The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (4/28 – 5/5)

Before this week started, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites of the year in terms of TV because all of my favorite shows were airing incredibly important episodes. And I am happy to say that my hopes were actually exceeded on so many levels. This was a week filled with major plot moments, great character development on every show, and huge leaps forward for my favorite TV relationships. 

Once Upon a Time brought some of the focus back to Emma and Henry’s relationship, providing us with some adorable scenes as Operation Cobra was resurrected as Operation Praying Mantis. Game of Thrones perfectly brought to life one of my favorite scenes from all of the A Song of Ice and Fire books when Jaime showed Brienne how much he trusts her and respects her by sharing the secret of why he became the Kingslayer. Castle gave us an emotional look at the history of Castle and Beckett’s relationship and took their relationship to a new level by having Beckett finally tell Castle she loves him. And Parks and Recreation ended its season with big changes coming for many of its characters—especially Ron. 

While most of these shows had moments that would probably have been my favorite in any other week, my pick for the best of the best comes from New Girl. After sharing hilarious stories about how they each lost their virginities, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece left Nick and Jess alone with their feelings and a whole lot of sexual tension—which was finally released when Nick opened the elevator door, literally swept Jess off her feet, and carried her to his bed. While the lead-up to their first time was epic in and of itself (Nick’s smile! That kiss!), what solidified this moment as one of my favorites of the whole TV season is the aftermath. Their smiles and laughter told us all what we could have easily guessed from their chemistry all season—it was GOOD. Seeing both Nick and Jess so happy together, simply being their silly selves with one another, was enough to make me melt. 


What was your favorite thing you saw on TV this week? Any predictions for what we’ll be talking about at this time next week? 

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (4/28 – 5/5)

  1. Well you know that I’m 100% agreed that the last 30 seconds of New Girl was by far and away the best thing on TV last week, followed closely by the last 3 minutes of New Girl, followed closely by the other 19 minutes of New Girl. In a normal week (pre-New Girl obsession) I would say that NCIS was the best thing I watched – I was relieved that Tony and Ziva were OK (not that I really believed that they were badly hurt, despite the cliffhanger the week before) although they really need to get those 2 together on screen sometime soon. It’s getting a bit annoying. Parks and Rec and The Office were good. I probably enjoyed some other shows but obviously I was walking around in a Nick and Jess daze last week.

    • “Well you know that I’m 100% agreed that the last 30 seconds of New Girl was by far and away the best thing on TV last week, followed closely by the last 3 minutes of New Girl, followed closely by the other 19 minutes of New Girl.”

      I love this analysis of the week in TV so much. 😉

  2. OK, I am handicapped because I only watch two of your four shows. However, that’s never stopped me from commenting so here’s my thought. In a week of really good sweeps TV each of our favorites had their ‘moments’ that remain embedded and remind us of what we love about TV. It was also a week that could be aptly titled “Game changers” No one did this better than Jamie in Game of Thrones was heartbreakingly good. That entire sequence from the moment he enters for the bath completely changes his trajectory and embodies what is so delicious about this show – that we see humanity and justified motivation embedded in all the moral corruption of these characters. How do we reconcile the man who pushed an innocent boy out a window with the man who saved Kings Landing from complete ruin. Our realy Castle game change is a week away, but the ground work was laid that in just how far we’ve come from the Beckett and Castle who came together five years ago. The evolution of their kindred partnership, now in all aspects of their life showed the layered nuance and loyalty these two have and makes them one of the all time best couples to grace primetime. Given your enthusiasm around New Girl it is obvious they too shared in the game change theme. I watched it happen over on Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, Orphan Black and the other shows I follow as well last week. Picking a favorite feels like picking a favorite child. But all in all a great week to be a TV geek.

    • I love what you said about all of the game-changers this week because it’s so true. Every show I watched had at least one major moment that brought the characters to a new place, and it was a beautiful thing to watch. I love this time of year because it brings out the best of the best from all my shows. May is a wonderful month to be an impassioned TV connoisseur. 😀

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