The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/9 – 11/16)

This week in television began on Sunday with another emotional hour of Once Upon a Time, another hilarious episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and another captivating hour of The Good Wife. On Monday, Castle and Beckett finally got married. Tuesday gave us an episode of The Mindy Project filled with more great guest performances, and Wednesday’s Nashville gave me hope for Juliette and Avery for the first time since last season. Finally, Thursday’s Scandal featured more double-crossing than perhaps ever before, and How to Get Away with Murder was basically an hour-long lesson in “Why you shouldn’t trust your husband.”

For as much as I loved the acting in the interrogation scene between Emma and Ingrid on Once Upon a Time, if you thought I was picking anything other than Castle and Beckett’s wedding as the best TV moment of the week, you must not know me very well. It was everything I could have hoped for as someone who has loved this couple since the pilot and spent six years following their journey. It was simple, intimate, and perfect. And it’s still making me cry numerous re-watches later.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/9 – 11/16)

  1. You know a wedding and moment in television nails it when my mother rewatches it. The fact that she re-winded three times in the moment last Monday, epic! It’s hard for a show to live up to the expectations we as fans build up in our heads. Castle achieved that on Monday in spades.

    I have to throw an honorable mention to my new favorite show Jane the Virgin. A show that is handling the absurd with a wonderful balance of infusing meaningful performances with sincere relationships. To watch the breakdown of Jane and Xiomara’s relationship handled with the real pain and no villains spoke volumes to the complexity of loving people unconditionally. It’s a show that continues to marvel in performance and heart.

    • “It’s hard for a show to live up to the expectations we as fans build up in our heads. Castle achieved that on Monday in spades.” – This is the truth!

  2. yes it was very well done! simple yet very much in tune with what Beckett had wanted all along! And her outfit was very in keeping with Beckett’s style! Not too much, just right! Now this week apparently will be the honeymoon! I can just hear the clammer starting about when “the baby” will come. Good grief I hope they wait a while and settle down a bit before the writers start going in that direction! Anyway, loved it.

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