The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (9/8 – 9/15)

Sorry for the delay with this week’s post. How dare “real” work get in the way of talking about TV! 

Last week got off to a fun start with the return of the NFL, making all of our Sundays either a little more exciting or a little more heartbreaking every week. The fun kept coming with the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, and, while my favorite dancers (Aaron and Jasmine) lost the title of “America’s Favorite Dancers” to Fik-Shun and Amy, I’m still very happy that two deserving dancers won. Suits featured the return of Scottie, new drama for Mike and Rachel, and plenty of Litt-tastic moments. And even the reruns aired were enjoyable, especially Justin Timberlake’s fantastic Saturday Night Live episode.

Keeping with the theme of recent weeks, Suits was where I found my favorite TV moment of the week. This time, it wasn’t one particular moment; instead it was a series of scenes showing a more human, kind, and genuine Harvey Specter.

I initially disliked the idea of Scottie showing up at Harvey’s apartment to basically beg him to help her. However, I liked seeing Harvey agree to help because Scottie is on that very short list of people Harvey genuinely cares for. It might not have ended well, but seeing Harvey trust Scottie was a pleasant surprise and showed real growth for his character—until it all went to hell by the end of the episode.

In the “things that didn’t go to hell by the end of the episode” department, we have Harvey’s relationship with the one constant in his life, Donna. I loved the fact that this week’s episode opened with confirmation that Harvey wanted to celebrate with Donna at the end of “Endgame.” I also loved that his idea of celebrating involved doing things that would make Donna happy, like buying new handbags. Harvey was so thoughtful, warm, and downright sweet in this scene; I kept waiting for an ulterior motive to reveal itself, but it was nice to see that he really was acting purely from a desire to celebrate with Donna and make her happy.

Although Harvey’s interactions with Donna were fantastic in “Endgame,” the best part of the episode came when he finally admitted to Louis that he respects his abilities as a lawyer. To see Louis finally recognized for his skill by the man he thought would always belittle him was a true joy to watch. Rick Hoffman played Louis’s reactions to perfection, and I couldn’t help but get a little choked up myself during this scene.

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