The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (9/20 – 9/27)

This was the week Fall TV really kicked into high gear, and it was as fun and exciting as I’d hoped it would be. I already covered Sunday’s Emmys in last week’s Best Thing on TV post, but I’ll say that I’m still re-watching Viola Davis’s speech a week later. On Monday, Dancing with the Stars showcased the hometowns of its celebrities, and that was followed by a bold season premiere of Castle. Tuesday gave us a charming series premiere of The Muppets, a hilarious return for Fresh Off the Boat, and another strong episode of Dancing with the Stars—this time focusing on the stories behind its professional dancers. Tuesday also featured an episode of The Mindy Project that introduced an adorable new character and made me fall in love with Danny all over again. On Wednesday, Black-ish tackled a controversial topic in a great way, and Nashville balanced hope (Rayna and Deacon’s continuing love story) and heartbreak (all things Juliette) in its season premiere.

There were so many great moments on the scripted shows I watched this week—from Danny helping Mindy through her contractions to the introduction of the “three men and a baby” story on Nashville. However, my favorite moment of the week came from the world of reality television, and that was Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess’s foxtrot on Dancing with the Stars.

I love nothing more on television than good partnerships, and that’s what this dance was all about. During what was clearly an emotional dance for Sharna (She was dancing for her father and grandmother, who can’t ever travel to see her dance because of health concerns.), Nick was there for her every step of the way. From Nick’s little nod at the beginning to the solid, strong way he partnered Sharna throughout the routine, it was clear he was dancing this for her, and it elevated his dancing to new heights. It’s not often that a dance on this show genuinely moves me this early into the competition, but that’s exactly what this one did.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

10 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (9/20 – 9/27)

  1. You know this moment is definitely way up there for me for the best thing of the week. The dance was gorgeously choreographed and performed and their partnership was on full display. I was so proud of Nick, not just for his dancing but for the way he was able to provide such solid emotional support to Sharna.

    I was about to say that in general, my comedies were the other best thing about my week because Fresh Off the Boat, Black-ish, and You’re the Worst were all fantastic this week then I remembered Heroes.

    It is so good to have this show back. There were things I didn’t necessarily like but the feeling that it gave me was right and that’s all that matters. The monologue at the end of the first episode was perfect (and unpopular with everyone who is not me or Nikki) and reminded me off all the reasons I liked this show in the first place. And I’m glad they established that my favorite character isn’t the terrorist they were claiming because that would be a surefire way to make me mad. They did weird enough things with his characterization the first time around lol.

    Finally, because nostalgia was the theme of the week, Jimmy Fallon’s Good Burger reunion made me smile more than anything else this week. I loved Kenan and Kel and I loved the Good Burger movie so it was a perfect callback to that.

    • The Good Burger reunion was ALMOST my pick for this post! It made me so happy. I loved that movie growing up (and still love it/quote it all the time now).

      I’m so happy you were happy with Heroes Reborn. Your connection to Heroes is such a special part of who you are, and I’m thrilled that the premiere of this show was something you enjoyed so much.

  2. My favorite NGN segment has returned!!! This is my happiness. Football and everyone’s take on the week passed in TV.

    There was a lot of good to pick from this week. I agree with Heather that the returning comedies had a particularly good week, especially Black-ish. I was intrigued by Heroes and appreciated how Castle returned with a series of risks which is all you can ask of an aging show. Grey’s Anatomy while the least talked about of the Thursday ABC shows had a particularly strong set up for the new season.

    But for me, I am going with Fear the Walking Dead this week. The show has gotten a lot of flack for it’s lack of relation to it’s predecessor. But I have appreciated how well it has navigated the pre apocalypse denial its characters are in. Last week’s episode was easily the least gory episode of television you will find in a show about zombies and I would argue it was its most terrifying. It had the suspense of a great classic horror film that is less about the actual scare as it is about the build up. The tension was palpable and the episode’s pacing caused you as a viewer to sit in and merely wait for the other shoe to drop. When it did is was devastating. The thing that makes The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead interesting is the questions it poses about humanity when pushed to extreme circumstances. This past week’s episode harkened back to a throwaway moment in the show’s premiere that proved to be the foreshadowing of sometimes the enemy you see is not the one to most be feared. It was a great episode of storytelling and set up a consequence episode for this week that I literally have no clue what will happen.

    A show that can keep me guessing and hold my interest is one worth a mention in a week that saw the new season launch in earnest.

    • And I forgot my honorable mention: Girl Meets World – which managed to build an episode about bullying around the duel of Hamilton and Burr. And given my current monolithic obsession with all things Hamilton. That was a little gem in the day.

    • I always love reading your comments to these posts! This is my happiness, too, except mine is always late-night Bravo watching after OUAT and replying to everyone’s favorite TV moments. 😉

      I’m so interested in your take on Fear the Walking Dead because I have a coworker who absolutely loves it, too. The way she described it made it sound so chilling and unsettling and great. I’m glad to hear you like it too.

  3. That dance was lovely to watch, Katie, thanks for sharing!

    I had a lot of fun this past week with all the television back on my TV screen! My top three shows last week were Scorpion, How To Get Away With Murder, and Quantico.

    Scorpion was the premiere that I had the most fun with, and it had the perfect mix of humor, plot, and romantic tension that easily made it one of my favorite episodes of the show. It also handled the potential romance between the main leads in a way that gave fans a little payoff but left the tension in place moving forward, and I was really happy with that.

    How To Get Away With Murder was back to its crazy whirlwind self, continuing to give me a thousand questions with the new flash-forward it introduced for this season. It also had its usual sassiness, sex scenes, and complicated characters that we grew to love in the first season. This show continues to be one of my favorites because of its diversity and how smart it is – you really have to be paying attention and sometimes it will surprise you.

    Quantico had such a strong pilot that it is my favorite of the new shows this year. It was so much fun, and I think it did a good job setting us up for the rest of the season. I love the main lead, and all the characters have a lot of personality which should make for some interesting dynamics. The show also utilizes flashbacks to give the audience two timelines, which I love when done well, and I am really looking forward to playing whodunit throughout the season.

    • I’m so glad you loved those two returning shows, and that you enjoyed Quantico! I’m hopefully going to be checking out that pilot in the next couple of days, and I can’t wait to finally talk about it with you and Heather. 🙂

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