TV Time: Parks and Recreation 6.08/6.09

After a brief hiatus, Parks and Recreation recaps have returned to NGN, and this week, Heather‘s taking the reins! 

parks and rec cones of dunshire

Title Fluoride/The Cones of Dunshire

Two Sentence Summary In “Fluoride,” Tom helps Leslie persuade the city council to vote for adding fluoride to the water supply while April, Donna, and Craig choose spirit dogs for their coworkers. In “The Cones of Dunshire,” Chris and Leslie defeat Councilman Jamm in the quest to get the Pawnee Commons project up and running, Ron tries to sell one of his cabins, and everyone loves Ben Wyatt.

Favorite Lines “What’s next, cookie dough toothpaste? Bad example, that would be amazing” (Leslie) – “Fluoride”

“Wait a second, that’s not pizza. Those are calzones. I love calzones!” (Ben) – “The Cones of Dunshire”

My Thoughts I just really love Parks and Recreation. Why is January—and the return of the show—so far away?

“Fluoride” gave me so many things to love. Craig came back to the parks department office with all of his intensity, Tom showed off his marketing skills, Ron decided that Moby Dick was completely free of symbolism, Chris and Ron bonded a little over their unborn babies, and most excitingly, Donna Meagle got more character development and made April give her a hug.

I really hope this show continues to explore Tom’s aptitude for marketing. First of all, I’ve always liked Tom best when he’s doing something he gets to be excited about. All of his passion comes out, and that’s my favorite quality in a character. Second of all, I love the commentary about how ridiculous marketing can be and how easily swayed people are. I’m not immune to the desire to earn a new achievement on a Facebook game or app so making H2Flow interactive and reward-driven was actually a pretty good idea on Tom’s part.

I really loved the subplot with Craig, Donna, and April. I will always be excited to see Craig in all of his over-the-top ridiculousness. Everything he said cracked me up. Most importantly, we got to see Donna and April bonding. I love that Donna completely understands April and managed to pick the perfect spirit dog for her. Her insight into those around her is something we’ve seen before when she understood that Ben’s “Treat Yo Self” day wasn’t the same as hers and Tom’s, and I loved seeing it again. Donna has become so much more complex this season. She’s no longer just the person who cares about her Benz and fine leather goods, and I love this show for that. I want the references to Retta’s flawless tweeting to continue, but I also want to see Donna get more of the spotlight.

In classic Parks and Rec style, “The Cones of Dunshire” made me laugh while also providing so much genuine emotion. It started with an appearance by Ben’s Letters to Cleo shirt, so good things were bound to follow. Then, he began explaining the most convoluted fictional game since New Girl’s “True American.” Basically, Ben Wyatt is the greatest, and neither I nor that poor accounting firm will ever be convinced otherwise. I am so proud of him for earning his new position, even though I would have gladly watched him being adored at the accounting firm for the rest of the season, too.

In addition to the return of the love between Ben and calzones, this episode also featured the other great love of the show—the love between Leslie and Ann. Like Leslie, I am in deep denial that Ann and Chris are moving, so I understood why she thought that if she could finally make Pawnee Commons a reality, Ann might consider staying. Their friendship started over Lot 48 and their desire to see it become a park, so it means a lot to both of them. Watching their relationship grow into this beautiful friendship over the past six seasons has been one of my favorite things about Parks and Rec, and I will be sorry not to see it as frequently.

I don’t love that Ann never told Leslie she was signing a lease on a house, however. Even if it wasn’t a conversation that happened on-screen, I feel like that’s something you should tell your best friend. Leslie did react terribly to the news that they were moving, but I didn’t like her being so completely out of the loop.

We also got to see how much Ron and April understand each other. April does such a good job mocking people who remain completely unaware that she thinks they are terrible, and I enjoyed seeing that again. But it was her last scene with Ron that was my favorite. She understands Ron’s need for solitude and nature, and that’s something few people in his life can do. April has become this wonderful blend of Leslie and Ron, and it has been so rewarding to watch.

Even though an hour of Parks and Rec is not nearly enough to tide me over until January (when it will finally not be competing against The Big Bang Theory), it was an hour I thoroughly enjoyed spending in Pawnee.


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