New Year, New NGN

The beginning of the year has always been a time of new beginnings at NGN. This site started as a New Year’s resolution, and January has always been a time for reflecting on this little corner of the internet and how I can make it the best it can possibly be.

For a few years, I wasn’t sure how to do that. My career changed in a major way in 2016, and with that, the time I could devote to this site—especially in the form of weekly reviews of shows—drastically decreased. But it was more than just my job that changed around that time. I changed. My relationship with fandom changed. My relationship with writing about and for fandom changed.

I felt like I couldn’t be what fandom needed me to be.

For years, I’d built a reputation as being a force of unstoppable positivity in fandom. And I relished that reputation. I encouraged it and took it very seriously.

But sometimes it’s hard to be positive.

Sometimes you can’t be what other people need you to be.

So I all but disappeared because I felt like I couldn’t be what fandom needed me to be—what fandom expected me to be. I couldn’t keep up with The Fan Mail Project (remember when I tried to write a book?) thanks to my grueling workload and packed schedule. I couldn’t post as often because I was burned out from writing all day at work. I couldn’t be as endlessly enthusiastic as I used to be because I was struggling with a prolonged period of anxiety and self-doubt.

I felt like I was letting people down, and I didn’t know how to deal with that.

I wrote when I could, but after my posts about The Americans ended, it was hard for me to find my groove—to find my voice.

But I think I’m starting to find it again.

And I have you—my NGN Family—to thank for that.

The encouragement you gave me when I wrote about what Schitt’s Creek taught me about coming home. The kindness you all showed when my year-end posts took a different—and more honest—tone this year. The sense of community that’s filled this place again in the last week.

It’s all reminded me that the people who matter—the people who’ve made the NGN community what it’s been for almost a decade—don’t need me to be anything but myself. My messy, vulnerable self. It’s reminded me that NGN can be a safe space not just for the people who visit it, but for me too. And it’s reminded me that nothing makes me feel less alone than connecting with people through the kind of writing that I’ve always loved bringing to NGN—writing about the things we love and what those things say about who we are.

So with that in mind—and in the spirit of new beginnings—I’m excited to announce that I’m bringing back a couple of old features from NGN’s past that I think will focus on that kind of writing and allow all of us to share enthusiasm and love the way we did this past week—and the way we’ve been sharing for more than eight years.

The first of these is The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week, which will return to its Sunday slot starting tomorrow! The second is an updated version of NGN’s old Daily Dose of Feelings feature that discussed some of my favorite emotional moments from TV. However, my life doesn’t really allow for “Daily” posts anymore, so instead, Right in the Feels is going to pop up at least a few times a month to focus on moments from movies, TV shows, and other aspects of pop culture that have brought me to tears throughout my many years as a fangirl. (I have a working list of moments to write about, but if you have suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments!)

It’s my hope that these features—along with more essays throughout the year—will allow us all to continue to connect with the joy, enthusiasm, and community that’s been buzzing around NGN for the last week and that has always made this little corner of the internet so special.

It may be a new year, but I’m ready to rekindle a little bit of that old NGN magic.

New Year, New Notes

Happy Belated New Year, fellow nerds! Thanks for your patience as NGN has experienced a brief, unplanned hiatus to kick off 2016. Hopefully the content I have planned for the next few months will be worth the wait!

Because NGN essentially started as the fulfillment of a New Year’s resolution, I like to use the New Year’s holiday each year to take stock of this site and think about how I can improve the experience for all of you who visit it. With that in mind, there are some fun things I want to set in motion for the coming year, as well as some information about returning features and—of course—my book!

Let’s start with the book, shall we? I’ve thought long and hard about my proposed February 1 deadline for letters, and I’ve decided to extend it to give us all just a little more time to finish (or start!) writing. Therefore, the official deadline for letters for The Fan Mail Project will now be February 29, 2016, at 11 p.m. EST. As you might have noticed, I’ve also tweaked the book’s tentative title because “Fan Mail” on its own was starting to feel a little too generic. As always, if you have any questions at all about this project or need any kind of encouragement, don’t hesitate to comment here, tweet me (@nerdygirlnotes), or send me an email. And finished letters can be emailed to

There are plenty of awesome female characters still waiting to have letters written about them: any of the Gilmore Girls, Dana Scully, Peggy Carter, etc. And in case anyone was wondering, you can write to a group of female characters, too. I’ve already received letters to the women of Jane the Virgin, Once Upon a Time, and Call the Midwife, and I’m planning to write my own group letter to share with you soon.

The Fan Mail Project is developing into something special, and I’d love for anyone who wants to be a part of it to be represented in this book. So please don’t forget to share information about this project with your friends and fellow fangirls/fanboys. Even if you don’t feel you’re able to contribute, one tweet or Tumblr post about it can go a long way!

Now, let’s get back to the business of NGN. I’m hoping to have both Fangirl Thursdays and my weekly Best Thing on TV posts back in their regular rotation starting next week. I’m also pleased to announce that I’ll be writing weekly posts about Agent Carter! Starting Wednesday 1/20, be on the lookout for my Agent Carter Moment of the Week posts here at NGN.

Of course, my Once Upon a Time posts will also be returning when the show starts up again in March, and those will be joined by my weekly posts about The Americans (which also returns in March). All of this content will be supplemented by additional posts in the form of my own letters for The Fan Mail Project, posts celebrating Once Upon a Time‘s 100th episode, and a few more surprises. It’s shaping up to be another fun year here at NGN, and I hope you join us for all of it!

Fangirl Thursday: Nerdy Girl Housekeeping Notes

With the fall TV season right around the corner (Look for a post new week breaking down the shows I’ll be watching!), it feels like the right time to get a couple of general housekeeping notes out of the way. This season is going to bring about some changes in how things run around here at NGN, so let’s get down to business!

First, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who’ve sent in letters so far for the book I’m working on. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been moved to tears while reading most of the letters sent my way so far. Your enthusiasm, your honesty, and your vulnerability are all incredibly inspiring, and I can’t wait to share these letters with the world.

With that being said, it’s not too late to start writing a letter (or more letters). The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2016, so keep (or start) writing! Remember, letters can be sent to, and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask me in this post’s comments, on Twitter, or via email.

I plan to keep posting my own letters here, too—and that leads me to my next order of business. The posting schedule here at NGN is going to be a little different from what you’re used to starting in a few weeks.

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The Busy Season Is Upon Us

I hope all of you had a lovely holiday season and are refreshed and ready for more great TV and more great TV discussions here at Nerdy Girl Notes!

Over the next couples of weeks, things will be getting pretty busy here, mainly because of NBC’s decisions concerning the final season of Parks and Recreation. I’ve been reviewing that show for the last two seasons, and I’m excited in a very bittersweet kind of way to review this last season, too. However, the decision to move that final season to Tuesday nights puts me in a bit of a bind as far as a posting schedule goes, which is why I’m looking for some help as I prioritize my writing for the next several weeks.

On Tuesdays, I’ll be watching both The Mindy Project and Parks and Rec, but (because I have to deal with a pesky thing called “my 9 to 5 job”) I won’t be able to write about both shows on Wednesdays. Therefore, I want to hear from you, fellow TV comedy fans, about which show you’d rather read my review of the next day and which you’d be willing to wait until Thursdays to read. (Fangirl Thursdays will be taking another hiatus after this week until Parks and Rec’s short run is over at the end of February.)

I’ve included a handy poll here that I’d love for you to participate in, because I want to get a good feel for what you as readers would like to see as far as my posting schedule goes.


Thanks in advance for the input, and I can’t wait to start talking with all of you about new episodes of our favorite shows!

Return of the Nerdy Girl

Did you miss me?

On Saturday night, I returned home from a blissful 10-day vacation in Disney World. I’m hoping to have all of my pictures uploaded tonight so I can write a couple of fun trip recaps for you over the next few days, including one devoted to the perfection that was my Star Wars Weekend experience (Three words: Darth Vader Cupcake). All I’ll say for now is that if you’re a Star Wars fan, you should try to get down to Disney World at least once in your lifetime for one of those weekends.

I have to say a special thanks to both Heather and Leah for keeping NGN running smoothly while I was away. And thanks to all of you who read and commented even though I was so distracted by all of the fun (and all of the food) in Disney World that I am criminally behind on replying.

Here’s a little taste of the fun I had to tide you over until I have time to write something longer. Disney + Star Wars + dancing = the best party ever. I can’t think of any better way to spend a weekend.

A Little Hiatus of My Own


I’m going to Disney World!

Tomorrow, I leave for a vacation with my family and one of my best friends for a week and a half in the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney World is my favorite place on the planet because it reminds you that you’re never too old to feel hopeful and happy. Plus, this year we’ll be down there for Star Wars Weekends, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

I’ll be gone until the 15th, but I have a few posts queued up for your reading pleasure while I’m away. In addition, the lovely and unfailingly helpful Heather will be keeping things running over here while I’m gone, and the wonderful Leah will be contributing some writing (specifically recaps for Teen Wolf) while I’m away. I’d strongly suggest following both of them on Twitter for some thoughtful media commentary while I’m hanging out with Mickey Mouse.

If you are interested in my Disney adventures, you can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram, too!


Let’s Make a Resolution (I’ll Drink to That)

A year ago, this was all nothing more than a New Year’s resolution.

Some people want to get in better shape. Some want to quit smoking. I wanted to start a blog about the media.

A year ago, Nerdy Girl Notes was an idea without a name, without a real plan or any kind of focus. It was just a desire in my heart to get back to writing about the things I really love—books, movies, TV shows, and the way they are often so much more than mere entertainment. It was a hope to create a place where my thoughts and (sometimes overwhelming) feelings might be shared with other people, because sometimes you just have to talk about why Katniss Everdeen is so awesome or why that latest episode of Once Upon a Time made you cry embarrassingly hard.

One year later, I’m still making resolutions. This time, I want to continue to make Nerdy Girl Notes the best it can be. I want it to continue to grow, to become a place where smart, passionate women (and men—don’t think you’re excluded here, guys) can come together and be our smart, passionate, overly-analytical selves. I have big dreams for NGN, and I’m going to do my part to see them through to the best of my ability.

The first step in continuing to carve out a niche for NGN in the big, scary world of the Internet was getting it its own domain, which I did last night. That’s right—no more “” for us; just head straight to from now on.

I also created a Nerdy Girl Notes Facebook page and a Twitter account, which you can always find on the home page sidebar. I’m going to try to update both at least once per day, and I’m planning on using the Twitter account to live-tweet all of the shows that I recap on here already (as well as others, like New Girl and Suits) in addition to offering my quick takes on entertainment news.

In other words, I’m ready to get down to business in 2013. I’m so happy with how this grew from a New Year’s resolution I feared would never get started into a site that is producing content I’m genuinely proud of on a regular basis. And that wouldn’t have happened without the support I get from everyone who reads and comments on here as well as the amazing women who contribute to NGN with their own fantastic writing. I’m so happy to call you friends as well as fellow Nerdy Girls.

I think 2013 has the potential to be a great year around here. There’s a lot of fun stuff already in the works: the return of our weekly TV recaps, predictions and reactions for all of the major movie award shows, and even more reviews and essays. If you want to join in the fun and write something, don’t be shy! Send an email, a tweet, or a Facebook post—the more the merrier!