The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/17 – 11/24)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there was plenty to be thankful for this week in the world of television. Sunday’s Once Upon a Time gave us one of the best twists in the show’s history and ended on one heck of a controversial cliffhanger. That hour was followed up by another stellar hour of The Good Wife. Monday gave us our first glimpse of this season’s Dancing with the Stars finalists as well as a terrifically terrifying Castle episode no one will be forgetting anytime soon. Tuesday’s New Girl introduced romance back into the lives of Coach, Cece, and Winston, and The Mindy Project featured another funny showdown between the doctors and the midwives. Wednesday’s Nashville reminded me why I love the idea of Avery and Juliette getting together someday (and reminded me why I hate “fake baby” stories). And last night’s Saturday Night Live made me love Josh Hutcherson even more than I already do.

It was difficult to choose the best of the best, and in any other week Tamala Jones’s excellent work in Castle‘s “Disciple” episode would have taken the cake. However, the reveal of Peter Pan’s identity on Once Upon a Time was so shocking and yet so right for the characters and the story that nothing else on TV this week could compare. “A child can’t have a child” may go down as one of the most chilling and perfect lines ever said on Once Upon a Time, and the way that one revelation affected so many of the relationships on this show was astounding. It also allowed for the brilliant showdown between Pan and Rumplestiltskin where everything was finally laid on the table. Watching Robbie Kay and Robert Carlyle go toe-to-toe has been a treat for this entire season, and they’ve never been better together than they were here.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?


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