March Madness (But Not the Good Kind)


I think Emma Swan speaks for all of us this week.

It’s been a rough week to be a TV fan. I expect emotional devastation from sweeps weeks, but the middle of March is supposed to be a time of filler episodes and lighter fare before the angst of season finales begins. However, there is no denying that this week has been one of the worst in recent memory in terms of depressing television episodes.

(Just as a warning, the rest of this post is going to be heavy on the spoilers—not just for things that have aired but for things that are to come on a variety of shows.)


Here’s a just a quick rundown of all of the heartbreaking things that have happened on my favorite TV shows in the last seven days (in chronological order):

• Anastasia was killed on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.
• James was shot and died a slow, painful death on Scandal, and Jake continued down a dark path that I’m not sure he’ll ever come back from.
• On Once Upon a Time, Charming imagined a life where Emma got the childhood she was supposed to have, Snow looked less like the amazing Snow from Season One than ever before (the real tragedy of this week’s episode), and the promo for next week hints that things aren’t looking too good for Neal.
• Will was killed in shocking and stunning fashion on The Good Wife, and I’m not sure any of us who watched it will ever recover from Kalinda, Diane, and Eli’s reactions.
Castle is going on hiatus until the end of April.
• New Directions ended on Glee.
• Nick and Jess broke up on New Girl.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is over until the fall, eliminating one of my TV “happy places” from my viewing schedule.
• Deacon is going to find out about his girlfriend sleeping with Rayna’s ex-husband tonight on Nashville.

And that’s not even counting the sadness I’ve experienced secondhand from friends who watch TV shows I don’t, such as Teen Wolf.

Needless to say, I think we’re all a little shell-shocked this week, so I want to make this post a place to come and commiserate together, share your sadness, and offer each other your best tips on surviving TV weeks from hell (as a former Alias and Lost fan, I have developed my own tried and true coping mechanisms over the years—usually involving chocolate). Consider this one big group therapy session for all of us overly-invested TV fans.

To start you off, here’s something that always cheers me up:

17 thoughts on “March Madness (But Not the Good Kind)

    • That dance off never ceases to make me feel joy, which I need because I literally cannot handle so many sad things happening all at once—and on shows that I never expected to break my heart like this!

  1. Secondhand sadness, like smoke does harmful damage too! 😉

    Yeah, Will was enough for me for the week which is why I have not gone near a few of my other shows. But you can add The Americans and Blacklist to the list of shows who have taken the Game of Thrones approach to casting. No one is safe!

    I still think those of us who watch The Good Wife are going to need therapy by the end of next Sunday evening because unlike this week, shock won’t be on our side.

    • I can’t even describe the sense of strange anticipation and dread I feel thinking about what’s to come on The Good Wife. Watching the trailers alone has left me a crying mess.

  2. Oh and I am sorry, in all of the carnage… a moment for the reality check that was Mike’s limitations on Suits. Knowing you have to live under the radar and realizing you have to live as the Invisible Man are two very different reality checks. The first we, like Mike understood. Thanks to Jessica’s great final scene last week, we all got to take the gut punch that was the latter.

    Yeah, I am going to need a trip to the liquor store for sure.

    • That final scene with Jessica and Mike on Suits was a subtle but no less devastating blow in a week filled with TV heartbreak.

      “Yeah, I am going to need a trip to the liquor store for sure.” – I have my wine ready for Sunday night!

    • My thoughts exactly, Becca! I thought TV was supposed to be a nice outlet for escapism from the stress of real life, and now my shows are stressing me out more than my real problems!

  3. You know things have gotten bad when Game of Thrones has become my happy place. At least I mostly know when terrible things will happen on that show! All the promo and interviews have me so excited for season 4 and because it hasn’t started airing yet, it hasn’t had the chance to break my heart.

    I still can’t believe that 4 characters died in 1 week on my shows. What a terrible week.

    • I know exactly what you mean about Game of Thrones. At least we have the luxury of knowing when our hearts are going to break. And for those of us who love Jaime/Brienne, we know there’s going to be at least one major moment this season that will make us happy. 😉

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