love story is a story of two adults who have learned that nothing worth having comes easily. Happy endings aren’t given away; they’re things we have to fight for, things we have to choose even when we fear we’re not deserving of happiness because we’re too broken, too scared, or too used to being alone. Watching these two characters choose happiness with each other and choose to fight for that happiness whenever it’s been threatened has been nothing short of inspiring. We’ve already seen them choose to be with each other for better or worse; they’ve been promising each other “Always” since Season Three. This wedding is just icing on a lovely cake we’ve watched come together over the years.

Castle has always been, at its heart, a love story. And what an extraordinary love story it is. Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite moments in the relationship between Castle and Beckett (so far). Join the fun and share your favorites with us in the comments!

1. “I’ve gotten used to you pulling my pigtails…” (2.13: Sucker Punch)
This was the moment I went from liking Castle to loving it with the passion I still have today. This was the moment it became my favorite show on television. And it was all because this was the moment I went from enjoying the dynamic between Castle and Beckett to being moved to tears by that dynamic. I could write entire posts about this scene (In fact, I have.), but I’ll keep it short this time around. Castle showing up with every kind of food known to man just to make Beckett feel better is still one of the most realistically romantic gestures I’ve ever seen on television. It took my breath away then, and it continues to do so even now. And for all of the grand speeches and revelations these two have shared, I still think Beckett telling Castle that she’s gotten used to him pulling her pigtails is one of the most important. It was the first time she told him what he meant to her, and I will never forget how blindsided I was by the simple beauty of that moment.

2. “I just want you…” (4.23: Always)
If you want the very definition of an earned moment or emotional payoff, look no further than this scene. After years of dancing around each other and an entire season of Beckett hiding from the truth, all of the tension finally exploded with a love scene audiences had been waiting four long years to see. This scene worked because a thousand details came together in a way that allowed viewers to find something new to love each time they watched it: the beautiful score by Robert Duncan, the way Stana Katic shows Beckett’s knees literally going weak at one point, the emotional resonance of Beckett letting Castle touch the scar on her chest…And it all culminated in that perfect shot of them holding each other’s hand and each other’s gaze, walking into their future together.

3. “Every day I bring you a cup of coffee…” (4.23: Always)
Nathan Fillion has had plenty of great moments on Castle, but I still think this is his best work on the show to date. The incredible, unforced emotion in this monologue is pure brilliance. (I get goosebumps every time I watch him say “I’m right here!”) Every part of this scene is perfect, but I have a particular fondness for the moment when he tells her exactly why he brings her the coffee that had become such an important symbol for their relationship on the show. Watching him try so hard not to cry as he told the woman he loves that he just wants to make her smile every day made me weep then and still makes me an emotional wreck now. If ever there was a moment to say “I want someone to love me like Castle loves Beckett,” it was this moment.

4. “Until tomorrow…” (1.05: A Chill Goes Through Her Veins)
Every character needs a good backstory, and every relationship needs a good foundation. This scene gave us both, as Beckett shared with Castle the story behind her mother’s murder and her father’s alcoholism (and recovery) for the first time. I have a personal soft spot for quiet moments of emotional intimacy between these characters, where Beckett chooses to let Castle see parts of her she tries to hide from the world, and this was the first of those moments. Both Fillion and Katic treated this scene with the reverence and gentle touch necessary to make it resonate with viewers. And I’m not sure it gets more romantic than Fillion’s voice when he tells Beckett “Until tomorrow…” and his face as she walks away. In that moment, we were shown a man falling in love with a woman for her depth and her strength, which was necessary to set the stage for this relationship to be something built on more than just sexual tension.

5. The first “Always…” (3.13: Knockdown)
For most people “Knockdown” will always be known for giving us Castle and Beckett’s first kiss. But for me, this episode will always be known for giving us the first “Always.” When Castle told Beckett that he would always have her back, it meant more than any kiss. This was a man who didn’t seem to have a good history with committed relationships promising a woman that he would always be there for her, and doing it in a way that made us (and Beckett) believe him. It was huge character moment for Richard Castle, and it happened in a scene that was filled with the kind of soft intimacy that showcases Fillion and Katic’s chemistry better than any big, romantic moment.

6. “That’s what makes you extraordinary…” (1.10: A Death in the Family)
This was another one of those moments that took my breath away when I first watched it, and it solidified my opinion of Fillion as the kind of actor who could make my heart ache with the honesty and sincerity he gives to all of Castle’s most romantic lines. This little speech was so important because it was Castle pointing out that what he found extraordinary about Beckett was the very essence of who she is as a woman—her determination. Castle has always seen who Beckett is underneath her walls and has always found that woman extraordinary, and this was the first moment when he made that clear to her.

7. “I am glad to know this about you…” (3.18: Once Life to Lose)
If you’ve been around this website for even a little bit of time, you probably know that one of my core beliefs is that we share so much of who we are when we talk about the media that we hold closest to our hearts. This scene speaks to that belief like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Watching Beckett explain to Castle why soap operas matter to her was like watching her open up an entirely new and vulnerable part of her heart to him. Her smile when she described watching television on sick days with her mom was stunning, and it was a beautiful moment of total openness between a woman learning how to remember the good times in a sad past and a man who adores hearing whatever small details he’s given about the things that have made her who she is.

8. “I know you do…” (3.06: 3XK)
There’s something special about the first time you hold someone’s hand, and I love that Castle made the first time Castle and Beckett held hands feel like the big moment that it was. I remember freaking out when I saw this scene, and that’s always the sign of a great TV couple—when just holding hands is enough to send fans into an emotional tailspin.

9. “We can’t give up…” (6.23: For Better Or Worse)
One of the best things about Castle and Beckett’s relationship once they got together was their stability and maturity. This was a relationship between adults, two people who understood that life isn’t always easy but were willing to go through even the toughest times together because they knew that once they got together, it was forever. This scene took that maturity to the next level by showing both of them come to terms with a hard truth: There is no happily ever after. The best love stories are filled with moments where happiness seems far away, but the strongest couples are the ones who acknowledge that there will be tough times but they can’t ever use those as an excuse to give up. Love doesn’t solve every problem, but it makes it easier to fight through challenges because you have someone to fight alongside you. That’s a very important truth that doesn’t get said enough, and I’m proud of these writers for having the courage to say it.

10. “You have no idea…” (1.01: Flowers For Your Grave)
This is the moment that started it all. It’s impossible to watch this now without a smile, knowing how far these characters have come. As fans, we’ve gone from watching Beckett walk away from Castle to getting ready to watch her walk down the aisle towards him. And you can bet he’ll still be watching her walk with the same awestruck expression he wore that first time.


28 thoughts on “Fangirl Thursday: The Best of Castle and Beckett

  1. I’m going to cry because these scenes are all so great. Another one of my favorites is in season 3, the episode “To Love and Die in L.A.”. The scene in the hotel together Castle tells her, “I’m still amazed at the depths of your strength, your heart …and your hotness.” That was just one of the most perfect things he’s ever said to her. The vulnerability and emotional depth in this scene is so great and the tension is palpable. Stana and Nathan have such amazing chemistry and this is shown clearly here. It also always struck me how Beckett was the one struggling with whether or not to open the door and then she does. That was such a big risk and moment for her. Too bad Castle wasn’t there to see it.

    • I’ve basically been a mess of emotions all week just thinking about this wedding, so you’re not alone!

      I’m so happy you talked about that “To Love and Die in L.A.” moment because it was another HUGE moment for their relationship. The tension was so perfect.

  2. These are all great! 2×05 has a number of great moments for me: the first handshake and the way Beckett and Castle look at each other while figuring out what to do/say. Also the sadness on Beckett’s face in the car when she is contemplating Castle leaving. And lastly, when she and Castle are talking about the dedication – the look in her eyes when he tells her she is extraordinary and the hope when he says “I’ve been thinking…”

  3. Not surprisingly I adore your picks and more than that the reasons why you selected them. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you about Suckerpunch. It really was the beginning of what has turned into a great love story. For me what is so striking about the end of Sucker Punch is the utter humility we get from Castle. The only time we’ve seen him close to this level of remorse at that point was the close of Deep in Death, the season 2 premiere when he apologizes to her. And even then it’s about sincerity, not humility. Sucker Punch knocks the wind out of Castle’s ego and shows his willingness to own the consequence. It is a revealing moment as Beckett opens up to let him into the other side of the wall she has so carefully built around her emotions and her mother’s death. I adored what you wrote about Knockdown. Yes that kiss and subsequent reaction from Castle was spectacular. But the emotional throwdown came in that ambulance with the very grounded conviction of Castle’s ‘always’. It was resolute and finite. It was a declaration that he was done and she was it for him. He’d found his home and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to protect it. I love a moment at the beginning of that episode when the shooting of Raglan happens and Beckett says she’ll drop Castle home and his response is a determined “not on your life”. She immediately accepts his decision, not because of the force by which he says it but because she realizes she needs him and accepts his willingness to stand beside her in that moment. However, rather than simply agree with your moments (which I do) I am going to add to this list in no particular order, my top 10.

    1) Boom — “You can and you will” — The scene after Beckett’s apartment explodes in the series first two parter was a telling moment for Castle and Beckett. For me it marked an important pivot in Beckett respecting how much Castle cares about her. She’s so determined and self-reliant. To allow Castle to insist she stay at the Loft, not as a romantic gesture but as someone who was fully invested in her well being

    2) To Love and Die in L.A. – “A mystery I was never going to solve…” One of the things I love that the showrunners did was not make Castle jealous of Beckett’s relationship with Royce. He admired it. He was charmed by it but never jealous that there was someone before him that was able to touch into her vulnerability. So when the couch scene happens it is a moment of intimacy that offers Castle simply listening and admiring that woman he has clearly fallen in love with and he opens the door for her. When she gets up to leave the moment and he calls to her as Kate instead of Beckett I melt. It’s sultry, wanting and sincere all at the same time. I love that he goes to his room instead of going after her. He cares enough to wait until she’s ready, because this isn’t just a pursuit to be conquered. This is someone he’s ready to commit to wholeheartedly and wants the same from her.

    3) Knockout – “You deserve to be happy, but you’re afraid…” Rick’s monologue to try and convince Kate not to go after Lockwood is for me his actual declaration of love to her. It is the first time he full out fights for her, for the future he sees for them. His frustration notwithstanding, his passion and love for her is self evident. He pulls up, but it is clear that this is a moment where he is afraid he’s going to lose her.

    4) Killshot – “tell her she owes me about 100 coffees…” I adore a great many of the ‘always’ moments but this one is my favorite. It comes on the heels of a case and moment for Beckett where she’s caved in on herself from the shooting. It is a distinct moment in that Castle doesn’t press to be the one who helps Beckett. He’s there and she knows it. His monologue about looking for his partner is terrific. It reminds us that this is a man who loves her for who she is and doesn’t expect anything different. He solidifies that with gloriously melt worthy ‘always’.

    5) Lucky Stiff — The moment when Kate is giving Martha advice about what to do with the million dollars based off of Castle’s opinion about what sudden riches does to a person is a favorite of mine because we get to watch Castle react to a third party moment with Beckett. It’s a great little moment of adoration and validation. We as viewers know he’s in love with her and holding back. So to see him discover that she listens and takes him seriously as she takes great care with his mother is a wonderful little moment that I think speaks to the strength of the relationship they are building in that moment.

    6) After the Storm — I agree with what you perfectly said about Always and it’s payoff in bringing this couple together. For me, the moment in After the Storm when Beckett brings him coffee is priceless. From the recall to the series premiere when Castle tells her she was right “he had no idea” to the genuinely vulnerable moment when he checks to make certain they are in the same place as to what their relationship and this moment meant. Fillion’s combined joy and relief is perfectly timed and I found it both charming and adorable. For these two who have meant so much to each other to have a slight moment of awkwardness as they embark on this new part of their relationship was terrific.

    7) Secret’s Safe with Me “Even on the worst days there’s a possibility for joy” I realize that handshake moment is a favorite piece of the Caskett mythology. For me, the closing scene is everything I love about this relationship. From Castle’s understanding that just because they are in a relationship it doesn’t mean he has access to everything to the giddy joy and fascination on his face when Beckett tells the story of the stick figure in her desk to his response of wonder that the woman he loves continues to surprise and marvel him. It is one of my all time favorite moments in the show and one of the show’s best lines.

    8) Murder, He Wrote “None of them were you” – Fillion kills me with his ability to deliver sincerity on the turn of a dime. When we watch Beckett become overwhelmed in the moment at the beach house when she realizes what she has stepped into with this relationship it is the perfect response to relieve her fears of being “the latest” as opposed to “the one”. Watching Castle own who he is and has been only to reassure her that this and she are different is so touching because it takes a moment of vulnerability that was Beckett’s and solves it with a confession of vulnerability from Castle.

    9) Reality Star Struck “It’s perfect” This episode is all about the giving of that drawer. And no one could have sold it better than Fillion. I love her confidence turned fear at the symbolic gift only to be rewarded by an overwhelmed and stunned Castle. What makes it a great moment in their relationship is that it is the first time we see Kate lean into the seriousness and commitment to him. We always get to see and hear Castle’s declarations. To have Kate make this gesture humbles Castle because he realizes they are both truly committed to each other.

    10) Deep Cover “I keep making the mistake of thinking he’s family, but he’s not, you are” – Castle’s commitment to family is the piece of his character that has always redeemed his ego and silliness. It is the conviction that makes me love his character and watching him chose Beckett as his family in that moment. Declaring it by putting her first is a selfless gesture that meant a lot I believe in their story arc and in committing that she was one of the most important pieces of his life. I think we will get to see a cadence of this again on Monday as we push to an actual wedding and I can’t wait!

    Honorable Mention
    My absolute favorite silent moments are the two of them in the precinct starring at each other’s chairs. Their connection is never more palpable for me and I think it is a wonderful connective piece the show has done that is in keeping with the coffee and use of always.

    • I love every single one of those 10 moments you chose. I’m so happy you pointed out that scene in “Kill Shot” because I remember being so impressed with the writers for not going with the cliched “Castle helps Beckett work through her PTSD” story. He knew that the only thing he could do was be there for her without pushing, and that’s exactly what he did. Your interpretation of those lines as Castle stating that he knew exactly what he was getting into when it came to loving all of Beckett is exactly how I saw that scene, too. It’s what made that “Always” the most profound that the series has had.

      I’m also incredibly happy that you singled out one of my favorite lines from the series “Even on the worst days there’s a possibility for joy.” I have that quote (given to me by Heather because she knows me all too well) framed in my bedroom to look at whenever I need that reminder.

      And I’m pretty sure every instance of them looking at the other’s empty chair has made me cry. This show has done such a brilliant job of crafting connective pieces that feel true to these characters, the setting, and the story they’re telling.

  4. Thank you for rehashing these famous scenes and lines to all of us Caskett shippers who have watched this great love story unfold. This has been quite a journey for both Castle and Beckett and for the Castle fans. The instant chemistry that resonated onscreen during the Pilot: FLOWERS FOR YOUR GRAVE got us all hooked on Castle right away. If you would have told me then that it would take 133 more episodes before they would be together forever, I would have been mighty surprised. It has taken a very long time, but it will be extra sweet this Monday night to finally see it happen. I keep asking myself how a grown woman can be so excited for a fictional wedding? My answer is: Because of the best writing and acting I have ever seen on a TV show in all of my 55 years. Castle found a way into my heart early on and has stayed there every step of the way, Richard Castle and Kate Beckett were destined to be together and the love story that has unfolded has been both inspiring and inspirational to me and many others.

  5. I have never ever watched this show. I only heard of it because of you (we never watch ABC). And I only heard a vague summary of what the show is even about a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a Once/Castle AU crossover fic.
    And yet, I saw this posted on Facebook and I was all excited that they were getting married! LOL. I hope it’s everything you have hoped for for so long 🙂

    • I’m with you, never seen the show, but I fully support good love stories and fangirling! And since I don’t think any of my OTPs ever got a real wedding on TV, I have to imagine this is super exciting for all the fans out there. I also support anything Nathan Fillion is in. Although I always joke that his best work was as the voice of Steve Trevor in the animated Wonder Woman movie. 😉

      • I love all of this support for happy fans and happy weddings. 😉

        I’ve had a few of my favorite TV couples get married onscreen (Alex and Izzie before that went to hell on Grey’s, Chuck and Sarah, Leslie and Ben), so I’m more than a little bit spoiled in that regard. Here’s hoping that my streak of “OTP weddings” continues sometime in the future with a certain OUAT couple. 😉

  6. I didn’t start watching until Tick Tick / Boom so every interaction in those two episodes will always hold a special place. Not that these would replace any of the moments mentioned above but a few more Caskett moments that deserve a mention because they gave Shippers hope for the future:

    1. Cuffed – Next time, let’s do it without the Tiger.
    2. Embarrassment of bitches – Castle showing Beckett how the dog likes to be rubbed. Holding hands just a little too long reminded me of To Live and Die in LA.
    3. Poof your dead – The look on Beckett’s face when Castle says “If you don’t believe in the possibility of magic, you’ll never find it”
    4. Secret Santa – When Beckett shows up at the door and they say it is time for new traditions
    5. Any scene at the swings…from Rise to Watershed.

  7. I love all of your picks and I read this with a smile on my face thinking about Castle and Beckett’s journey together and how far they’ve come.

    My two favorite moments have been mentioned multiple times but I’ll mention them again anyway. My first favorite will always be the “I’ve gotten used to you pulling my pigtails” moment. I loved this show pretty much instantly (thank you again for the recommendation years ago) but I think this was the moment I went all-in with the show and this relationship. First of all, I love the lengths to which Castle would go to make Beckett happy. He couldn’t fix the situation that arose in this brilliant episode but he would be there in the aftermath in whatever capacity Beckett needed. Then we have Beckett’s admission that Castle makes the job fun. Before Castle entered her life, there wasn’t a lot of fun in it especially at work. She’s always had the passion for it because of her mom but things undoubtedly changed at the precinct since Castle’s arrival. It was only after he got there that it really became a family and this moment is the first time she’s recognized the positive role he’s had in her life in such a significant way. It’s a big moment for her personally and a step toward the future growth we’ll see and it’s a huge moment for their partnership.

    My other favorite is the “mystery I was never going to solve” moment in To Love and Die in L.A. Castle is in awe of the person Beckett is. He’s in love with all of her – the parts that are guarded, her past, and the physical parts included. I’m a sucker for these types of mini-speeches that are so admiring and vulnerable then pull back a little and add some humor so that too much isn’t exposed. I love that Beckett almost turned around and opened the door again then decided against it because she wasn’t ready. She knew she cared about Castle but just wasn’t at a point where she could open herself up like she would have needed to.

    I’m so excited for Monday! 😀

    • Castle will always have such a special spot in my heart for many reasons, but one of the biggest is because it was the first show I shared with you. 🙂

      I love that we have the same first favorite moment, and I knew you were going to pick the one from “To Love and Die in L.A.,” too! I could read your thoughts about that scene forever. I love how much you love it.

    • Heather you captured Sucker Punch perfectly. It really was when the show went from good to great. It was a seminal moment in their relationship, their characters and as you said opening the door to the 12th being a family. It also has one of my favorite laughs with Castle and Espo saying in unison “I own a boat” who would have thought with that start we’d end up where we did with the episode.

      I love that Katie turned you onto the show because it’s what brought me here to this great group of fans. I love that I have you guys to share Monday night with and so many more fun TV moments to come.

  8. I cannot believe you compiled all of these moments and included video! This is amazing! It’s no secret that Once Upon A Time is my favorite show, but I went from a casual Castle fan to a die-hard one once I realized the amazing chemistry between Castle and Beckett right about Season 2. The writers made it feel like the most natural thing in the world (which is why the season finale rang so hollow for me last season–I felt cheated). Oh…watching these clips of first love and their struggle and fight to be together is magical. THANK YOU!

  9. oh wow – I’m so glad I found this (thru a post on tumblr) As I’m reading all of the comments here, I’m nodding my head, saying “yes, that’s right” out loud (thank goodness I’m alone) and I’m crying a bit. Because I share almost every thought with all of you. I’ve had those same thoughts about Sucker Punch, Always, Kill Shot, and on and on. It’s great to read so much positive stuff about my favorite show!

  10. Loved all of your choices. I would add the end of “Undead Again” when Beckett tells him she is ready to face everything that happened on the day she was shot and that her wall is coming down. It’s in that moment that Castle again has hope for them and Beckett is pleading with him to stay and wait just a little longer. She asked him to come back “tomorrow” and you can see the tears in her eyes because she is not so sure he will but then the relief that he will.

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