TV Time: Castle 5.22

Title Still

Two-Sentence Summary When Castle and Beckett search the apartment of an alleged bomber, Beckett accidentally triggers a bomb under the floorboards, forcing her to stay completely still or risk setting it off. To keep her spirits up, Castle begins to playfully argue with her over who fell for whom first.

Favorite Lines
Beckett: Rick—I love you.
Castle: I love you too.

My Thoughts A day later, I’m still unable to wipe the smile off my face from that episode. While I was deeply disappointed in last week’s angst-fest of an episode, “Still” reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with Castle as a show and with the Castle/Beckett relationship. For as bad as “The Squab and the Quail” was, I have to admit that this is a great time to be a Castle fan. Only a few weeks ago we were treated to the fabulous “The Lives of Others,” and “Still” felt like a continuation of the celebratory and slightly nostalgic feeling brought about by that 100th episode. For being an episode thrown together at the last minute and shifted around in its airing order (for incredibly valid reasons), “Still” was an emotional highpoint in a season filled with emotional highpoints, a crowd-pleaser in every way.

Before I get to all the reasons to praise this episode, I do want to acknowledge its place in the “Caskett chronology.” I know it was originally supposed to air before “The Squab and the Quail,” but it fits so much better as a follow-up to what happened in that episode (what happens next week notwithstanding since I’m really trying to avoid spoilers for the finale lead-up beyond what I saw last night in the promo). I’m not sure if “Still” was re-edited to reflect that episode, but had the episodes aired in their original order, “The Squab and the Quail” would have made even less sense. In “Still,” we see Castle firmly entrenched in “best boyfriend ever” territory, so I can’t imagine how Beckett could doubt his investment in the relationship when it was proven once again that he was willing to die with her. I don’t think relationship commitment gets anymore serious than that.

So in my head, this episode will always follow the events of “The Squab and the Quail” because that’s what makes sense. We saw Castle reminded not to take this extraordinary woman for granted, and we saw Beckett question his commitment to their relationship—both of those storylines finding resolution in Castle’s actions (and Beckett’s) in this episode. I’ve never seen either character more committed to each other, and this episode moved their relationship forward in more than a few important ways (Beckett’s “I love you,” Gates revealing that she knows about them, etc.). I’m hoping next week’s episode derives any angst from outside forces rather than internal ones because this episode was far too reassuring just to have them move backwards again.

The first clue that “Still” serves as a better follow-up than lead-up to “The Squab and the Quail” came in the first moments of the episode when we see Castle being a truly thoughtful, doting boyfriend to Beckett, bringing her coffee and the newspaper in bed. (Anybody else cry into their pillow in that moment because Rick Castle isn’t a real man? Just me?) That scene was such a simple moment of domesticity, but it spoke volumes to me about how much Castle genuinely loves and treasures this relationship—his face as he watched her sleep said all that and more. I loved their playful dialogue after Beckett woke up because it was fun, easy, and comfortable—the way their relationship should feel after watching it play out this season. And I loved the physical intimacy between them, too—Beckett on Castle’s lap and the extra kiss both felt so natural and so real, which is all I ever want to see from their scenes.

Once Beckett stepped on the bomb, the sweet simplicity of that morning scene disappeared and was replaced by a very realistic tension. I liked the sense of urgency that permeated every scene in this episode. The case itself might not have been that important, but it gave me one good “Oh my God!” moment when the suspect killed himself with the pen. I haven’t felt that kind of shock while watching Castle in a long time. I also have to give credit to the guest actors playing both the young lawyer and the head of the bomb squad; both were fantastic in their sense of helplessness as the episode went on and the situation grew more and more serious.

The tension outside the apartment was balanced by some of the best Castle/Beckett interaction this season. Putting Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in a room and letting them show the full range of both of their impressive acting skillsets was a smart move. Both actors are so good at conveying emotion with just the slightest change in expression or the subtlest shift in tone of voice, and they put it to good use here. Their playful banter (“I can’t help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth!”) kept the episode from dissolving into melodrama and kept what could have been a brutally tense episode relatively fun.

What I loved most about Castle distracting Beckett with the talk of who fell for whom first was that Beckett once again relied on Castle’s words to help her through a difficult time. Even before they met, Castle’s ability to tell a compelling story kept Beckett going when other people would have collapsed under the weight of personal tragedy. His words gave her strength after her mother died, they gave her strength when she was being hunted, and they gave her strength once again to face a horrible situation. Only this time it was different because the story Castle was telling was theirs and Beckett joined in the storytelling too—as his equal, as his partner.

I should have known that a show as genre-bending as Castle (it is a “romantic dramadey procedural,” after all) wouldn’t have a traditional clip show. Instead, it worked those clips seamlessly into the action, painting a picture of a relationship that has grown and developed and shaped both characters like no other relationship I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s a relationship that has so many beautiful facets, and each facet got its time in the spotlight in “Still”—from the comedy of Castle’s theories to the sex appeal of Beckett’s outfits. With each clip we saw, I was reminded of all the reasons I fell in love with watching these two characters fall in love. It was a real gift for fans who’ve been with the show since the beginning to reflect back on all five seasons of memories and relive the show’s finest moments.

For me, some of those finest moments have been the dramatic ones, so the best montage was the one we saw about Beckett’s journey through every painful experience to become the person she is in this episode. Using Captain Montgomery’s “We speak for the dead” monologue was perfect and gave me chills from the start, and by the end of that montage I was in tears. Kate Beckett’s character development is one of the most impressive things about Castle, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t trust anyone who thinks this show is nothing more than a quirky take on the procedural genre.

That montage wasn’t the only thing that put tears in my eyes in this episode. Beckett’s phone call to her father was heartbreakingly beautiful. Katic played that scene perfectly, from the tension in her jaw to the tightness in her voice as she tried to keep her emotions from overwhelming her. I also wanted to cry over basically everything Castle did in this episode because he was incredible. Fillion has a masterful way of straddling the line between calmness and panicked intensity, and he proved that once again in “Still.” The mere fact that Castle was willing to die alongside Beckett just because he couldn’t stand the thought of her dying alone was almost too beautiful to handle.

When Beckett sent Castle away near the end of the episode, I’ll admit I knew what was coming. (Damn you, spoilers.) But that didn’t make her first “I love you” any less powerful. While the beginning of that scene came off as slightly clichéd (“It’s time to say goodbye.”), Katic and Fillion both made up for it with those final words. Katic’s delivery was perfect—from her use of Castle’s first name to show the seriousness of what she was about to say to her very real tears. You could feel Beckett’s need to have him know she loves him. She’s been in this same situation so many times before, and she failed to tell him so many times before. But she wasn’t missing her chance this time. For five seasons we’ve watched this character struggle to open herself up to love, so that moment was as triumphant as it was tragic.

Speaking of tragic, Fillion’s performance in that same scene broke my heart into tiny little pieces. The way his voice broke when he said he wished “so many things” conveyed a sense of regret so palpable it was breathtaking. It was just another brilliant example of the way bringing Castle and Beckett together this season heightened so many aspects of the show. Now that Castle knows what he’d be losing without her, it makes any life-and-death scenario all the more painful. His “I love you, too” was also gut-wrenching because of his little smile as he said it. In such a tragic moment, he can smile because he knows she loves him, and she knows he loves her. There’s a sense of peace I got from that moment that was incredibly touching, as if telling Beckett he loves her is the easiest thing for Castle to do now.

Fillion and Katic were also excellent in the scene where Castle comes back. His return with coffee for both of them was such a great nod to the show’s symbolic use of coffee as a means for them to show each other comfort and affection when words and larger actions weren’t available to them. Their chemistry was so strong and genuine throughout this episode, and it was at its best when the bomb was finally disarmed:

I loved everything about this scene: Ryan’s overwhelming emotions, Esposito’s intensity, Beckett’s caution before collapsing into Castle’s arms, and Castle’s face. Seriously, Fillion’s face was a thing of beauty. You could honestly feel his relief in that moment.

The conclusion to the episode was all kinds of wonderful as well. I was so happy to have Gates reveal herself as a huge supporter of their relationship, because at this point how could she not be? And Castle’s “Always” was said with just the right tone to make me genuinely believe he would always choose to be by her side in that kind of scenario without a second thought. Fillion made Castle’s love for Beckett feel as if it was ingrained into his being at this point; it’s second-nature for him to put her above even his own life. And the wonderful montage of their kisses to the gorgeous “I Just Want You” score by Robert Duncan was the perfect way to finish a truly extraordinary episode.


27 thoughts on “TV Time: Castle 5.22

  1. Let’s be honest, I was refreshing my inbox the whole day waiting for this very good review for such a great episode!! 🙂
    I felt the exact same way when you say: “You could feel Beckett’s need to have him know she loves him.” and basically your whole article.
    I agree that this episode makes a lot more sense as a follow-up of the one from last week. I still cannot understand why it was decided to air “Still” first. Do you have an explanation??
    Other than that, let’s all be strong to avoid spoilers for the 2 last episodes…..very hard but will be worth it!! I got spoiled on some previous episodes and regretted it!

    • First of all, thanks for the kind words! I hope this review was worth the wait refreshing your inbox! 😉

      I honestly have no idea why they thought airing this episode first was a good idea. Maybe it’ll make sense in retrospect, but I can’t imagine that being the case. I’m just as confused by it as most of the fandom seems to be.

      And yes, let’s all try to avoid spoilers together—I love being surprised by things at finale time!

      • ABC ordered the new episode at the beginning of February and slated it for what was scheduled to be a ‘repeat’ episode in April which gave them maybe 8 weeks to pull it together. My guess is given that their production schedule is nearly a month ahead of air dates that literally gave them nearly no time to put this episode into the fabric of the story arc they were building for the end of the season. Based on what I have seen this season and the previews for next week I think they were building towards something organic in the ‘what’s next’ for Caskett. “Still” is a shoehorn in the fabric of that arc. I think when you combine the ‘duck tape and mirrors’ production schedule to shoot in 3 days that they had for this episode (thus the wonderful montages) and the fact that they had to accellerate the edit of “Squab” it was bound to make for a confused fanbase, simply because we watch the show for such levels of nuance at this point. I think what I thunk last week. Squab is a throwaway episode for me. Destined to live out it’s days alongside The Limey and the handful of other episodic misses the show has had over the five years.

  2. what more can be said? agree 100% great episode. However it will be interesting to see how the next episode goes forward knowing that Squab etc. was to be next. so problems may still erupt! But I too think this one fits better after the end of Squab.Acting from all concerned was terrific, a real treat for those who have followed the show from the start.

    • Thanks for the comment! I am really interested to see what next week’s episode is going to be like, but I’m hopeful that the problems won’t be as out-of-character or as out-of-the-blue as they were in “The Squab and the Quail.” What can I say, I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to my favorite shows, and this episode has me feeling so good about the Castle/Beckett relationship.

  3. I agree. I think the episode reordering worked out for Marlowe who unfortunately insisted in a recent interview that they could have placed “Still” anywhere.

    I loved “Still” and it helps to overcome the extreme disappointment I felt in the Squab. Now let’s just hope the remaindor two episodes works better at strengthening their relationship rather than weakening it.

    • I think it’s so strange that he thinks this episode could work as a standalone anywhere in the narrative. Too many major things happened for it to be seen that way. I know it was written in a short period of time to be thrown into the already-crafted story arc for the end of the season, but I think it fits perfectly exactly where it aired, and I’m not so sure it would have worked anywhere else.

      “Now let’s just hope the remaindor two episodes works better at strengthening their relationship rather than weakening it.”

      My thoughts exactly!

  4. Great review!! I have such a crush on Castle in episodes like this one (less so when he is acting silly or more insecure). Is he perfectly imperfect or what?! 🙂 Thanks for the shout out to Robert Duncan and his gorgeous score. I have re-wound the big Montgomery scene countless times just for the one two punch of haunting, escalating music and the sweetness of their “faceoff” scenes. He is tremendously talented and the music really elevates the quality of the show each week IMO. Loved every single minute of the whole thing, but I think my favorite line was when Castle asked her if she was napping. Casual tone plus my relief he came back was such a nice tension breaker.

    • My crush on Castle after this episode has reached ridiculous levels. What woman wouldn’t want a man who’s everything he was for Beckett in this episode? I smile just thinking about it.

  5. I totally agree with your review. Fantastic love letter to Caskett fans. I will admit that last week I was in the minority in saying that the questions that Kate was asking didn’t seem super out of the blue for a woman in a relationship with the love of her life for almost a year. I avoided all spoilers for Still so I could really enjoy it and thinking of how the order should have been now that I’ve seen everything that happens I’m just going to assume that time passed between Still and Squab and that Kate was freaking out because now Castle knows she is fully in this thing as she said ILY and is now wondering if they will ever move past where they are/if he is too comfortable with where they are now. I think her insecurities have nothing to do with knowing that Castle loves her and would do anything for her, she has known that for years now. They are now going back to what deep-fried-twinkie told her and wondering if he can open up enough again for them to get married, have a baby, etc. as he has been down that path with 2 other women and it didn’t turn out well. Good news was Still worked just as well here with the only real issue I saw being that even with avoiding spoilers it was clear Gates was either going to find out or already knew as her and Kate exchanged that look after Gates ordered her to stay with the billionaire.

    I have absolutely no idea where they are going with the relationship but I’m pretty sure in the end they will be fine. The clips included that lovely quote from the letter her old partner wrote her about not letting the job interfere with your life and risking your heart, so I’m thinking in the end Castle and Beckett will come together one more step forward going in to next season.

    Also, just need to mention how adorable it was that Kate whispers “Always” after Castle leaves the room following their ILY’s.

    • I love the positivity that just shines through in this comment—it put a huge smile on my face. And I’m so happy you pointed out the “Always” after Castle leaves the room because I totally forgot to mention that in my review, but I loved that little touch. It was her way of reassuring herself with a word that has come to mean so much to both of them.

  6. OK, I think I need to break my response in to parts because my head is ready to explode from how much I loved this episode. Hello, my name is Dalissa and I am a sap at heart.

    1) Lines of the night: While I appreciate the choice, I have to disagree with your pick Katie. In a night chock full of great ones. The exchange that I rewound over and over to repeated laughter was:
    Beckett “I can’t help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth”
    Castle “See, like that…I can’t…it’s uncanny”. Perfection! There is nothing about Fillion’s delivery that isn’t sheer giddy joy. I am laughing just thinking about it. That said for me the money line of the night comes after the most emotional sequence when Castle says “I promised I’d leave, but I didn’t promise I wouldn’t come back”. As though that wasn’t enough, he does so with coffee. in. hand. Touching, clever, tonally astute and quintessential Castle.

    2) I do not have words for my utter love of the scoring and editing of this episode. There have been times along the way when I felt like the music took over a key moment in the show and the two camera shot cutaways frustrated me. Here the montages serve as great homage and solid story advancement validating the many facets of how their relationship has evolved.

    3) With regards to Squab, I am sticking with my assessments from last week that ultimately Squab is Season 5’s The Limey. While I do think the episode misfired, I don’t believe the path it was setting up for the final two episodes puts their relationship in question, but questions how their relationship moves forward. There is nothing Marlowe has done all season to cause us to doubt the commitment of this couple and the love this couple shares is one that endures. I don’t think Beckett questions Castle’s investment in her or their love by the end of Squab, I think she is uncertain of where they go from here. We don’t actually have a time lapse for the two episodes and I tend to agree with Marlowe, there are several places this episode could have been placed on the back end of this season that would have worked, including as a season finale. I don’t think it’s a complete stretch for the events of Still to leave Beckett realizing exactly what was on the line that it causes her to think what am I doing (professionally) and what does this commitment with Castle look like in the long scope. It’s territory she’s never allowed herself to be in – the idea of not being NYPD (last week touched on it with the idea that she was once law school bound) and loving someone out in the open like Castle. My hope is that these next two episodes open up the real emotional honesty both these characters must face to be true to their love and build a life together.

    4) The actual episode. OK Still ranks in my top 5 all time. Not just because of all the well described intimacy, dialogue and great work of Fillion and Katic as you have described above. You are so right, it really was a love letter to the fans who have been around since the beginning. I will add one point to this episode that was understated and wonderful. The team coming to a place of trust with Gates. The reveal of Gates knowing about the relationship for me isn’t nearly as interesting as her sense of urgency about Beckett’s fate and in the end the trust all four give her. As the camera pulls back post kiss you see her congratulating Espo and Ryan later joined by Castle and Beckett. As the second season comes to a close it’s a nice footnote to see Gates become part of the fold.

    5) The last 10 minutes of this episode is my favorite running sequence of this show – all time. Period. When this episode was titled I believed it would be Kate’s ILY moment and delivered the expected emotional punch. It also left a bittersweet beauty that was heartbreaking and that I didn’t expect. Yet it is when we come back from break and Kate has the ‘life flashing before your eyes’ before death moment to Montgomery’s “We speak for the dead” monologue that ended me. *THAT’S* when I completely lost it and bawled my eyes out. It was exquisitely done. That she draws on the all the people who have been pivotal to her life. Those who have loved her unconditionally and best in spite of the tragedy of her life Beckett lands on the unspoken love shared in hers and Castle’s exchanges over the duration of their relationship. It’s what gives her peace. Peace because there is nothing left unsaid between the two of them. Thus the significance of the ILY. That he comes back and holds hope that they will get out of it speaks to the Castle we know. That his raw fear is shown in Fillion’s passing glances gives us the man we saw in the hunt for Alexis. For a series of scenes where we knew the outcome would be a happy one, they played the tension and helplessness without melodrama and sobering relief. We’ve watched the recurrence of “Always” go from hopefulness to resolve and last night Fillion’s delivery for Castle was one of certainty, of their love, his commitment and their fate as a couple. Simply beautiful.

    • There is nothing I can add to this comment except to say thank you for bringing such an articulate and passionate viewpoint to these posts. You said everything so well, and so many of your thoughts echo my own (especially on the last 10 minutes of this episode). And I was actually going to pick your favorite line as mine too, but the “I love you” just barely beat it out for the top spot in my heart. I have a real weakness for “that’s what she said” moments, so that line hit my funny bone just right. 😉

  7. After the finale of Bones last night, I really needed this episode. I’m amazed at the quality of the episode and the emotional impact, considering the limited amount of time they had to put it together. The clips were perfect and the score for the show has never been better than it was in this episode.

    You said everything I wanted to say about everyone’s performances in this episode, so I’m just gonna ramble a bit about the show and the evolution of Kate Beckett. I’ve only seen most of the episodes of this show once, so revisiting old episodes in the clips was a real treat for me. Seeing Kate Beckett grow from someone who kept all of her feelings and motivation for her passion hidden under the surface to someone strong enough to let someone stand with them and share the burden has been beautiful. The addition of Captain Montgomery’s speech had me in tears because for the first time, Beckett knows where she wants to stand and she knows Castle will be standing there with her. I should have known that Castle would have come back to literally stand with her at what could have been the end because that’s what “always” means.

    I loved how natural Castle sounded saying “Always” to Beckett at the end. There was never any question in his mind that he would have left her there alone. It wasn’t as heavy of a moment as previous uses of the word have been and I love what that says about where their relationship is.

    Finally, I really loved Ryan calling Esposito “Javi”.

    • Your paragraph on Beckett’s character evolution is such a beautiful summary of everything I love about her journey. It was such a smart decision for this episode to give us that montage and remind us of exactly how far this woman has come and how strong she has been to reach the place she is at now in terms of her sense of self and her ability to openly allow Castle to stand by her side and love her for who she is.

      Also, Ryan calling Esposito “Javi” made me so happy. The way this episode reflected the idea of the precinct as a true family was absolutely beautiful.

  8. Yay! I wait for two reviews after Castle Monday – yours and Lisa’s from TV Guide Canada. Neither of you disappoint. 🙂 From dialogue to editing to little nuances – like Castle saying it took him six minutes to create the hearts and then setting the timer on his phone for six minutes before the bomb was supposed to go off – this episode was amazing. It’s one I will never get tired of watching. Ever.

    I’m still trying to reserve judgement about the episode flipping until after the Human Factor next week; however, I do agree that Still fits nicely after Squab as of right now. But, I want to throw out there that it could have worked the original way as well. Given that Marlowe and company are doing their best to portray a real relationship, I can say that it’s entirely possible to exchange I Love Yous and then feel like you’re being taken for granted. I’ve been there (video games, sexy dance and all) before. Ha! It happens. It’s how the couple works through it that determines how the relationship will play out. The case can be made for either order, I guess is what I’m saying. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for including me in the same sentence as Lisa from TV Guide Canada! She’s one of my favorite Castle reviewers, so that means a lot to me. 😀

  9. I keep rereading everyone’s lovely assessment hoping to get over my feelings of dread (feelings of dread that I did not have at the end of last year, even with The Limey) over the season ender. It’s distressing to me because I was SO looking forward to this episode, but TSATQ left such a bad taste that I couldn’t give myself to it fully. And for that I’m both distressed and a little jealous of everyone else. I really fear the talk of the ‘out of left field’ ending being tossed around (and I have never doubted or questioned one step Marlowe took getting them here. (Well, OK, maybe Elvis.) I’m just going to print out all of these pages and read them to myself over and over while holding my breath. lol.

    • I hope some of our comments can help you in your quest to find some optimism about the end of the season. Trust me, I totally understand feeling a sense of dread heading into a Castle finale. After The Limey, I honestly didn’t even want to watch the end of last season, but somehow the show managed to solve all of my issues and leave me happier than ever as a Castle fan. I hope that’s what ends up happening for you, too. I actually have a good feeling about the end of the season in terms of their relationship, so I hope I can send some positivity your way through my writing.

    • Have faith – Marlowe is clearly as vested in this relationship as the fan base. This show has never left any doubt that this couple was destined for each other and for the ages. Love may not conquer all, but I think the arc we are seeing for the end of the season is not about questioning the commitment these two people have for one another – because that is obvious. It’s about the emotional evolving of these individuals to figure out how to be with each other in the everyday – not just the extraordinary, especially if Beckett’s profession was to change (as the preview implies). I read an interesting take on the ILY exchange in ‘Still’ that I think makes sense. That when Kate says ILY to Rick, it’s not the first time the two have said it to one another – it’s just the first time the audience has seen it. If you look, particularly at Rick’s response, it’s plausible which also lends itself to Rick’s inflection in his ‘always’ at the end of the episode.

  10. I just found your blog last week, and I’ll be back to read it after each episode. Your analysis of both Still and Squab reflect my own exactly. I also think that the chronology makes more sense the way it was actually aired, but I have a feeling that ep 23 is going to come off the tail of Squab. I actually agree with some of the above comments that Kate could now be wondering what is next since she said ILY, and that any perception that Castle has grown bored or is taking her for granted could send her into a mini panic, but it was the near cheating on him that was so unbelievable (and awful). That just makes NO sense coming after Still. If Castle could have been a fly on the wall in that hotel room, witnessing Kate share herself so freely with Vaughn, he would have been heartbroken, especially since he had recently been willing to die with her.

    One little part from Still that I have not yet seen mentioned, that I found hilarious: when Castle figures out that the code could be “Billy,” then Ryan says, “or Willie,” and Espo starts harassing him on how stupid that is when there is FIVE SECONDS left on the clock. This was just a masterful stroke by the writers to inject that humor into a ridiculously tense situation. It could have fallen flat, or ruined the moment, but it didn’t. I loved it.

    • Thank you so much, and I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be coming back to read more! I definitely agree with what you said about Castle’s reaction had he heard all the things Beckett was sharing with Erik Vaughn. It took him so long and he was so patient and loving as he tried to get her to open up to him over five years of partnership, and to see her be so open with Vaughn so quickly was the hardest part of that whole episode for me.

      And I love that Esposito moment you singled out! It was such a great tension-breaker, and it felt so in-character for him. That’s what I love about this show: It has a firm grasp on how to portray each character in each episode—not just Castle and Beckett.

  11. Great review of an awesome episode! Definitely my favorite ep this season after the 100th. The writing and acting were spot on, but it was actually the editing that drew me in the most. They did a great job balancing the clips with the present story, and the clips they used…man! That final sequence right before Kate thinks she’s going to die, amazing! And I love what you said about Castle being willing to die with her because he couldn’t stand her dying alone, so beautiful. You’re definitely right about this being a great time to be a Castle fan, hope these last 2 episodes continue the trend!

    • Thank you! The editing was absolutely brilliant. I’m not normally one to be drawn in by the more technical aspects of TV/filmmaking, but when it’s that good, it deserves to be singled out and praised.

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