TV Time: Once Upon a Time 6.17

ouat awake


Title Awake

Two-Sentence Summary As Regina’s plan to break the sleeping curse on Snow and Charming backfires, weakening both their hearts and forcing them to confront the idea that Emma might have to face the final battle alone, flashbacks reveal a time in which they chose to leave Emma alone to allow her to fulfill her destiny and save everyone. Meanwhile, Killian tries to find a way to reach Emma with the help of Tiger Lily.

Favorite Line “Swan, I know you face an uncertain future, but there is one thing I want you to be certain of: that I will always—always—be by your side. So Emma Swan, what do you say? Will you marry me?” (Killian)

My Thoughts It’s no secret that Once Upon a Time makes me cry a lot. I cry during happy moments and heartbreaking ones, romantic scenes and family-focused ones. But I’m not sure I’ve ever cried as often as I did during “Awake”—or as intensely. After six seasons and countless emotional journeys, this show still managed to knock me off my feet with feelings, and it did so by focusing on the reasons I first fell in love with this show (Snow and Charming’s relationship with each other and their relationship with their daughter) and the reason I devoted years of my life to writing about it (Emma and Killian’s relationship). At the end of the day, I have been and will always be a Charming Family fangirl and I will always love writing about Emma Swan more than perhaps any other fictional character ever created. So “Awake” felt tailor-made to both break my heart and fill it with hope by once again putting the parts of this show that have always meant the most to me in the spotlight.

“Awake” was an episode about the sacrifices we make, which made it heartbreaking, but it was also an episode about those moments in life when we don’t have to sacrifice—when karma works in our favor and people who deserve to be happy get to be happy, which made it hopeful. And all of that was told through the lens of Emma and her relationship with her parents and her pirate—relationships that make up the very fabric of Once Upon a Time.

Emma Swan’s happiness has often been sacrificed at the altar of the greater good. Moments after she was born, she was separated from her family because of a role she didn’t choose for herself, and from that moment on, she found herself alone time after time because of her destiny. That’s always been one of the most heartbreaking aspects of Emma’s story: She was destined to bring back happy endings, but it has so often felt as if her own happy ending was out of reach because of that destiny.

At the beginning of this episode, Emma was struggling with that recurring sense of loneliness and isolation that has seemed as much her destiny as her title of Savior. With one of her parents cursed to always be asleep and the man she loves cursed to remain in another realm, it seemed as if she would be walking into a climactic final battle against the forces of evil without her full support system by her side. By bringing her hand tremors back, we saw just how much Emma needs her loved ones and how afraid she is to take on this challenge by herself. She spent so many years being alone, but now that she’s accepted that she can draw strength from the love around her, it’s terrifying for her to think of being without that love when she needs it most.

Love was at the center of every part of “Awake.” As Charming reminded Emma, love is what has given him the strength to keep going without Snow by his side. He has faith that she is fighting for him just as intensely as he is fighting for her. And this episode was a lovely reminder that Killian and Emma have always followed in her parents’ footsteps in that way—even when separated by realms, he will never stop fighting to get home to her. I loved the moment when his shadow brought her the wand she is going to need in the final battle, gently touching her face after doing so, because it was a reminder to both Emma and the audience that Killian is Emma’s partner no matter how far apart they are. Curses, realms, and even death itself can’t stop him from doing everything in his power—including separating himself from his shadow—to help her and to remind her that she’s loved.

Sometimes the reminder that you’re loved is all you need to find your best self and your fighting spirit. It certainly worked for Snow and Charming in this episode. I liked the symbolism of the pixie flower being used to reunite True Loves—something good growing in response to evil, light magic sprouting up because it knows it will be needed to fight the darkness. And for Snow and Charming, that flower served as a sign that even when Snow didn’t remember her husband, she somehow still knew he needed her—even if it was just to bring him a flower to brighten his dark, lonely days.

I loved the scenes in cursed Storybrooke—from Lana Parrilla getting to bring out her best Mayor Mills attitude again to the nostalgia of seeing Charming in that hospital bed—but the very best thing about those scenes was watching Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin revisit that period in their characters’ lives, reminding me of how beautiful their journey has been since the show began to where they are in their lives now—a marriage and two babies later. Those two actors bring their bright, beautiful chemistry to every scene between their characters—no matter how small—but seeing them take center stage again in “Awake” reminded me of just how special they are together. The moments after their hands touched and Snow’s belief in Charming’s love broke the curse were some of the best in the episode. I have loved many “Snowing” kisses over the last six seasons, but that intense, passionate reunion may be my new favorite. It had a spark that gave me goosebumps and, when coupled with their gorgeous musical theme, made me cry.

Getting to see Snow and Charming reunited and kissing all over this version of Storybrooke was great, but even more than being an episode about their relationship with each other, this was an episode about their relationship with their daughter. And so much of the emotional weight of that part of this episode came from Dallas, who can still break my heart with a single look. The sincerity he brings to every emotional moment on this show is what made me fall in love with Once Upon a Time when I first saw the pilot more than five years ago (I was sold from the moment he said “What’s 28 years when you have eternal love?”), and his ability to make me truly believe Charming’s love for his wife and daughter (Sorry, baby Neal, I’m just going to ignore you like the show seems to do now.) has always grounded this fairytale show in something genuine and real. For example, the moment Snow recognized Charming in the flashbacks and he said, “There you are,” I think I actually managed to swoon and sob at the same time because of the overwhelming affection Dallas put into those three tiny words.

But where Dallas really tugged at my heartstrings was in showing Charming’s desire to protect the little girl he almost died saving. His defensive stance in Gold’s shop was perfect, but it was the way he looked when he first saw 10-year-old Emma that left me an emotional wreck on my couch. Again, with the smallest amount of words (This time it was “She’s beautiful.”), Dallas managed to convey so much. The radiant, all-consuming love in his expression was breathtaking. But that love suddenly turned to heartbreak when Snow stopped him from stepping through the portal. And that moment was when this storyline went from heartwarming to absolutely devastating.

Snow making the decision to stay away from Emma because of her destiny—because the townspeople deserved a Savior who would break their curse—was a nice callback to the pilot, when she was the one to make the call to send Emma through the wardrobe alone because Charming didn’t want to. Although Charming and Snow are partners in battle and in leadership, the fight against the Evil Queen was always more of Snow’s fight than his, and the people they were meant to protect were her subjects before they were his. So she has always had more of a pull toward sacrificing her own happiness—and her daughter’s—for the greater good, and that makes perfect sense. But that doesn’t make it easier to watch, especially knowing what Emma was going through—a kind of loneliness and pain her parents would never have guessed at from that scene of her sitting and reading on the bed. (What would their reactions have been if, instead, they would have seen her homeless on the street or being abused by a foster family?)

Snow made the call to sacrifice not just her happiness but also Emma’s to someday ensure that everyone could have a happy ending. I was happy that Charming pointed out that Emma would also have to pay for Snow’s choice—this wasn’t just denying them their daughter; it was denying Emma her parents. Snow’s faith was ultimately rewarded, but knowing the hard times Emma was still going to suffer through because of Snow’s choice and Charming’s choice to go along with it, it was tough to see what Snow was doing as the right thing. In the end, though, I think we were supposed to understand that there was no easy choice for Snow and Charming to make—that’s what made Dallas and Goodwin’s heartbreakingly realistic tears in that scene so powerful. People were going to get hurt either way, but they made what they believed was the hero’s choice in that moment—the greater good over anything else.

In the present, Snow was given another choice, but this time, she chose Emma over everything else. She chose to give Emma the pixie flower magic she needed to reunite with Killian instead of using it to break the sleeping curse on herself and Charming. Snow felt such guilt over the choice she made to leave Emma to her destiny all those years ago; that came across so clearly in Goodwin’s performance, but this time, she could fall into the sleeping curse knowing she wasn’t leaving her daughter alone; she was reuniting her with someone who needed Emma just as much as she needed him. And when Snow said she knew Emma would find a way to break the curse, I believed it just as surely as I believed her in the past when she said she knew Emma would find them. Snow has always had faith in her daughter, and that faith allowed her to help Emma save her True Love and find the happy ending she’s so long been denied.

And with that pixie flower dust in hand, Emma took one huge, realm-hopping step toward securing that happy ending. She (very quickly—almost laughably so) rescued Killian from Neverland and brought him home where he belongs. And with the two of them finally in the same realm again, they could fix what had gone so terribly wrong a few episodes before. Killian apologized to Emma not only for keeping secrets but for even remotely considering leaving her with the kind of sincerity that makes Colin O’Donoghue the only man who could ever rival Dallas in that department. And then Emma eased his guilty conscience and took some responsibility for their fight herself, making me wonder why we had to go through so many episodes of unnecessary angst to get to this point when it could have all been fixed so easily.

But any thoughts of the angst that came before disappeared when Killian told Emma he had something he needed to do before another portal dragged him away. When he said he wanted to do it right this time, I immediately started crying because I knew we were going to get the romantic, sincere, deeply personal proposal we were denied the first time. And the writers and O’Donoghue certainly didn’t disappoint. Every word was perfectly chosen and delivered from the moment he called her “Swan,” harkening back to the beginning of their love story in a way that made this longtime “shipper” melt.

And then Killian Jones said the words that have made him the only choice for Emma from the start: “I will always be by your side.” In an episode that reminded us that Emma was often left without people by her side in uncertain times, this promise felt even more powerful. Emma felt her destiny as the Savior and her destiny as a Lost Girl—abandoned time and again for the greater good—were inseparable…until she met Killian. He has proven to her that as long as she chooses to let him, he will fight beside her and will always choose her and her happiness over everything—including the greater good.

Killian’s defining characteristic is his devotion, and that is what has always made him perfect for Emma. So to have that sense of devotion—that burning desire to make sure she never feels like she has to face anything alone—at the center of his proposal was perfect. Emma has often believed that she must shoulder the burden of being the Savior by herself, but by promising to be beside her no matter what the future holds, Killian is offering another set of shoulders to help her carry that burden, another set of hands to help when hers are shaking with the weight of her fear and self-doubt. His belief that the future doesn’t have to be certain for them to start building it together is everything she needs as she prepares to fight the final battle. He’s not offering her platitudes or promises he can’t keep about everything turning out okay; he’s not giving her false hope. Instead, he’s giving her a promise he knows he can keep. He’s a survivor—much like the pixie flower Emma and Snow recovered—because he needs to be. While that line about the flower certainly referred to Emma surviving despite being on her own for so long, I think it also perfectly described the man she’s going to marry. He survived for more than 200 years because he needed to; he survived to fulfill his own destiny—not as the Savior, but as the man who was going to love her.

I was already a sobbing mess before Killian got down on one knee, but then he asked her “What do you say?” the same way he did before asking her to take a leap of faith and drink the memory potion in “New York City Serenade” (one of my all-time favorite episodes), and my crying only got worse. The pure, open expression of adoration on O’Donoghue’s face as Killian asked Emma to marry him was stunning, and I loved that it was met with such sweet, sincere emotion from Jennifer Morrison, who played Emma’s reaction with such lovely certainty and joyful acceptance that she can be loved with this kind of devotion, that she can let herself finally believe she won’t be abandoned. I especially loved the detail of her meeting him by going down on her knees, too—forever equals. The overwhelming love, joy, and hope in that moment is what this show is all about. It’s enough to make you believe that there is someone out there for everyone, someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. When this show makes me believe in the idea of soul mates with all my heart, it’s at its very best.

That sense of hope and happiness stayed with me through the end of the episode, when Snow and Charming finally woke up. At first, I was confused by the logistics of the “everyone is a little bit cursed” method and slightly frustrated that no one ever let Emma even try waking up her parents, but I ended up loving the symbolism of everyone choosing to take a risk for the two people who sacrificed their happiness for them more than once. It also served as a way for the residents of Storybrooke to put Emma’s needs (having her parents by her side for the final battle) first. It reminded me of It’s a Wonderful Life in a way, with the whole town coming together to help people who have given so much to them.

The power of community is its own kind of True Love, and Emma is going to need that power as she faces her toughest challenge yet. But this episode left me with such a strong feeling of hope for her and for her future. Being the Savior has often been a lonely role, but now Emma has a fiancé, her family, and an entire town standing beside her. With love and light on her side, I don’t see any way she can lose.

Extra Thoughts
• I’m struggling with feeling emotionally invested in the Black Fairy as Emma’s final nemesis. Jaime Murray is still doing a fantastic job in this role, but to have this character swoop in at the last second to be the “Big Bad” of the whole series feels a little forced. I was more intrigued by the idea of Rumplestiltskin choosing to fight alongside his mother, which would make the stakes feel more personal, but part of me was happy he found out that she stole Gideon’s heart. I have had a strong feeling that Rumplestiltskin may end up sacrificing himself to defeat his mother like he did his father for a while now, and this only intensified that feeling.
• Snow using her bow and arrow to defend her daughter will always make me cheer, just like Charming telling Snow “I will always find you” will always make me melt and Goodwin crying whenever Snow and Charming have to say goodbye will always make me sob.
• I loved the way this episode brought in Tiger Lily as another fierce female ally for Killian, even if it did seem a little strange that she knew all about the Savior and what magic she’d need to win the final battle. It was a little too convenient, but at this point, magical deus ex machina moments are happening so frequently that I’m starting to care much less than I used to about plot devices.
• I know it’s a silly detail, but the fact that the cup everyone drank from to break the sleeping curse was empty was so evident it was almost comical.
• It was nice to see Emma and Killian reunited in Neverland—where their first kiss happened and where Killian promised to win her heart—even if it was only for a moment.
• Charming and Killian’s reunion was beautiful in its own way. I was happy to see Charming ready to move beyond it because it means all that angst is truly over.
• Consider this a SPOILER for those who like to avoid them: Who else is ready to just skip the next couple of weeks and get straight to the musical wedding extravaganza? Emma Swan deserves a true fairytale wedding, and I’m so happy to know that’s exactly what she’ll be getting.


18 thoughts on “TV Time: Once Upon a Time 6.17

  1. Well, I’ve been undone. I have absolutely no words. This was an extraordinary, beautifully heartfelt review. I have nothing left to add. You’ve done a gorgeous job, babe.

    (By the way, I’m totally with you on the Black Fairy thing. I’m invested, but I’m also not? There’s something about it that definitely feels a little forced. And I feel like this may just end up being Rumple’s ultimate sacrifice because that’s how I’ve believed he could ever truly redeem himself.)

  2. What a lovely write-up of this gut-punch of an episode!

    This was one of those episodes that appealed to my emotional side more than my intellectual side. I could probably nit pick the hell out of it, but if anyone can convince me to forgive an episode’s sins, its Josh and Ginny. I liked the idea that they woke up during the first curse, and I thought Emma’s name being the trigger that allowed Rumple to remember was a great bit of continuity. The way David looked at little Emma was just heartbreaking. He wanted so badly to go to her. And a part of me wanted them to go through that door even though I knew it was never going to happen. It was hard seeing them having to give up a life with her twice. It’s a stretch that this bit of information would never have come up until now, but again, the story itself made me feel, and I think that is more important to me than the timeline at this point. Plus that music. The Snowing theme is one of the most beautiful pieces of score I have ever heard.

    While your tears flow freely, I cry much less watching this show, but the ending of this episode got to me (dang that back to back CS/snowing music!). If there is one thing I am a sucker for it’s the “community comes together for a common goal” plot. While the 2nd proposal was beautiful, it wasn’t until Killian realized that both her parents sacrificed waking up to reunite them that I started to lose it, and it continued through to the next scene with the townspeople. For years I have been hoping that a scene like this would involve the town coming together to share Emma’s savior burden, but if it wasn’t for Emma (although in a way this was) I was happy to see the Charmings have that moment. Not even the obvious empty cup (seriously one of my biggest pet peeves in TV/Movies) or confusing mechanics could kill the moment. I also love that Killian was the first to drink without a moments hesitation.

    I agree with you that the Black Fairy storyline is lacking the weight that it should have if this truly is the final battle. Despite the hints here and there that she existed, she never felt like a real threat until now. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy her, hell this show is amazing at introducing characters, they just have a hard time knowing what to do with all the fabulous characters they give us. And since the dark one and the evil queen are what started this, ending the story with them largely as observers just feels off. It’s a shame we need this conflict at all as we start to wrap things up, but this is how the show goes.

    The reunion was fabulous, and I loved that Killian didn’t waste a second before apologizing and asking again. His words were perfect as always. Killian is pretty much the only character on this show that suffers instant karma, as in when he does something wrong he is immediately punished for it till he learns his lesson. I love that the lesson here was when he got so caught up in his own self loathing and considered leaving Emma’s side, the universe was like “no that’s dumb, let me show you just how dumb that is!!”. Needless to say I think he has now learned that lesson for good. I hope next week we get a comment about them wanting to get married ASAP after everything they have been through (honestly I think they should elope now just in case and have the official wedding later). Makes me think of that famous quote from ‘When Harry Met Sally’: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

    Other items:
    -But really, how hard is it to put some dang water in the cup?!
    -Was I the only one hoping grumpy would just stay asleep until after the wedding?
    -I think we are meant to believe that Rumple did actually drink the potion (again with the memory wipe!), and was reawakened when Emma came to town, but how long did it take before he did? It would actually make more sense if he knowingly arranged for Regina to adopt Henry, but that would have been a lot of years playing dumb with little else to do.
    -My current pipe dream is that Blackbeard shows up ready to collect the Jolly, and does a quick “do you? Do you? Good now kiss!” CS wedding on the Jolly before he sails it away. (Emma and Killian can go on an adventure to get it back someday)
    -I am excited we haven’t see the last of Tiger Lily, I enjoyed her, and it was refreshing that she and Hook didn’t seem to have a romantic history. Again with this show’s ability to make me like and care about a character after 10 minutes of screen time. I am curious to know about the wand piece and how that is to play into everything.
    -This is all going to end up being Blue’s fault isn’t it?
    -I think at this point my absolute favorite thing about the fact that Killian calls Emma “Swan”, is that the surname she chose for herself will always remain his pet name for her, even if she takes the last name Jones. She can be “Mrs Jones”, “my Emma”, “my princess”, and “Swan” forever. Also do not think about him explaining why he calls her Swan to their future children because then you might just cry again.
    -Yes, these next couple episodes are going to be torture.

    • Ok, I’m seriously starting to wonder if we were separated at birth . . . so much of this echoes my own reactions.

      I also wondered about how much Snow remembered and when. I’m going with the idea that this recent sleeping curse revived the memory.

      And yes! the community comes together. I did think of you during this scene and how much you’d like it.

      I love the Killian instant Karma theory.

      I am totally on board for Blackbeard showing up and a Rolly Joger wedding. 🙂

      We get more Tiger Lilly? This makes me happy.

      Yep, all Blue’s fault. 🙂

  3. Giddy-Katie reviews are always such fun . . . 🙂

    I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation with the beginning of the first curse-lifting part of the story. It seemed unnecessary, and I wasn’t sure it would fit with everything. (I am a little curious about how long Snow has remembered the original lifting . . . ) However, they really pulled it off. (Much like the recent revelation of Snow and Charming’s first encounter.) Goodwin never ceases to amaze me with the sincerity she brings to the character. In the hands of a lesser actress, many of these lines and attitudes could be mawkish or alarmingly mary-sue. We know Snow will do the hard thing for the greater good because otherwise she really wouldn’t be able to live with herself. She truly believes these things. I love, too, how Dallas portrays his love for his family (and the fact that his love for Emma never comes off as squicky, given how close they are in age — that is no mean feat.) I love romantic relationships that are partnerships, where each person complements the other. Yes, I may have gotten sniffly at Charming’s assertion that he knows that as hard as he is working to get to Snow, she’s working just as hard to get to him.

    I loved everyone taking a part of the sleeping curse. (The part of my brain that said . . . ummm, how does that work? — I told it to shut up and just roll with it.) We’ve talked here about the fact that the town shouldn’t always rely on one person (or family) to carry the burden of saving everyone, so it was nice to see the town rallying to help Snow and Charming. How great was it that Killian and Regina were the first two to step up? And of course Leroy would be grumpy about it.

    Soooo glad we have Killian and Emma reunited AND with a proper proposal. (I will always be by your side.) Like you, Katie, I loved that she got down on her knees with him. Of course, Killian leads with his apology. I was happy to see Emma take a little responsibility as well. OH LOOK! PEOPLE TALKING TO EACH OTHER LIKE ADULTS!! And that glimmer of relief when she says “yes”? Like a small part of him wasn’t sure . . .

    Ok, so back-tracking a bit . . .Tiger Lily seemed appropriately fairy-tale deus ex machina. Although, I am amused at how suddenly everyone knows about the savior and knows her name is Emma. Plus we got that great Tiger Lily arm-cross that served as a nod to the movie and managed to convey plenty of attitude.

    While I love Murray as the Black Fairy, I do think we needed more build up if this is the final battle. Just telling us this is the source dark magic isn’t the same as giving us the first Dark One.

    Random thoughts:

    — Yes, I was a gooey mess after the proposal.

    — Emma in a peter pan collar. *snicker*

    — SO glad to know that Rumple sensed Gideon was heartless. (As often as this happens, there should be some kind of screening device.) I just hope Rumple tells Belle what’s up.

    — Do not keep Killian from Emma. Loved his attitude toward the odds in Neverland: Is that all?

    — Poor Pongo . . . that gluten-free can be rough.

    — And yes, I am soooo ready for the musical. (However, “Once More, With Feeling” really set the bar high . . .) Bring on the singing and dancing.

    • “I love, too, how Dallas portrays his love for his family (and the fact that his love for Emma never comes off as squicky, given how close they are in age — that is no mean feat.) ” <— yeah, that. That can't be easy. Maybe it helps that they keep up the parent/child pretense off camera too. I often half-forget that they're all about the same age.
      Also, people talking to each other like adults. Yup.

    • There have been a lot of musical eps ever since ‘Once More, With Feeling’, and none of them have come close to being anywhere near as good, which makes me so nervous for this musical ep. I want it to be good so badly, but the odds are stacked against it. I really did not like the recent Flash/Supergirl crossover, so that made me even more nervous. But as with all things related to this show, I remain hopeful.

  4. Beautifully stated as always, Katie!

    This episode took me straight back to Season 1 and I love that! For me, this show has always been Emma’s fairytale and I loved seeing that first season merging of worlds. Emma’s story has come full circle from the young woman alone on her birthday to the woman who has finally found family and a home, and a sense of purpose. That journey is not unlike ones we all take in life. You seldom start out knowing what your purpose in life is, and it’s beautiful when years later you can look back and see how much you’ve grown and come into your own. I finally feel that Emma has arrived in that place too.

    Not only that, but I also loved seeing more of Snow and Charming’s story. It was heartbreaking to see them not only decide to leave young Emma but also to say goodbye to each other again. Snow as a leader and ruler chose to put the town ahead of her own self-interest, and that also meant that Emma would lose the happy childhood she could have had.

    Killian really is a perfect match for her. Killian had lost love and family after having had it, and suffered from those losses for a long time. He will hold tight to those he loves because he knows how precious it is to have them in his life. It took Emma a long time to see that about Killian and to trust that in him. It will be wonderful to see where the story takes them from here!

    This episode had everything that I love in a fairytale….true love, sacrifice and adventure. I also felt more hope and happiness watching it than I had in a while. I know drama has to move a story forward, but I like a pause in the action every now and then with some time for self-reflection and quiet moments too!

    No spoilers, but I’m really hoping for some more mother/daughter bonding between Snow & Emma. Captain Charming has killed me ever since the Neverland arc. I would love to see more of their interactions. They’ve come so far in Seasons 5 and 6!

    Kudos to Tiger Lily….I liked the character and would love to see her again!

    Thanks once more Katie, for providing this forum!

      • Couldn’t agree more. This is a fantastic place to hang out and discuss all things pop culture. It’s a pleasure to have discussions with such kind and insightful people.

    • I like that you pointed out that this episode had everything you love about fairytales. The past couple season I have been watching this show less from a strict logic/continuity standpoint and more from a fairytale standpoint. That is, what message/emotions are the story trying to convey. If the individual story is successful I am pretty forgiving of the rest, and I liked this story.

      • Yes, I tend to connect more with the emotions the episodes evoke and how entertained I am overall depends on how it makes me feel. I’ve had a little problem connecting with some of the episodes, since stories tend to move along faster than I usually like. But, I do love the character’s and am invested in them…..some more than others!

        I don’t dwell too much on the logic of the stories or timelines and such, but I do want the characters to stay in character rather than characters changing to suit the plot.

  5. Fantastic review as always! I don’t even know what comments to add because you beautifully articulated all of my feelings about the episode in your review. Once was really firing on all cylinders on Sunday night and it was an amazing hour of television. I’m looking forward to the last few episodes of the season, and of course, the musical/wedding!

  6. This week totally got away from me and so everything has pretty much been said, but dang, that empty cup REALLY bugged me. SO MUCH. It took me out of that scene, which really annoyed me, seeing as it was a really crucial scene that already had the logical part of my brain saying “wait, what? how?” I was trying to remember the initial potion/cursing/whatever happened, which was eons ago and has completely slipped my mind. So then I was wondering how much potion was in the cup and feeling like some of them were drinking a bit too much to allow everyone to have a bit, and I was doing the math on how much liquid there needed to be to go around all those people (half of whom seemed completely random strangers) and anyway it’s REALLY HARD to pretend to sip something out of a huge goblet when said goblet is EMPTY. ugh. It made me wonder if the actors were all afraid of cooties or something.

    I was super-confused by jumping back to cursed Snowing, but then it was lovely and I’ve always loved Snowing and Emma first and foremost, and their season 1 love story was what made me love the show.

    Anyway, good luck to any who are trying to avoid spoilers when everyone (actors included) are sharing that hook/ring image with a date for the musical extravaganza. I avoid spoilers like the plague but there has been no avoiding hearing about this. A couple of weeks away, is it? Should be interesting!

  7. I’m glad to know that I waa not the only one confused about the diluting the curse to break it scenario. I just watched the episode last night and while I’m happy Snowing are awake,Imt still upset Emma did not have a pivotal role in breaking her parents’ curse and you realize, this is the first time true love’s kiss was not used at all?

    I get what Adam and Eddy were trting to do, but it feels like a weak solution, considering Emma’s true love’s kiss was not even considered. I mean, really?! Don’t tell me ar this point in the show, Emma doesn’t truly love her parents that this option was not viable?! If this curse was not about Emma breaking it, make that obvious at the beginning.

    I did like the second Captain Swan proposal and I felt what Killian said to Emma made it clear why he’s so perfect for her as a partner.

    It waa interesting to see Snowing waje up before the curse was broken in seasson one. Even more heartbreaking when they saw wee Emma through the door and Snow realized that they couldn’t get their happiness now and doom everyone else that. They needed to wait. In the present, Snow sacrificed her chance to break her own curse so Emma could reuinte with Killian. That was beautiful.

    Thanks for the review Katie

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