What Are You Watching? Fall 2015 Edition

It’s that time of year again—time for pumpkin-spice everything, sweaters, and football. Fall is almost here, and with it comes an exciting new season of television shows for us to watch, talk about, and obsess over.

The start of the new TV season often feels like the start of a new year, filled with excitement, hope, and a sense that anything’s possible. This might be the year your favorite “Will they, or won’t they?” couple finally gets together, the year a show you liked goes through a transformation to become a show you love, or the year you discover a new show that becomes an immediate favorite. There will be new twists to scream about, new characters to love (or love to hate), and new episodes to add to the list of ones we watch whenever we need to smile (or sob). And I can’t wait to watch it all unfold—and to discuss all of it with all of you!

Without further ado, here are the shows I’ll be watching this year, along with their season or series premiere dates. This doesn’t include reality TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, which starts this coming Monday. New pilots I’ll be checking out will be highlighted in pink. And don’t forget to tell us what you’ll be watching this season in the comments!

Supergirl (8 p.m. on CBS)
I’m a sucker for a good superhero story—especially a fun, positive story in a genre that can sometimes lean toward darkness (see my new love for The Flash). I’m also a sucker for female-driven television. Supergirl seems poised to combine both of those things into one great package. I enjoyed Melissa Benoist’s relatable screen presence back when I used to watch Glee, and she seems like a great fit for the title role on this show. It’s a rare thing for a woman to star in a project like this, so I’m happy to lend my support and my viewership to a genre the world needs more of: female-centered superhero stories. — Series Premiere 10/26 (at 8:30 p.m.)

Jane the Virgin (9 p.m. on The CW)
I’m working on getting caught up on this show before the new season starts, and with every episode I love it more and more. The familial relationships are so beautiful, and they ground the show through its crazy (but fun!) twists and turns. Gina Rodriguez is an absolute delight and a great actress beyond just a charming and funny one. (I’m still cursing the Emmy voters about her omission from the Best Actress category.) Jane was a character I instantly related to, which is no easy task given the crazy situation she finds herself in. I’m excited to continue to fall more in love with these characters when the next season begins. — Season Premiere 10/12

Castle (10 p.m. on ABC)
I’m approaching this season of Castle with cautious optimism. While I did think last season’s finale would have made the ideal ending for the series, I can’t say I’m not happy that one of my favorite shows on television is back for another season. With a new (but familiar) team at the helm and some new cast members joining the show, things probably won’t feel the same around the 12th precinct anymore (especially now that Beckett has become Captain Beckett). But that might be exactly the kind of new life this show needs as it goes into its eighth season. No matter what, I know this cast and their collective chemistry will make me care about everything that happens to these characters, and I’m interested to see what new stories are waiting for them this season. — Season Premiere 9/21

The Muppets (8 p.m. on ABC)
I love the Muppets. They’ve been a part of my life since my childhood; I don’t remember my life without Kermit and Miss Piggy and Gonzo. So when I heard ABC was bringing the whole Muppet gang back to television, this pilot immediately jumped to the top of my list of most anticipated series premieres. The trailer for this show was as funny as I’d hoped it would be, and I’m crossing my fingers that the whole pilot is as charming as that trailer. My world is a happier place when the Muppets are in it, so I’m excited to have an instant dose of joy every Tuesday night. — Series Premiere 9/22

The Flash (8 p.m. on The CW)
After binge-watching the first season of this show over the summer, the wait until October feels like cruel and unusual punishment for this new Flash fan. With a whole slate of new characters set to be introduced, I’m excited to see this show’s universe expand and grow, because if its first season taught us anything, it’s that this show isn’t afraid to swing for the fences. But more than anything, I’m excited to return to the characters and relationships I grew to love so much this summer. I’m ready for more of Cisco’s nicknames and pop culture references. I’m ready for Iris to become a bigger part of the team. And I’m always ready to cry more tears over Joe and Barry’s beautiful father/son bond. — Season Premiere 10/6

Black-ish (9:30 p.m. on ABC)
I don’t have many half-hour comedies on my viewing schedule this year, so Black-ish occupies a special niche in my weekly watching. This show never fails to make me laugh. The entire cast is great, but the ones who keep me coming back each week are Tracee Ellis Ross and the show’s quartet of young actors. Ross’s Rainbow is such a great representation of a successful working mom, and her comedic chemistry with Anthony Anderson is perfect. And the actors who play the Johnson kids are the best group of child actors on TV right now. They’re charming, genuinely funny, and reason enough to give this show a shot even if you’ve never watched it before. — Season Premiere 9/23

Nashville (10 p.m. on ABC)
I love a good primetime soap opera, and Nashville delivers on that front—with rocky romances, political scandals, and life-or-death cliffhangers. However, Nashville is actually so much more than just a nighttime soap. It’s one of the most feminist shows on television, showcasing genuinely supportive relationships between a wide variety of female characters. It’s tackling the topic of LGBT representation in country music with surprising sincerity. It features some of the most underrated actors on network TV—from Charles Esten and Jonathan Jackson to Hayden Panettiere and Lennon Stella. And it’s another excellent showcase for the talents of Connie Britton. Throw in some truly catchy country music, and you’ve got a show I’ve grown to count among my favorites, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. — Season Premiere 9/27

Once Upon a Time (8 p.m. on ABC)
Out of all my returning favorites, this is the season premiere I’m most looking forward to. As an Emma Swan fan, I’m beyond excited for a season focused on revealing new things about her and taking a closer look at all the important relationships in her life. I can’t wait to see what Jennifer Morrison does with this new twist in Emma’s story, and I’m eager to see Emma and those who care about her prove that you don’t give up on the people you love, which also means you don’t give up on yourself. Trips to Camelot and the introduction of Merida should be fun, but this show is Emma’s fairytale, and I’m ready to watch this new chapter in it unfold. — Season Premiere 9/27

Flesh and Bone (8 p.m. on Starz)
I’ve been a dancer for 23 years, so I’m always drawn to stories about the world of dance. So imagine my excitement when I discovered that a drama about a ballet company was making so many critics’ “must watch” lists for this TV season! I like that this show seems committed to showing the dichotomy between the beauty of ballet and the blood, sweat, and tears that make that beauty possible. The dancing looks gorgeous, the storyline looks compelling, and I’m always ready to support things that put dance in the spotlight. — Series Premiere 11/8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8:30 p.m. on FOX)
Now that Parks and Recreation is gone, the Nine-Nine is now my go-to TV happy place. It avoided the dreaded sophomore slump, and its third season promises to be filled with new characters to make us laugh (Bill Hader’s new captain), new romances to make us swoon (What’s going to happen after Jake and Amy’s perfect kiss that ended the season?), and new fun to be had by everyone in the precinct and all of us watching. I can’t wait to spend my Sunday nights with my favorite comedy ensemble on television. — Season Premiere 9/27

The Good Wife (9 p.m. on CBS)
While I didn’t love last season’s back half, I do love that The Good Wife is one show that I can always count on to surprise me in new and ambitious ways. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Alicia angling to start her own firm, but whatever happens, I hope it doesn’t take too much time away from Diane and Cary, because they had my favorite storylines last season. No matter what happens plot-wise on this show, I know I’m signing up for another year of great guest stars, smart dialogue, and some of the best acting on television. With a cast as talented as this one, I’m always willing to go along for the ride. — Season Premiere 10/4

Quantico (10 p.m. on ABC)
The trailer for this new show reminded me of the early days of Grey’s Anatomy with a killer twist at the end, so I’ll be tuning in to see if it lives up to the hype. There’s a lot of buzz around Priyanka Chopra, and I’m eager to see her in action beyond just the trailer and the plethora of commercials I’ve seen for this show throughout the summer. The general consensus seems to be that this show—or at least the pilot—is sexy, thrilling, soapy entertainment. And I could use a show like that now that I’ve decided to take a break from ABC’s TGIT lineup. — Series Premiere 9/27

The Mindy Project (Hulu)
There were parts of the previous season of The Mindy Project that I adored, and there were also parts that frustrated me. But I’m certainly glad Hulu decided to give this show a chance after FOX passed on a fourth season. There are big moments to come for this show, with Danny meeting Mindy’s parents and a baby soon to be born. I’m especially interested to see how the show will look with Mindy as a new, working mom. I think it could do great things for the show and the character, and, let’s face it; we all want to see Danny Castellano as a hot dad. — Season Premiere 9/15

Master of None (Netflix)
Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite men in comedy right now. I loved him on Parks and Recreation. I love his standup. And I appreciated the ambition and humor found throughout his book, Modern Romance. So I’m looking forward to his semi-autobiographical show and all the laughs and insight that will come along with it. Plus, it’s always nice to have at least one Netflix show when waiting every week for my other shows starts testing my patience. — Series Premiere 11/6

12 thoughts on “What Are You Watching? Fall 2015 Edition

  1. I always love having these posts where we all get to share what we’re watching this year, and I’m really excited for the new season of television to start! Thanks for sharing your schedule with all of us. Your Sundays are really busy, which is kind of what my Mondays or Tuesdays are going to look like if I keep all my shows, the DVR is definitely going to get some work on those days :p

    Like you, I’m going to try new shows Supergirl, The Muppets, and Quantico. I’m also probably going to check out Minority Report, Blindspot, and Limitless (I’m a sucker for a good procedural ;)). I doubt I’ll end up keeping all six of these but hopefully I’ll gain at least couple new shows out of it. You’ll have to let me know how Flesh and Bone is, I think a show about dancers would be really interesting.

    I’m almost caught up with The Flash, so I’ll be watching that once it comes back in October and I’m really excited for it! It was a pleasant surprise discovering how much fun it is to watch. I also hope I can be up-to-date with iZombie once it comes back. I’m not going to be caught up in time to watch Jane the Virgin and Brooklyn Nine-Nine live, but I’m slowly going through them and finding them delightful. B99 especially just lifts my mood every time I watch it, so I’m excited to see more.

    My returning shows are Castle, NCIS & NCIS:LA (along with occasionally NCIS:NO), Scorpion, How To Get Away With Murder, and Elementary (which isn’t back until November). I’m slightly wary of the changes coming on Castle but I’ll put my faith in the show – they’ve earned it by being one of my favorites over the years. I also think Elementary will be really interesting to watch considering where they left things last season, and I always love Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson.

    • I always love seeing what your schedule looks like, too!

      You’ll have to tell me all about Limitless, because I’m on the fence about that one. So if you like it, maybe I’ll give it a shot. And I’ll give you the scoop on Flesh and Bone, because after watching a bunch of promotional videos for it yesterday, it’s become one of the pilots I’m most looking forward to seeing.

      I’m also so happy to hear you’re enjoying B99 so much. It’s such a happy, fun show, and it’s one that I will recommend to everyone. I can’t wait for you to get all caught up!

  2. I love these posts so much. Even if my responses are always ridiculously long compared to everyone else.

    Returning Shows: Jane the Virgin and Castle
    New Shows: Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Blindspot

    Returning Shows: Fresh Off the Boat, The Flash, iZombie, and Chicago Fire
    New Shows: The Muppets, Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Chicago Med

    Returning Shows: Black-ish, Nashville, and Empire

    Returning Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Elementary, Bones, Sleepy Hollow and probably Grey’s at some point in the year
    New Shows: Life in Pieces, Angel from Hell, and Heroes Reborn (which only half counts as new I guess)

    Returning Shows: Once Upon a TIme, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob’s Burgers, and The Good Wife
    New Shows: Quantico, Flesh and Bone, Into the Badlands

    Streaming Shows:
    Returning Shows: The Mindy Project, Transparent
    New Shows: Master of None, The Man in the High Castle, Casual, Jessica Jones

    I’m sure I’m not going to love all of the new shows and realistically, I feel like at least one will be canceled earlier than I would like. As much as I like the flexibility that Netflix and Amazon provide by giving us a whole season at once, I also suspect that will make me not get to anything on those platforms but Master of None and Transparent when they actually come out.

    I will hopefully be writing reviews for all the new network shows I try (and any others that they want to put online early) so if there is anything else you NEED to see, I’ll be sure to let you know 😉

    • I always admire your ambition at this time of year. 😉

      I’m looking forward to your pilot reviews perhaps more than ever before because there are a lot of shows I’m on the fence about. I’m still thinking of giving Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a shot, but I’ll wait to see what you think first. I’m also very interested in your take on The Grinder because I didn’t know anything about it until two nights ago. Then, I saw a really great commercial and I’m suddenly thinking of adding it to my list.

  3. From the look of it, the only show, new or returning I will be watching that you dont have on your list is iZombie. Its my “treadmill show”, just something fun to watch while I work out that the bf doesnt care I watch without him. but I was really impressed by it last year. I really love that there are two really great platonic male/female relationships on the the show between Liv and Ravi and Liv and Clive. Like ‘The Flash’, what makes this show is the ensemble cast, and I also love getting to see Rose McIver every week. She is more than capable of carrying her own show.

  4. (rubbing my hands together with glee) TV is almost back!! So exciting!

    And I’m beyond thrilled that you’re enjoying Jane the Virgin, Katie! Isn’t she just wonderful? Isn’t the whole show just delightful? I knew you would love all the women and their relationships. It’s such a wild and crazy show with so much heart. I didn’t realize Gina got snubbed by the Emmy’s – stupid people. (although I guess B99 actors got a couple of noms, so maybe they don’t have their heads completely up their asses). BTW if you get a chance, they’ve spoken with the woman who plays Abuela about how she didn’t want to be a stereotype and the little things she does to make sure she isn’t falling into one. And I read a good interview with the Narrator too. OMG just wait until you get to the end of season 1! Cr-AzY!

    I’m excited for Nashville, Once, Jane, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Mindy. We watch the full 2 hours of ABC comedies before Nashville, so assuming they’re all back this fall, we’ll be happy to see The Middle and The Goldbergs back again. Sue Heck is going to college this year, so The Middle should be a blast. (That’s the show I think is under-appreciated. It’s a sweet middle-America comedy, but in a nice way. Not so cliched as many half hour comedies, and not mean like most of them either.) I haven’t checked that they’re all back this year because I don’t love them like that.

    I might watch Transparent. I’ve been meaning to try iZombie (but worried it might spark my zombie issues). Not sure if we’ll watch any of the new shows coming out like Blind Spot or The Grinder (but I’m going to avoid Grandfathered like the plague). Some of the TV time gets determined by hubby’s preferences (I have to watch Jane later because of his stupid car show). But we both enjoy NCIS, although it might be on the downhill like Bones – still good shows, but eventually we find we just don’t care so much. Hopefully they can make us care again.

    Oh man, I forgot HTGAWM! When is that back? I’ll have to check. Hubby and I both enjoyed that.
    I have no idea when we’re going to have time to finish Sons of Anarchy. I better get on hubby’s case to watch faster! So much TV, so little time. We didn’t even get close to starting Breaking Bad or House of Cards or Scandal.

    • So much TV, so little time, indeed! 😉

      I think HTGAWM comes back a week from Thursday if I’ve been paying attention to the promos closely enough. 😉 I never did catch up with that one, but I always love reading your reactions to it!

      I also really enjoy The Middle whenever I watch it. It has a good heart, and I adore Sue. So I might want to tune in for some of these “Sue goes to college” episodes!

      And I’m so glad you and everyone else around here convinced me to watch Jane the Virgin. It’s got so much heart, and I just love Jane so much. I can’t wait to keep watching. 🙂

  5. I’m optimistic about Supergirl. I love DC. The teasers trailers make it look really awesome. I hope that the show does well enough that maybe someone somewhere will think about bringing Wonder Woman back to TV.

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