Daily Dose of Feelings #4

The summer before my senior year of college, I binge-watched all of Sex and the City. And while I discovered that I am definitely a Charlotte, Samantha was by far my favorite character. And never was she more brilliant than during her breast-cancer arc. That story provided some of the most heartfelt, honest, and realistic moments on a show that prided itself on its candor and its ability to tug at your heartstrings while it made you laugh.

My heartstrings have never been tugged harder while watching Sex and the City than when Samantha decided to shave her head after she started losing her hair. The powerful moment of such a strong character staring at her reflection, razor in hand, trying to accept the fact that she was now going to have to look like a sick person was emotional enough on its own.

And then Smith walked in.

Everyone has their favorite Sex and the City man, and Smith will always be mine. This scene solidified my love for him because he didn’t just talk the talk; when he said he wanted to be there for the woman he loves, he meant it. The grand gesture of shaving his head to try in some small way to relate to her better is beautiful, but what moves me the most is how matter-of-fact that gesture feels. The whole scene has this fantastic aura of reality—they feel like a real couple talking about the realities of cancer rather than actors reading clichéd lines about the illness.

Love isn’t always pretty and easy—life isn’t always pretty and easy. And I loved this scene for showing that, while both of those things may be true, the important thing is having someone who won’t run away—even when it’s scary and even if life freaks us out sometimes.