The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/2 – 11/9)

This week in television started off with a deeper look into Belle’s past (and a deeper look at the Snow Queen’s plan) on Once Upon a Time; the uncovering of Boyle and Gina’s secret on Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and more drama in Cary’s case on The Good Wife. Tuesday saw very strong returns of New Girl and The Mindy Project, and Thursday featured some big developments on both Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder.

There were some great acting moments this week—from Elizabeth Mitchell’s captivating work on Once Upon a Time to Jake Johnson’s hilarious work in the latest episode of New Girl. However, no performance this week could top what Darby Stanchfield did on Scandal. She made me feel every single emotion raging through Abby as her abusive ex-husband found his way back into her life. Stanchfield made Abby’s fear, shock, anger, and desperation feel so visceral and so heartbreakingly honest. When she told Olivia that she threw up on her dress upon discovering her ex-husband in the Oval Office, I marveled at the honesty of that moment. It was such a human, relatable moment on a show where so many characters react to situations in ways no one ever would in reality. And I also marveled at the beauty of Olivia genuinely being there for Abby through such a difficult time. It was a stunning scene of real depth and support between two women. And that made me feel good, even as the scene itself made me cry.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

3 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/2 – 11/9)

  1. I completely agree with your pick for the week. Darby Stanchfield did an incredible job throughout the episode and the scene you chose was a standout.

    My other pick for the week is everything having to do with Joel and Julia’s divorce on Parenthood. The dissolution of this relationship has been breaking my heart since last season and finally it looks like there may potentially be a ray of hope before the show ends. Their first scene in the elevator, after concluding mediation, was devastating. Julia cries and reaches out for Joel’s hand and for the length of the elevator ride, they let themselves be comforted by the other one last time before walking away. Then Joel’s conversation with his father-in-law made me cry again, as Zeke tells him to fight for the family that he still loves. He knows his daughter. He knows she still cares about Joel and that she’d be happy with him again. Craig Nelson is just killing it with every scene he has this season. He’s had so many heart-to-heart talks with members of his family and this was no exception. Finally, Joel shows up at Julia’s door to finally fight for her like she asked him to. The whole arc has been done so well even as it’s destroying me and I’m hopeful for a happy ending for Julia, whatever that looks like.

  2. I co-sign with Heather after finally catching up on everything last week I have to say she was simply stellar. I am not a fan of this show but tuned in specifically because of this storyline that was a nod back to season 1 establishing of her character. Darby did not disappoint from start to finish. She was a master class this week.

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