The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (9/1 – 9/8)

This week in television gave us a fast-paced (for better or worse) performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance, an episode of Suits that brought Jessica and Harvey back together and saw the end of the “British Invasion” that took over the firm, and the triumphant return of the NFL (featuring a record-breaking performance from Peyton Manning on Thursday night). 

Although it was a lot of fun watching Manning (my fantasy football quarterback) throw for seven touchdowns, nothing I saw on TV this week got my heart rate going and my rooting interests kicked into high gear like the ending of Suits.

I loved watching Mike and Harvey joke about celebrating together after winning the case, but what I loved even more was the way everything we’ve learned this season about Harvey and Donna’s past made his question to Mike feel like something much bigger than just a way to tease him about Rachel:

Am I really the person you want to celebrate this big murder trial victory with?

As soon as Harvey asked Mike that question, I knew where he was going to end up when he got out of the elevator—or at least who he was going to end up with—and it made my heartbeat speed up with the best kind of hope. The way the scene was shot—with Harvey’s question coming right before we watch him walk with purpose out of the building and towards where Donna is waiting—left no question in my mind about who Harvey wanted to celebrate with…if only it was that simple.

But of course, because it’s Harvey and Donna, I knew their interaction was never going to be simple or straightforward (no matter how much I wanted him to just walk right up to her and kiss her). However, the scene between them was worth the giddy anticipation of the seconds before. It said so much without ever directly addressing their relationship, but it showed us that maybe there is hope for these two; maybe we’re not crazy for thinking they both wish they were in a place where they could just go back to her apartment and break out the whipped cream again.

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty’s chemistry in this scene was off the charts. There was so much longing between them, but it wasn’t full of angst. They were softer than usual, and you could feel the genuine affection that runs deeper than either character wants to admit. So it makes sense when Harvey offers her the car and chooses not to get in with her. When she thanks him, it hits him too close to his heart. It’s like he realizes in that moment just how much his actions during these last few episodes were taken—however subconsciously—because of what he feels for her. And that still scares him. So he chooses to walk away, but her smile as he does so says it all: She knows they both wish they could ride away together, but he’s never going to ask her to break her rule—especially not after what happened with Stephen. And that’s okay. All she wanted back in Season Two was to know that Harvey would fight for her, and he proved that over and over again during this case.

And as Harvey walks away, we can see how conflicted (and how lonely) he is. He’s happy to make Donna happy. But he’s worried, too, because this case made him realize just how much of a sway she holds over his emotions. He can try to walk it off and push it away, but this scene showed both of them—and the audience—that there’s always going to be something between these two characters that exists on a level much deeper (and filled with a lot more sexual tension) than just friendship. This scene made me feel hopeful as a fan of these characters and their relationship. It may lead to something big happening between them; it may lead nowhere. But the mere fact that these actors could make me feel so strongly and think so deeply about their characters is enough to make me a very happy viewer.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

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