Daily Dose of Feelings #3

When I think of television moments that make me cry from pure joy, there’s nothing better than Jim and Pam discovering that they’re going to be parents at the end of the “Company Picnic” episode of The Office. What begins as a heartfelt moment of reflection from Michael Scott about his relationship with Holly perfectly transitions into a moment of complete bliss from the couple Michael was obviously thinking of and hoping to emulate.

The Office: Company Picnic.

This scene was the first one that made me fear breaking the rewind button on my DVR—and it’s all because of John Krasinski’s face. The decision to use no sound in the moments when they first found out about Pam’s pregnancy was genius. It forced us to focus on their reactions, and Krasinski is the king of reaction shots. The complete surprise on his face was adorable, but the tears started flowing for me when he hugged Pam. I love how real it still feels after so many re-watches; when he holds her, it’s such a genuinely beautiful moment. It feels like you’re watching a private moment between these two characters, and that only adds to the emotional power of the scene.

And once Jim calls Dwight back, I lose it every time. The little crack in his voice, the tears in his eyes, and the gloriously shocked look on his face when he finally faces the camera say it all. There’s no need to directly say what’s going on in the scene; we can see it, and, more importantly, we can feel it. There’s no better example of the “show, don’t tell” mantra of great storytelling.

2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Feelings #3

  1. YES. LOVE IT. LOVE THEM. J-Kras nails it. His face gets me every time, and you summed it up perfectly. There’s so much joy here, and I love the way this show always told the biggest stories when the cameras were tucked around corners, out of sight, out of earshot, just eavesdropping. It made everything more private and intimate and real.

    While we’re on this vein (seriously, you’re going to have to force me to stop giving scene suggestions), I wept like a small baby when [SPOILERS] the Bones team met Booth and Brennan’s baby. Because it was such a long road. And they EARNED that happiness. And they did it TOGETHER. And the music was about EXACTLY THAT. It was about needing each other. (And I hope none of this is a spoiler for you because I genuinely believe that you will watch and love this show someday. I’m acting on the assumption that you spend too much time on entertainment websites for that to be news, but I’m so sorry if it was.)

    • I love that you keep giving me suggestions! And that’s not a spoiler at all—I have so many family members/friends who watch Bones that I can’t stay unspoiled even if I tried. 😉

      What you said about The Office creating intimate moments by filming scenes just out of earshot is so spot-on. Jim and Pam’s proposal scene is another moment like that, and the way it was shot made it feel all the more special and genuine.

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