TV Time: Once Upon a Time 6.07



Title Heartless

Two-Sentence Summary When the Evil Queen gives Snow and Charming an ultimatum—give up their shared heart or force all of Storybrooke to suffer from the water of the River of Lost Souls—it allows several characters to think and talk about what True Love really means. In flashbacks, it’s revealed that the first sparks of True Love were ignited between Snow and Charming long before they even saw the other’s face.

Favorite Line “Knowing you believe in me means I’m not alone.” (Snow, to Charming)

My Thoughts For an episode titled “Heartless,” this had more heart than any other Once Upon a Time episode so far this season. It was another beautifully romantic chapter in the sweeping love story of Snow and Charming—the love story that first sold me on this show and the love story that will always hold a special spot in my heart. And as this episode allowed us to focus on the True Love between Snow and Charming, it also reminded us that their daughter is living out her own love story with a man whose belief in her echoes the belief that makes her parents’ love so strong.

Most of us who watch Once Upon a Time didn’t start watching it because we thought it would add more realism into our media-consuming lives. We started watching it because we needed an escape. We needed a fairytale. And sometimes it’s nice to watch episodes of this show that give us exactly that—the fairytale, the epic romance, the beacon of hope even when things seem to be at their worst. When life is hard (like in the final days before a presidential election that has everyone in America on edge), it’s nice to turn on the TV and watch something that makes you feel good. And even though “Heartless” ended with quite the heartbreaking twist, I still walked away from it feeling good, feeling uplifted, and feeling hopeful. This is why I watch Once Upon a Time and will continue to watch it as long as the TV gods keep it on the air.

“Heartless” was an episode about True Love, and, as such, it felt right that a quote about belief played such an important part in it. True Love and belief have always gone hand-in-hand on this show; to truly love someone, you need to believe in them, and you need to open your heart to let their belief in you help you grow stronger. Snow and Charming have always exemplified this idea—going so far as to believe in their love to the point of sharing a heart. But this episode showed that their belief in each other goes back even further than they knew.

If you would have told me before this episode that Snow and Charming had met before the events of “Snow Falls,” I would have thought such a plot twist would have felt too forced. However, the flashbacks in this episode were the best Snow/Charming flashbacks we’ve had in quite some time. I knew their paths were going to have to cross somehow in the flashbacks, but I never expected their meeting to make as much sense as it did or for it to move me as much as it did. It was a joy to watch this chapter in their story unfold, surprising and sincere in the way the best flashbacks from the show’s first season were.

Some people are simply always meant to be in the same story. Snow and Charming are the perfect example of that. Like magnets, they have always been pulled toward each other, even before they knew it was happening. I loved seeing them fight as a team for the first time, but what really solidified this as the perfect start to their love story was what happened after they defeated the bounty hunter together. Even without seeing each other—separated by a carriage door and Snow’s desire to protect Charming from knowing who she really was—their souls connected. They were able to give the other exactly what they needed when they needed it the most. Charming gave Snow hope that she could make a new life for herself; he helped her believe in her own strength and resourcefulness. And that gift that Charming gave Snow—the gift of belief—allowed Snow to tap into her very best self and give Charming the money he needed for his family’s farm. Not only do these two characters always find each other; they always support each other and are always willing to make sacrifices for each other. And from those things, the first seeds of True Love were planted.

I got goose bumps at the visual of Snow and Charming’s hands touching as the True Love sapling began to grow. I had a feeling that the sapling was directly tied to their love—especially after the flashes of their story they saw when they touched it. However, it was still beautiful to see it grow from that single, shared moment of connection, teamwork, and belief. And I thought it was a nice callback when Snow mentioned robbing carriages with the newfound confidence Charming gave her, because we all know that’s how their paths would cross again. It was a perfect moment of continuity, and it was yet another reminder that when people are meant to be together, they find each other. That’s what these two characters have done since that first meeting: They always find each other.

That belief and hope—the certainty that they will always find their way back to each other and back to the family that grew out of their True Love—is at the heart of Snow and Charming’s strength as individuals and as a team. For a while during this episode, it seemed that belief was faltering in the face of the Evil Queen’s threat, but when the time came for them to put their faith to the test, they were ready. The bond that had been strengthened on numerous adventures—from that first one before they even saw the other’s face to the one they took to find the sapling in this episode—gave them the courage to offer their hearts up to the Evil Queen to save the rest of the town, including their children. I was deeply moved by the total certainty in both characters that this would not be the end for them. That sincere faith in their love and in their family has existed from the pilot episode, and kudos to Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin for making me believe that faith from Day One.

Dallas and Goodwin were the emotional center of this episode, with their chemistry in the spotlight once again. What I love about the two of them is the stability they bring to this dynamic; the depth of their onscreen connection has been the one constant on a show where things change all the time. Everything about their dynamic feels like a real marriage—it’s strong, supportive, and filled with the kind of mutual affection that cannot be faked. They don’t need a lot of dialogue or big, flashy moments to sell you on the love between their characters; all they need to do is look at each other.

But when they’re given big moments, they run with it. This episode’s conclusion gave Dallas and Goodwin some of the meatiest material they’ve had to work with in ages. I found myself blinking back tears at the gorgeous parallel to the show’s pilot with Charming finding Snow in the glass coffin and kissing her to wake her up (with the added bonus of Charming driving his truck to find her this time instead of riding his horse). But, of course, it wasn’t going to be that easy. I thought it was pretty ingenious for the Evil Queen to cast the curse on their shared heart rather than on one of them (especially considering the fact that she hasn’t seemed like a credible threat until this episode). It was such a tragic twist that their True Love, which allowed them to split Snow’s heart, would become an obstacle rather than the way to break the curse.

However, is anyone else left wondering if Emma will be the one to break the curse on her parents? I know it might be too easy and it might be explained away in the next episode for some magical reason, but I don’t see why Emma’s love for her parents—and their love for her—wouldn’t be True Love at this point. All the signs pointed to Emma being the one to fix this—not because she’s the Savior, but because she’s their daughter. Even Snow and Charming singled her out in their statement to the Evil Queen about why they believed they would survive giving up their shared heart.

The most convincing argument for why Emma will be the one to save and reunite her parents, though, came from Emma’s own True Love: Killian Jones. His speech to Emma was one of the most beautiful monologues a character has had on this show in a long time, and it was delivered with typically perfect sincerity by Colin O’Donoghue, the master of the swoon-worthy speech. In fact, this moment reminded me of another heart-stopping O’Donoghue moment: Killian’s speech to Emma about winning her heart and never seeing her fail back in Never Land. Both moments were completely unexpected and were written perfectly—they both were gorgeously romantic in a general sense while also highlighting why this man is perfect specifically for Emma.

In this case, Killian’s speech reflected the episode’s core theme: When someone believes in you, you’re never alone. Emma’s shaking hands seem to appear every time she’s facing a crisis of belief—in this case, being unable to believe that she can help her parents. So the cure for those shaking hands was something Killian offers in spades: belief in Emma. Perhaps only Henry believes in Emma with the same certainty Killian does, so it makes sense that those two characters are her confirmed True Loves. And that’s why it matters that Killian used Henry’s book to help Emma believe in herself again: It was a way to connect his belief in her with Henry’s belief in her, which is represented by the book Henry first used to help her believe in her true identity. The book has always represented hope, and in this scene, Killian used it to give Emma hope when she needed it most.

I loved the realistic, natural way the scene unfolded, with Emma being skeptical and Killian playfully forcing her to listen to his story—and what a story he told. The way he connected the story of her parents always finding each other with them always finding her and then with her helping them find each other again was lovely. It was a testament not just to Snow and Charming’s love but also to Emma’s love for her parents and Killian’s love for her. Killian believes that Emma can do anything—not because she’s the Savior, but because she’s Emma. He reminded her that she is the Savior because of the True Love that led to her birth; love gave her magic, and love will be what gives her the strength to save her parents. But it’s more than just her parents’ love that makes Emma strong; it’s the love she now shares with Killian, the love that is so much like the love her parents share. It’s important to note that Emma and Killian’s story is also in Henry’s book; they are every bit the fairytale True Loves her parents are. And it’s that True Love that gives Emma the confidence she needs to find her strength again.

I loved the symbolism of Killian first holding and then kissing Emma’s hand that had been shaking. It was a classically romantic, fairytale gesture in an episode that was all about fairytale romance. But it was also so much more—it was symbolic of him loving the parts of her she finds unlovable, healing the parts of her that she sees as broken. The first spark of their True Love was ignited when he tried to heal her wounded hand on the top of the beanstalk in the Enchanted Forest, so it seemed fitting that he would once again lavish some much-needed attention on her hand when it was a source of concern for her.

Throughout Killian’s story, I loved watching Emma’s face. Jennifer Morrison played her reactions perfectly. There was the loveliest look of soft adoration on her face, as if it was hitting her all over again that someone loves her as much as Killian does. This moment saw Emma with all her walls completely down, allowing the man she loves to support and comfort her and allowing herself to believe him when he said she could do anything. That’s what True Love is all about—it’s the gentle reminder of who you are when you feel lost and the stable, unwavering belief that allows you to be your strongest self even when that seems impossible. Emma’s hand stopped shaking because she finally allowed someone to help her; she finally stopped believing she had to carry all of her fears and insecurities alone. Killian’s love and support made her stronger, and that strength is going to help her not only to reunite her parents but also to change her own fate.

Speaking of changing fates and believing in the best version of the person you love, I have to take a moment to say how impressed I’ve been with Belle this season and especially in this episode. I was so proud of her for confronting Rumplestiltskin about his desire to use the shears to change their child’s destiny and force him to love his father. This episode proved with both Snow and Charming and Emma and Killian that love cannot be forced; it must be earned through doing the right thing for the person you love. But Rumplestiltskin is so afraid of failing that he still continues to seek out magical solutions instead of simply putting in the work. As Belle said, that’s worse that just being purely evil. That’s being the coward he’s always been and seemingly always will be.

Belief is a key component of True Love, and it seems that Belle has finally stopped believing her husband will ever change. He doesn’t believe in himself, so why should she bear the burden of always having to believe in him more than he believes in himself? That was such an unhealthy dynamic for her, and I am so happy the writers have allowed her to stand on her own two feet and choose to prioritize a different True Love: the love she has for her son and the love he already has for her. Like a sapling, True Love can grow, but it can also die if it’s not given the proper care. And Rumplestiltskin has stopped giving his relationship with Belle proper care for a long time, which has all but killed the love they once shared. Not even Robert Carlyle’s heartbreaking portrayal of Rumplestiltskin’s fear made me feel any real sympathy for him at this point. All I want is for Belle to continue to show the strength impending motherhood has given her and for her to continue to work alongside the heroes, finding a new sense of support among people who truly want what’s best for her and her child.

I’m sure my lack of any real sympathy for Rumplestiltskin at this point comes from the fact that we keep seeing him make out with the Evil Queen. He can tell Belle all he wants that it means nothing, but how am I supposed to root for their reunion when he’s all over the Evil Queen? I have nothing to say or analyze about that particular storyline except two things:
1.) If we were always supposed to see the chemistry Regina was talking about, everyone involved missed the boat on that.
2.) Emma and Killian’s reactions perfectly mirrored my own.

Thankfully, “Heartless” gave us enough beautifully romantic moments that I didn’t have to dwell on that forced relationship. I’ll just continue to replay the scenes between Snow and Charming and Emma and Killian while trying to forget this Evil Queen/Rumplestiltskin thing is happening.

Extra Thoughts
• Can Wilby please show up again? I knew I was going to love this episode when we first saw his adorable little face and perky ears.
• Is it just me, or is Josh Dallas looking extra handsome this season? (I think I say this every season, but it is true every season.)
• I’m glad the show actually addressed what would happen to Neal if Snow and Charming were killed. Sometimes it feels like they forget about the Little Snowflake (as I like to call him).
• I automatically cry every time Emma calls her parents “Mom” and “Dad” in the heartbreaking way she did in this episode right before they sacrificed themselves.
• Can Zelena please team up with the heroes now? I’m sick of her being stuck looking gorgeous on the sidelines with nothing to do but turn green. Now that Rumplestiltskin clearly wants to hurt her, I hope this means she gets more to do.


21 thoughts on “TV Time: Once Upon a Time 6.07

  1. The scene between Killian and Emma reminded me of the scenes with Emma in 3×02 when she was trying to unlock the map Pan gave her (when he told her she had to stop denying who she really is). I went back and watched those scenes again before re-watching this episode’s scene and I actually got pretty choked up by the beautiful character development.

    In the past, Emma could barely say the words “product of true love” and “savior” (as Hook rolled his eyes in the background) and admitted she still felt orphaned and alone. Now the complete opposite is happening – she is surrounded by a family she loves and able to find comfort in Killian reminding her of the very words they both scoffed at in the past.

    A++ character development from all concerned.

    • “And just who are you, Swan?”
      “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
      “Perhaps I would.”

      Great call to reference the map scenes in 3X02, you inspired me to go back and watch some of that episode again. Wonderful development, and one of the best OTPs on TV in recent years.

  2. I finally have a moment to comment on one of your reviews and I’m so glad this is the episode where I get to do so. Katie, this was remarkable, magical, and just as perfect as Killian’s story time.

    Snow and Charming are such a perfect couple. And they’re essentially the ones who are hardest to write about because I feel like there’s a different bar that’s set for them — a bar which you’ve reached effortlessly in the gorgeous way you always do. This was truly a beautiful piece, babe. And without a doubt one of my favorites you’ve written (ever).

    With that said, I definitely want to see Emma being the one to bring the curse. I didn’t think of that and holy wow it would be beautiful to see how her strength, being the product of True Love would turn around to help them in this situation. This is a thing I did not know I needed that I now need desperately.

  3. Lovely job on this, Katie. We’ll assume the Snowing episode was a present for NGN does WDW. 🙂

    (Small aside for Katie regarding NGN does WDW — as always, y’all must do something on my behalf — eat an extra desert, sing out loud with the songs. buy that mug/shirt/bag/necklace/whatever. When you’re debating that crazy, unnecessary, but-I-really-want-to-thing . . . say to yourself, “I’m doing this for Tempest.” )

    You’ve done a great job of exploring the theme of hope and belief. I just wanted to comment a little on how that’s represented. I love that we see Snow be consistently hopeful and that she is willing to fight for that hope. I also adore that she is sensible about it. She’s not ignoring reality. She knows something could go wrong . . . but she chooses to focus on and fight for hope. Her delivery of “Of course, I’ll keep fighting” was wonderful. She may have concerns and worries, but that won’t stop her fighting. Too often hopeful characters are portrayed as naive and utterly lacking a connection to reality. Not Snow. And yes, I love that she has a partner-in-hope: Charming. As for Charming being more Charming . . . hmmm. I don’t know. I’ll go back and watch again (and again) to see. 🙂 This type of thing takes A LOT of research.

    I really thought the EQ was going to go after Charming immediately, so I was surprised when Snow collapsed. The Ladyhawke sleeping curse? Ok, that hurts. That actually is a painful revenge — to have him there, but not there. (Yes, I am going to refer to this as the Ladyhawke curse.) Emma does seem the obvious choice to break this which makes me wonder if there will be some reason she can’t. Also, isn’t Snow supposed to be immune to the sleeping curse now? Or did that just apply to the town-wide one Maleficent cast? Someone check the rule book on this.

    Love confident Belle. When she told Rumple, “I forbid it,” a large part of me thought she could stop the Dark One through sheer force of will. Rumple seemed pretty shocked, too. The coward speech — this is the Belle we know and love.

    The Emma-Killian scene? Good grief, that was awesome. It’s good to see Killian out of angsty-mode and being supportive as only he can. “Shush . . .it’s story time.”

    Random thoughts:

    I knew the reactions to Regina’s “chemistry” comment would draw cheers from everyone here. (I know I cheered.) And yes, I’m also wondering where this “chemistry” is or has been . . .

    Now that Emma’s secret is out and she’s getting a handle on the shakes, can we get feisty Emma back?

    More Wilby, please.

    Yes, I am constantly awed by what this show can do with hand-holding.

    • A+ Ladyhawke reference! +1 on all of the above.

      I am going to go head and make it my head canon that this version of the sleeping curse is different enough that the previously established rule of “once under a sleeping curse, can’t be under one again” doesn’t apply.

      Unfortunately, we can’t all suddenly conjure up any prior romantic chemistry between Regina and Rumple. It just wasn’t there.

  4. Great review again, Katie! I love that this show is not afraid to do sincere, optimistic romance, and that they manage to do it in a way that is not totally corny, but thoughtful and grounded, and always perfectly acted by the cast. This episode is certainly one of the best examples of how well they strike this balance.

    Also, for anyone else who loved Jane Espenson-penned episodes of Buffy, Killian was totally giving me Anya vibes this episode by lightening the ominous mood with funny lines.
    “Rum would never do that.”
    “You kiss me with that mouth!”
    I remember Jane as always writing similar, great one liners for Anya even in heavy episodes of Buffy. I am so glad we have Jane-scripted episodes of Once on a regular basis.

  5. Another beautiful episode. Loved it. The Snow/Charming story was really well done. I have nothing major to add to your lovely review this week.

    Random thoughts:
    – Colin O’Donoghue is just an amazing actor. And his chemistry with Jen is just incredible. Their scene was so incredible – up there with their best. So Much Feelz. They are actually the reason that I have taken up acting.

    – I’m not sure that it will be Emma to break the heart sleeping curse… it seems too obvious. Reminds me of the Emma/Killian splitting the heart thing in the underworld… too obvious and too easy and therefore bound to go wrong (hopefully a good twist in this).

    – What a GORGEOUS dog. Wilby’s my new favorite character 🙂

    – I’m glad there seems to be something for the hero’s to chase now and fix. As much as I have loved this season and the different story for each episode, I have missed the big adventure/saving the world from a particular villain or two. The EQ until this episode has been very nonthreatening and more camp than evil and Rumple has been more gross and pathetic than evil and destructive. The savior dying story line is moving way too slowly and what is happening with Aladdin and Jafar? It’s good to have something we can get our teeth into.

    – An interesting new arc for Zelena. Looking forward to that one playing out.

    – Loved the start of this episode. Some great (and unsettling) filmography.

  6. I thought this episode was the highlight of the season, so far! The story didn’t feel rushed or packed with too much action, and the double sleeping curse was a clever twist. I enjoyed seeing another Snow/Charming story and love how those two inspired and helped each other from the beginning. I thought the Killian/Emma scene was lovely. It reminded me of the way he helped Dark One Emma temporarily rid herself of the disturbing Imp Rumple visions she was having in Camelot. I’m glad Emma is willing to start sharing some of the heavy burden she’s been carrying. I have long wanted those two to be more of a team, and hope that will continue! This episode had all the magic I loved to see in a fairytale.

    Lovely review, Katie!

  7. Lovely review for a lovely episode! I love your pick for favorite quote of the episode. It really ties in nicely both Snow and Charming and Emma and Killian’s story parts in this episode.

    I am a total sucker for “almost meetings” and “unknown first meetings”, so I loved the added backstory we got for Snow and Charming here. The whole “sapling” (or baby tree thingy as Killian likes to call it) thing seemed completely random and confusing, but if it got us this story I am going to forgive it. There have been a more than a few backstories for these two that seem tacked on and out of place (I am looking at you season 4B) but this one wove in beautifully to what we already know of their story, and after 6 seasons of story, that is no easy feat. You mentioned the carriage robbing tie in, but I also loved that Snow’s first plan was to book passage on a ship, something she goes back to in the fabulous 3B finale.

    I LOVED the twist. Its brutal, but perfect. As many have mentioned, it finally gave the EQ some teeth this season, whereas up to this point she has felt pretty tame. I guess the EQ finally learned that as long as the charming family remains a unit, they are not going to fall for her mind games. But this is a way to cause real damage. Its just a really genius plot point at a time when I was starting to feel like this show had run out of new ideas. And as much as I love snowing, I was sitting on my couch incredibly relieved the pain wasnt being directed at Emma and Killian this time.

    Speaking of those two, the scene in the vault was so unexpected and lovely. I love how these two still can make me swoon just as much as Snow and Charming can. This is the Killian I love. The one that isn’t bogged down by guilt and angst and is allowed to be quippy and happy and supportive. Killian got some of his sass back in this episode, and it was great to see (“and you kiss me with that mouth?!”, “rum would never do that”).

    I said last week I was hoping we would at least get some classic facial reactions to the whole EQ/Gold mess, and the fact that we got amazing reactions from EVERYONE was pretty much the best case scenario here. And while I have no idea where that chemistry Regina spoke of is suppose to be, I am glad they at least made Regina admit that it was there prior to the spilt, because it really wouldnt have made sense otherwise. I mean, it still doesnt make sense execution wise, but at least it makes sense on paper.

    Did anyone else watching this get confused as to why the magic of this “true love sapling” is supposedly any more powerful than Emma herself? I found myself yelling at the TV “but Emma is a true love sappling!!” during this entire episode. I mean, Killian even said as much in his beautiful speech. Emma has to be able to solve this right?

    Also, I didn’t put this together until I read your review, but its kinda interesting that a bounty hunter was the one to first bring Snow and Charming together, and a bounty hunter brought them back together after the curse.

    Other thoughts:

    -Go Belle! She is killing it this season. Yes Rumple, you are still an amazingly dense coward who has obviously learned absolutely nothing from what happened with Neal. You would think with baby Neal around it would be hard to forget not only about your mistakes but also that your son died because he believed you were worthy of being resurrected. Apparently not. You are the worst. Thank goodness that baby has Belle on its side (and godfather Killian too).

    -Why hadn’t the sapling grown at all since that first meeting? It would have been awhile since it first sprouted. It should have at least been a juvenile tree by the time the curse hit. Again, the sampling thing makes no sense to me.

    -What is more hideous, Blue’s fairy outfit, or the EQ and Rumple making out? I honestly cant decide. Blue walking through the forest in that outfit…why? How is that thing aerodynamic anyway?

    • Great points here. I have to admit I was concerned about this flashback . . . I really wasn’t sure it was going to work. Sooo glad to be wrong about that.

      The sapling does have a mcguffin feel to it. it should have grown, and really — should it have been THAT easy to destroy? Why haven’t we heard of this tree before? Mcguffin. I didn’t think of Emma as the sapling until you pointed it out. So yes, Emma=baby tree thingy. Love it.

      You know I’m with you on the return of the quippy, supportive Killian. I also love the recurring use of the book to help Emma.

      Blue’s outfit or EQ/Rumple make-out session? I don’t think you can choose. Equally painful. Pass me my Doctoberfest mug with the rum. I can’t look.

      • blue pringle, lol. That is exactly what it looks like! I just dont know how on a show that has such amazing costumes, someone came up with THAT. And they keep using it over and over. The poor actress who plays blue. She gets to be on a fairytale show and she has to wear THAT, and a nuns habit. She must have serious costume envy.

        • I’m sure someone on Tumblr came up with that description – it’s like a pringle crossed with a jellyfish. Truly the worst costuming choice they’ve ever made. I have a tag for #eduardo castro is a fucking genius ! but he sure did miss the mark on this one. I have no idea what they were thinking.

  8. Great review! Once really was firing on all cylinders Sunday night. Belief is a theme that is always handled so well by the writers, and I was so moved by the conversation between Snow and Charming when she told him “Knowing you believe in me means I’m not alone”. Seeing that beautiful line reflected not only in Snow and Charming’s story, but Emma and Killian’s as well, made for a great hour of television.

  9. I really didn’t know how the Snowing flashback was going to fit into things – I was quite confused for a while not knowing how this fit into the timeline. But it worked really well in the end. I’m glad they continue to get Snow and Charming right. (Even if I had a moment of resentment at seeing them in bed together again but still not seeing CS in their house in any kind of way that suggests they’re more than roommates. I mean, we all know that CS are sleeping together but I was looking forward to a “tacos” scene of some description at some point. Come on! If Disney icon Snow White can be implied to be having sex surely the Savior and Captain Hook can. Surely we’re going to get something better than an interrupted couch scene. end rant. sorry.)
    And yay for Killian and Emma finally having a good talk. They so needed that. I have been waiting patiently for supportive partner Killian to help Emma with her current problems and so I was happy to see it work out so beautifully.
    And everyone’s reactions to the EQ/Rumple “chemistry” almost made up for having to watch it. I thought of all you guys when they showed each person digest that information and get a “blergh” look on their face. I’m so glad that the show is in tune with how people feel about that and gave us the satisfaction of seeing the character react as they should to that news. And I was quite proud of Regina for owning up to it.
    Yes, get Zelena away from that farmhouse and doing something interesting.
    And also agreed on Wilby and Belle standing up for herself and Charming (who always looks rather Charming to me, except when he has long hair). I chuckled at Prince Farming, but not as much as the stuff Cruella came up with. I’m bored with the EQ.

  10. Random comment here… I was just watching a rerun of season 2 (episode 18 – selfless, brave and true) which The Dragon first appears and I had a thought/breakthrough… The Dragon dude will be Lily’s father. I’m just saying.

    Also adding my agreement to spot on Ewww reactions from the hero’s. And yes please to a bed scene with Killian and Emma. I mean if they can do it with Snow White and Prince Charming and Regina and Robin Hood then I think Captain Hook and the Swan can have some PG+ frolick!

    I’m going to go against the general hideousness comments of Blues fairy costume…. when she’s fairy size, I think it’s quite good- very fairy like. But full size… i’m in complete agreement. Such a bad look when she’s full size.


  11. Beautiful review, Katie. I think that this was definitely the best episode this season so far and that’s because of the Queen Jane Espenson. Seriously, if it was only her writing — I would be fine. Her episodes are always flawless.

    I love that this episode was all about true love (I need to catch up on writing my true love meta). And belief in each other. Snowing is the standard for true love and it’s really beautiful and look into their history again and see a chapter in their lives that showed us that true love existed before they even saw each other’s faces.

    As clever as the Evil Queen was this episode, she’s still missing the bigger picture. Snowing don’t just have each other, they have their family too. They have Emma, Neal, Henry and Regina. I mean, seriously, familial and romantic true love can coexist on Once. I find it very hard to believe that this curse will last longer then one episode. I would be shocked if it continues through the winter finale even!

    I think Emma will be the one to break her parent”a curse. She’s the product of their true love! It’s a beautiful setup with Killian’s speech and the introduction of the sapling – the most literal metaphor that in order for true love to become what it is, it needs to grow first.

    Which is something Rumple never truly allowed to happen with Belle. I know he loves Belle but he’s never really given the time to help the relationship grow and work through stuff as a couple. This is where the relationship failed and I am so happy Belle is seeing though his emotional manipulations finally, instead of coddling him when he turns on the water works. You need to put genuine effort and care into a relationship to make it effort. If Rumple doesn’t get that now, he doesn’t deserve Belle.

    This was a very good episode (despite the the nasty thing going on between Rumple and the Evil Queen).

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