Sharing the Galentine’s Day Love


I love you all like Leslie loves Ann.

Happy Galentine’s Day, you poetic, noble land mermaids!

Galentine’s Day may have started as a fictional holiday created by my hero and ultimate life inspiration Leslie Knope, but it’s now become a day celebrated by women around the world who want to honor the ladies in their lives. Seeing this holiday grow from something shared only by our beautiful little Parks and Recreation fandom to a day that has its own decorations at Target has been incredible, and it brings me so much joy to know that so many people are taking time today to tell the women in their lives how special they are and to honor the power of female friendship (hopefully with lots of breakfast food).

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by the smart, funny, passionate, protective, warm, and welcoming women I call my friends. They support me and surprise me; they’ve challenged me and changed me; and they’ve helped me embrace the best and most authentic version of myself. My female friends have been the great loves of my life to this point, and I can’t think of a better group of people to call my soul mates.

And that includes all the brave and beautiful women I’ve met because of fandom—and NGN in particular. Over the years, this has been a place where friendships have formed both for me and completely independent of me (which is the coolest thing in the world). Even if our comment conversations aren’t as plentiful as they once were and even if our interests have diverged, I still treasure the moments and memories we’ve shared in this little place that I’ve called home for so long. The friends I’ve made through fandom are some of the best friends I could have ever hoped to have, and I love having a day to single out just how special you are.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a page out of Leslie Knope’s playbook and tell all of you how amazing you are. It may not be a 5,000-word essay, but I want to take a moment today to shower each of you with a string of compliments that would make my sitcom spirit animal proud.

So let’s have a LOVE POST!

Here are the basic instructions as I remember them from my old LiveJournal days: Make a comment on this post with your username (and things like your Twitter or your Tumblr URL if you feel like people might know you better by those identifiers). Then, sit back and let others reply, telling you how much and why they love you. Finally, share the love! Reply to your friends’ comments on this post and tell them how awesome you think they are. Even if you’ve never posted at NGN before or think no one will know or remember you, leave a comment. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

I’ll start things off below just so you can see how it’s done, and I hope that by the time this day of ladies celebrating ladies is done, the comments will be the best virtual Galentine’s Day party ever.

I’ll bring the waffles!


12 thoughts on “Sharing the Galentine’s Day Love

    • My beautiful Leslie. We have been through so many of these love posts and I continue to love that you have carried on the best of all LJ traditions. In these almost ten years, we have been through a lot. There have been a lot of ships, meta, fandoms, trips, life changes, food, and most of all, a whole lot of love. Your constant support, encouragement, and friendship are one of the very best things in my life and I am so grateful for you. I am incredibly proud of the amazing woman you have grown into and the way you use your positions as a editor, teacher, and blog runner to lift up the women around you. I am beyond ready for our next airport hug and it cannot come soon enough. Love you always ❤

    • I will always be grateful for the girl who unabashedly loves to love things. I discovered this oasis called NGN when you posted in anticipation of Castle’s 100th episode. Who would have known the community I’d find here. That said, knowing you makes it all make sense. Your ability to actively choose the good. To choose optimism. To choose to see where the light is inspires and astounds me. Your friendship gives me joy in a myriad of ways, but the true discovery has been to find that the real person is 10 times more honest, loving and supportive than her online persona. How you center on kindness astounds me and I am so grateful to have you in my universe and moreover in my daughters.

    • SWEETIE!
      Break out the doctoberfest mugs and the Peggy hats and the chocolate! While I know things have changed on the tv landscape (and people’s lives) and the blog isn’t as active, I’m so glad to see you still spreading joy and celebrating the good where you see it. (I also appreciate your willingness to adapt the blog to what it needs to be for you at any given time.) I love your commitment to creating a haven of happy here in the craziness that is the internet — whether its the blog or twitter. I’ve enjoyed so much reading your insights on media, watching you grow as a writer, and seeing how you fight to stay positive even when it’s not easy. I love how you invite folks in to enjoy what you enjoy. Most of all I just love that you are always Katie.

    • My Beautiful Tropical Fish,

      As we get closer to our 10th friendiversary, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have had you in my life for almost a decade. And I also don’t think it’s a coincidence when I look back on that decade and see how much positive growth it brought me as a person. Your patience, advice, support, and love have helped me become a happier, braver, and better version of myself.

      I love so many things about you. I love that you support—and then often adopt—all my random fandoms and ships and are always down for a trip into a trash can, a vent session, or a random video of two celebrities being cute together. I love our travels and adventures and every moment we get to spend eating great food together, or talking everywhere from Chicago rooftops and Niagara on the Lake balconies to The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge and my comfy couch. I love our airport hugs and our ability to pair any song on a playlist in my car with an OTP. I love that you understand my WDW love and that you also believe in the great, big, beautiful tomorrow. I love that you’ve come to love my family, and they’ve come to love you too. I love that I always know that whenever I need someone to talk to, you’re just a text away (usually the first text when I have something big I need to share with someone). I love that you’ll eat my mushrooms and that we can share an ice cream cookie sandwich with peanut butter sauce. I love that you’re so steady and strong as a friend and that you’re so generous with everyone you love. I love that I can fall down a Lady Gaga rabbit hole and you’ll go see her residency with me. I love that you make Google docs of restaurants with me when we travel. And I love that I never have to doubt your friendship and that I have someone like you in my corner, which is one of the most reassuring things in my life.

      Happy Galentine’s Day—and Happy Less than 4 Months Until Vegas!

    • You my friend are what my mentor calls a quiet warrior. You lead by your actions and you believe in goodness and good people in a way I aspire to regularly. I will never get over the faith and trust you stepped out on when I invited you to Jane. It was a reminder to me that trust, character and instincts are never to be squandered and underestimated. You’ve been a cheerleader and supporter of me in so many ways and on days when I didn’t even know I needed it. I am so grateful to have discovered a friend in you who shows her passions, writes from her heart and is a loyal loving friend in a myriad of ways. How lucky am I to have you stumble into my world when you did and the things I learn from you, your interests and curiosities make my life so much richer.

    • My Dear Friend,

      I treasure your friendship and look up to you in admiration more than I can ever properly express. Your fierce fearlessness in living life on your terms and raising a strong daughter who is clearly going to grow up to do the same motivates me to be proud of who I am, to stand in my truth, and to fight for what I believe in. You’re a powerful activist, a patron of the arts, a globetrotter, and a proud mother, and I hope you know that in these and in every aspect of your life that you’ve generously shared with me you’ve become someone I strive to be more like. I love your passion for life, for travel, for art, and for doing good. I love your honesty and deep sense of ownership of who you are. I love your commitment to family and friends. I love your kindness, your generosity, and your vibrant light that warms everyone whose path is lucky enough to cross yours.

      Happy Galentine’s Day to you and my favorite Diva! ❤

    • I am in awe of everything you are. I love the passion and genuine love that drives not only your activism but the whole of your life. You aren’t one to do things halfway or as anything less than your full self and in doing so, you inspire the same in others. I love the way you talk about the media that has resonated with you deeply. From your comments here in the early days of NGN to the brief discussions with showrunners like Jennie Urman and Gloria Calderon Kellet that I’ve been fortunate enough to be there for, there is an enthusiasm and and understanding of the importance of seeing yourself reflected authentically in the media and especially what that means for your girl as she grows up. While I’m sure there will be challenges ahead as she goes through her teen years, you are doing a terrific job encouraging a strength and confidence in her that is admirable. Not many people could stand up and perform on a whim in front of a large group as unselfconsciously as she did. I am incredibly grateful that you found NGN and became a part of this community. I am a better person for knowing you, friend.

    • TEMPEST!!!

      You will forever be the Rose to my Peggy—an unstoppable supportive force and powerful woman I’m so glad to have in my corner. Your incredible kindness and enthusiasm bring so much light not just to my blog but to my life, and every time I see a comment from you, I know it’s going to put a smile on my face. I love the balance you bring to our discussions about media—the brilliant insight and the appreciation of the power of story mixed with the important belief that fandom should be fun. I love your ability to encourage all of us to live in the truth of what makes us happy and I love that you’ve always supported my quest to figure out how to continue running NGN in a way that does that for me. Your loyalty and love are gifts in my life, and I hope you know how deeply I appreciate your warm and wonderful presence. ❤

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