The Busy Season Is Upon Us

I hope all of you had a lovely holiday season and are refreshed and ready for more great TV and more great TV discussions here at Nerdy Girl Notes!

Over the next couples of weeks, things will be getting pretty busy here, mainly because of NBC’s decisions concerning the final season of Parks and Recreation. I’ve been reviewing that show for the last two seasons, and I’m excited in a very bittersweet kind of way to review this last season, too. However, the decision to move that final season to Tuesday nights puts me in a bit of a bind as far as a posting schedule goes, which is why I’m looking for some help as I prioritize my writing for the next several weeks.

On Tuesdays, I’ll be watching both The Mindy Project and Parks and Rec, but (because I have to deal with a pesky thing called “my 9 to 5 job”) I won’t be able to write about both shows on Wednesdays. Therefore, I want to hear from you, fellow TV comedy fans, about which show you’d rather read my review of the next day and which you’d be willing to wait until Thursdays to read. (Fangirl Thursdays will be taking another hiatus after this week until Parks and Rec’s short run is over at the end of February.)

I’ve included a handy poll here that I’d love for you to participate in, because I want to get a good feel for what you as readers would like to see as far as my posting schedule goes.


Thanks in advance for the input, and I can’t wait to start talking with all of you about new episodes of our favorite shows!

5 thoughts on “The Busy Season Is Upon Us

  1. OK I am a Johnny Come Lately to The Mindy Project and don’t watch Parks and Rec. But I feel like I know you and given this is the last season of Parks and Rec and your deep connection to the show, Poehler and especially Leslie it only seems fitting that you prioritize Parks and Rec. But that’s just silly sentimental me riding on the high of your obsession with The Americans. 😉

    • I’m so happy both you and Heather are finding so much secondhand joy in my growing obsession with The Americans. I like knowing there are at least two people I’m not annoying with my incessant tweets about it. 😉

  2. While I don’t have strong opinions either way, it seems that the obvious solution is for your job to give you the day off — with pay, of course. I’m sure once you explain the situation (and I’m sure we’d all be willing to write letters of support), your bosses would understand. 🙂

    Pesky jobs. The money is nice, but the actual work interferes with really important things like watching and analyzing shows.

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