The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/23 – 3/30)

For as emotionally draining as this week in television was, there’s no denying that it was also one of the most compelling in recent memory. Sunday night began with an episode of Once Upon a Time that introduced us to Rapunzel and forced Charming to confront his fears about fatherhood and his guilt over putting Emma in the wardrobe. In the next hour, The Good Wife gave audiences a twist so unexpected and devastating that it’s still haunting fans a week later. On Monday, Castle shed more light on the character of Captain Victoria Gates. Tuesday’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale opened new paths for Jake’s career as well as his relationship (professional or “romantic stylez”) with Amy, and New Girl also featured a new path being taken by Nick and Jess (although this path looks far less hopeful than anything on Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Wednesday’s Nashville brought a host of secrets out into the open, and Thursday’s Suits provided opportunities for both Mike and Louis to think about their futures.

Often, my pick for the best thing I saw on TV in any given week is the moment that made the happiest. But sometimes, the best thing you see is the thing that breaks your heart the most. That’s exactly what happened this week. Although the Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale made me the happiest, nothing else I saw on TV this week (and maybe nothing else I have seen this entire TV season) had the impact on me that The Good Wife had.

(Warning: There are MAJOR spoilers for last week’s episode of The Good Wife ahead.)

I watched this episode on Monday, so I had already been spoiled for Will’s death, but the lack of complete shock didn’t mean I still wasn’t emotionally destroyed by the loss of one of my favorite characters and a partner in most of my favorite relationships on that show. Watching Kalinda and Diane discover Will’s dead body in the hospital made me sob as I watched it unfold from my couch. Archie Panjabi and Christine Baranski gave such raw, horrifyingly realistic performances in that moment. There was such a sense of disbelief in that scene, and it mirrored what the audience was going through so brilliantly. I’m ready to have my heart broken by these two incredible actresses (and Julianna Margulies) once again tonight.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

3 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/23 – 3/30)

  1. As someone who watched it live and the gluttonously watched it again 3 days later I couldn’t agree more. The unfolding of the last three scenes were like waves increasing in intensity as high tide rolls in. In addition to everything you said about it and what we are all bracing for tonight I have to add the shout out for Alan Cumming giving Eli devastating remorse as he tells Alicia she has to take the phone call. Cumming is so good all the time his more quiet moments get missed over the bombastic ones. Because as brilliant as his spit take was earlier this season the deep sadness for Alicia in that moment was one of the most powerful moments of the episode.

    • “The unfolding of the last three scenes were like waves increasing in intensity as high tide rolls in.” – This is the perfect way to describe those final scenes. And now I just feel like I’m standing on the shore, waiting for the tide to roll in again tonight.

      And I would like to co-sign on all of your thoughts about Alan Cumming. Of course he’s brilliant in Eli’s more grandiose scenes, but the subtle empathy he conveyed in those final moments was something so profoundly beautiful.

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