The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (10/13 – 10/20)

This week in the television world got off to a fantastic start with another excellent episode of Once Upon a Time that introduced Tinker Bell, forced Regina to confront her own fear of happiness, and had all of us crying with Mulan over her unrequited love. Monday’s Dancing with the Stars allowed all of us Saved By the Bell fanatics to relive its infamous “I’m So Excited!” scene, and Castle had quite possibly its strongest episode of an already strong sixth season. Tuesday’s New Girl wasn’t the show’s finest hour, but The Mindy Project made up for it with a hilarious episode featuring a lot of naked Danny. Wednesday’s Nashville was a fantastic exploration of Maddie’s relationships with the adults around her, and Thursday’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland hinted at a very interesting backstory for the Knave of Hearts. Thursday also featured a fun new episode of Parks and Recreation and an incredibly tense hour of Scandal.

Some shows soared this week, some faltered, and some gave us moments we’ll remember even after this season is behind us. One of those moments was Maddie and Daphne’s duet at the end of this week’s episode of Nashville. Any scene featuring Lennon and Maisy Stella singing is a great scene, but what made this scene special was the emotional power of it. To watch Maddie singing her father’s song with the sister who loves her no matter who her father is was beautiful, but it was even more moving to watch Rayna’s reaction to her daughters bonding over Deacon’s music. Connie Britton can do so much without words, and this scene is another perfect example of that.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

4 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (10/13 – 10/20)

  1. I know it wasn’t on television but the truth be told the best thing I saw this week was that tap routine to Cups. It was a punch of happiness that still has me smiling days later.

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