TV Time: New Girl 3.18

Title Sister III

Two-Sentence Summary Abby moving in with Schmidt causes Jess to push Nick into letting her officially move into his room, which proves to be stressful for both parties. Meanwhile, Cece tries to prove that Abby isn’t right for Schmidt, and Winston trains for his police academy fitness test.

Favorite Line “Coffee for one, a sundae for one, and your most tasteful, story-driven adult film. Preferably a period piece…Do you have anything in the Byzantine era?” (Jess)

Episode M.V.P. It’s been a while since I loved Zooey Deschanel as much as I loved her in this episode. Her exuberance in the hotel room was hilarious, while still being strangely believable. Haven’t we all felt that way after being around someone (or even just people in general) for far too long? Jess may be an extrovert, but even us extroverts need some “me time.” And of course Jess’s “me time” would include singing Judy Garland songs, crying over tiny minibar bottles, and watching period-piece porn. (The fact that she was looking for Byzantine-era adult films and not stereotypical Regency romance made it even better.) I also thoroughly enjoyed Jess’s last scenes with both Abby and Nick. Deschanel and Linda Cardellini had great chemistry together, and I will always love her comedic chemistry with Jake Johnson. The deadpan way she told him to fix his hippie feet was absolutely perfect, and I can’t get enough of Jess’s quiet interjections whenever Nick says something ridiculous (like when he was trying to tell her about the pilgrims massacring each other).

Favorite Moment Last week, I complained about not getting enough time with Jess and Abby together. Thankfully, this week we got a very genuine and open scene between the sisters that once again felt like a real moment between two people who have shared so much over the years but are still very different people. I really felt that some part of Jess envies Abby’s ability to be adventurous, but I also felt that Abby genuinely respects Jess for forming real relationships and creating a fulfilling life for herself. It’s a brave thing to love someone and to be in a real, functional relationship with another person. It’s a brave thing to share a life with someone—no matter how ordinary that life may seem. And it’s also a brave thing to discover your own life without another person, to learn to love yourself independent of having a man beside you. Both Day women inspired each other to be brave in this episode, and it was something special to see.

Question of the Week How did Jess not know about Nick’s feet if they’ve been sleeping together for months? It seemed strange to me that she’s been sharing a bed with Nick for a relatively long time (and living with him for even longer), and she didn’t know about his long shirt or his gross feet.

A New Girl GIF* For My New Girl Feelings


Don’t get me wrong; I love Nick and Jess together. But sometimes it’s fun to see Jess without Nick, too.

*I have no talent for GIF-making. Thankfully, I am highly skilled at searching Tumblr for the best GIFs. I take no credit for this beauty.

3 thoughts on “TV Time: New Girl 3.18

  1. The stuff with Nick getting comfortable to go to sleep, his feet, Jess’ reading light, etc didn’t really make much sense. Has Jess really never wanted to read a book before bed right now? I feel like their morning interactions would have been even more awkward – waking at different times, Jess trying on a million dresses and throwing them in a corner as she rejected them, stuff like that. Where did all of Jess’s furniture go when her room became the workout space? Are they sleeping in Nick’s biohazard bed?!
    But anyway, Nick’s sleep shirt was a pretty good joke!

    • Now that you mention the comedy that could have come from their morning interactions, I really wish they would have done something with that! It would have made so much more sense.

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