What Is Nerdy Girl Notes?

Let’s face the facts; we’re all nerds about something. We all have things we love with a fervor that might confuse other people; we all have things we’re passionate about. There are movies, books, TV shows, sports, and other interests that we all hold close to our hearts because they matter to us for reasons no one else could ever quite understand. This website was created to celebrate that.

Nerdy Girl Notes is driven by enthusiasm. It’s a place that runs on the belief that the best kind of media—the kind worth writing about—is the kind that makes us feel as well as think. It’s a place fueled by discussion that is thoughtful, passionate, and—above all else—respectful, because we reveal so much about ourselves when we talk about the things we love. It’s a place for all of us overly-invested fans to come together and feel like we’re not alone in our need to analyze, discuss, and sometimes even cry over the media we consume.

Here you’ll find TV recaps, movie reviews, book reviews, and essays that strive to offer a fresh, enthusiastic look at popular culture. Nerdy Girl Notes was founded on the idea that it’s always more fun to hope for something good than to expect something bad and that it’s more fulfilling to look for reasons to love something than reasons to tear something down.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to nerdygirlnotes@gmail.com.

You can find Nerdy Girl Notes on Twitter, too: @nerdygirlnotes.

All NGN logos and official graphics are made by the talented Nikki. More of her graphics can be seen here

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