Daily Dose of Feelings #2

Television comedies make me cry just as often as (if not more often than) dramas. There’s something uniquely moving about seeing characters so often associated with silliness and laughter presented in emotionally vulnerable states, both happy and sad. In my opinion, there’s no better example of this than the episode of Friends featuring Chandler’s speech to the woman he and Monica were hoping would choose them as adoptive parents for her baby (or babies, as it turned out).

I remember watching this scene at my grandparents’ house when it first aired and trying not to let anyone see me tearing up. It was one of the first times I remember watching a television moment and thinking I want a husband like that. The sincerity in Matthew Perry’s performance absolutely floors me to this day.

You can keep your big Ross and Rachel kisses; to me, Chandler telling Erica, “My wife…She’s a mother without a baby,” will always be the most romantic moment Friends ever gave us. It’s such an honest, real depiction of a husband supporting his wife through something that affects so many married couples.

To see sarcastic Chandler Bing stripped of all pretenses and telling a relative stranger through tears how much it kills him to not be able to give his wife a baby is such a great example of a character’s journey adding to the emotional power of a scene. We watched Chandler grow up, become a husband, and, finally, in this moment, become a father-to-be. And we watched it happen organically, realistically, and—in this scene especially—emotionally. When Chandler and Monica celebrate his happy news, it feels truly earned.

Like yesterday’s Sawyer and Juliet vending machine reunion, this is a scene with emotional staying power. Years later, it still puts a lump in my throat and makes me hope for a husband who loves me like Chandler loves Monica.

“God bless you, Chandler Bing!”

6 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Feelings #2

  1. Honestly, I didn’t cry watching this scene. I cried my eyes out with the proposal, but not on this one. But even so, his speech had a deep impact on me. I feel exactly like Monica, but never new it, so I also thought how much I wanted a husband who could see through me like that. Also, he loves her with such honesty, they are by far a better couple than Rachel & Ross. Chandler is my absolute favorite “Friend” ❤

  2. As someone who was never a Rachel & Ross fan – I always found both of them insufferable. I had forgotten about this scene because once Chandler and Monica got married I had all but stopped watching only coming back in for the run up to the finale. My all time favorite scene is the trivia game bet for the apartment. It is a little bit of genius. However, the scene I found most emotionally sincere and beautiful is the final scene with the triplets when Pheobe gives birth. Her sense of sadness and remorse about the reality of giving the babies up was simple, honest and rang so true for me. It was an unexpected gem of a moment and very telling of the enormity of Lisa Kudrow’s talent.

    • The trivia game is my favorite Friends scene too! It was perfect. And I totally agree about the sincerity in Lisa Kudrow’s performance in the scene where she has to give the babies up. That scene will definitely be making an appearance in a future Daily Dose of Feelings post.

  3. Thank you so much for this!! That is EXACTLY how I feel about this scene! Whenever I tell people about the two scenes that make me cry on Friends – it’s the one where Monica and Chandler find out they can’t have a baby and this one! I always have to pull myself together so hard in order not to cry. I even find myself inwardly holding my breath when Chandler delivers that speech – such an emotional moment, it makes my heart shatter into a million pieces. And yes, they earned it because he got her the baby (babies)!

    • Thank you so much for the comment! This scene and the scene where they find out they can’t have a baby are my two most tearjerking Friends scenes, too. Monica and Chandler were just so perfect.

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