The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/2 – 3/9)

This week in television started with Monday’s tense Castle episode, which moved the show’s mythology forward and showed immense character growth for Kate Beckett. Tuesday’s New Girl gave us the conclusion of Abby Day’s arc, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine featured a jealous Jake and introduced us to everyone’s favorite addicting app: Kwazy Cupcakes. On Wednesday, Nashville featured a shocking (or not so shocking) hookup and an equally shocking (or not so shocking) business proposal. Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation saw Leslie get some major recognition for her hard work and showed us Ron’s son for the first time. Thursday also featured the return of Suits, which tested Scottie and Harvey’s relationship already and forced Mike to confront new facts about his parents’ death.

This was a week filled with strong episodes and great performances, but no performance was greater than Stana Katic’s work in this week’s episode of Castle. Beckett’s fear, determination, and ferocity were on full display throughout the episode, and Katic made each emotion not only feel believable but palpable. In an episode filled with standout moments, her torture scene allowed her to run the gamut of emotions in such an impressive way. To know that she did all of these torture scenes herself just makes me admire Katic’s dedication even more.

7 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/2 – 3/9)

  1. A superb performance by Ms. Katic indeed! Amazing to watch over the years not only in the character growth of Det. Beckett, but the growth in the tremendous acting abilities of Stana Katic. She has honed her craft from season 1 in which she showed herself to be a very fine performer to the wonderful talented actress we see today! And apparently her dedication to the craft is such that she likes to do all the stunts that they allow her to and indeed becomes the character herself. An amazing range which she displayed in this episode from light comedy to dark drama, amazing!

  2. As good as Stana was the best thing for me was the bait and switch appearance of Vulcan Simmons. I unlike the entirety of the fandom missed Jack Coleman’s name in the credits. But independent of that Simmons speaking those first words in the shadows made me jump out of my seat and scream at my TV. I never saw it coming and that is so rare for me to be genuinely stunned and not feel like I missed a clue along the way. It was a great twist in a show that has had it’s share. Montgomery being probably the gold standard for twists. Then the ensuing reveal, conversation and dance between him and Beckett just made for a fantastic moment in a season that has really been running on all cylinders.

    • The Vulcan Simmons twist was absolutely incredible. I love the way they used the fact that this actor has such a distinctive voice, allowing us to hear him before we see him and letting us put those pieces together in such a fun way.

  3. Stana is brilliant because of her passion for Beckett. She pours her heart and soul into her acting and that is what makes her extra great. She is a very awesome woman who I greatly adore for her authenticity and being so down to earth. Her parents instilled a lot of good qualities in her!

    • I agree! Stana Katic’s passion for her character is something I think all fans hope for from the person who brings their favorite character to life. It’s nothing short of inspiring to watch.

  4. I’m kinda glad Abby is gone; it was weird to throw in such a big character, seemingly in Jess’ life, and really.. it was still all about Jess/Nick? I don’t know. I just never ‘bought’ Cardellini as some badass rebel who had no direction in life.
    Can I just say Winston/Coach has been AWESOME. Winston has been really a highlight for me this season!

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