TV Time: Teen Wolf 3.09

It’s time once again for Leah to share her thoughts on the latest episode of Teen Wolf!

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that before reading! There are some major events in this episode that you do not want spoiled for you; trust me. Then come back and share your thoughts with me!

Title The Girl Who Knew Too Much

What Happened? In this episode, the Darach continues its sacrifices and our group scrambles to figure out its plan in order to stop it before it kills again. Isaac and Allison try to figure out what Chris Argent is up to, and Stiles tries to tell his father the truth about the supernatural beings that inhabit his town. Ultimately, during the school’s memorial for the recent lives lost in Beacon Hills, Jennifer Blake is revealed to be the Darach when she draws Lydia into an empty classroom in order to silence her and also finally gives us a name for Lydia’s powers—banshee. Sheriff Stilinski interrupts the attempt to kill Lydia, but he gets hurt and is taken by Jennifer as she escapes from Scott and Stiles via the classroom window.

Favorite Quotes
“You found a dead body?”
“Not yet.”
“Not yet? What do you mean not yet? Lydia, you’re supposed to call us after you find the dead body.”
“Oh no, I’m not doing that again. You find the dead body from now on.”
“How are we supposed to find the dead body? You’re always the one finding the dead body.”
“Guys…I found the dead body.” (Stiles, Lydia, and Scott)

“I cannot believe that we’ve gotten to the point where a sentence like ‘What if the Darach was an emissary to the Alphas?’ actually makes sense to me.” (Stiles)

“I smell blood.”
“Where? In what direction?”
“I don’t know, I’m not that good at this yet.” (Isaac and Allison)

“I don’t know why I’m the one that keeps finding the bodies. But maybe…if I just stop trying to fight it…I find them before it happens. Maybe with enough time for someone like you to do something about it.”
“You get me the time, and I’ll do something about it. I swear to God, I will.” (Lydia and Scott)

“You’re just like me, Lydia; look like the innocent flower, be the serpent under it.” (Jennifer Blake)

My Thoughts The “sheriff finds out” plot has been one that I’ve been waiting to see happen for a long time, because one of my favorite relationships on the show is between Stiles and his father. The scenes in Season 2 showing the deterioration of that relationship were some of the most painful scenes for me, and I am quite ready for the sheriff to join in on the supernatural-mystery-solving team, especially if he and Melissa McCall work together like they have been lately, because I am very much in favor of them being an awesome parental team helping their boys out. I think this episode showed us just how much their relationship has worsened due to the fallout from the lies Stiles has had to tell his dad to protect him. The emotional climax with Stiles’s line, “Mom would’ve believed me,” just killed me with feelings for the both of them. Hopefully we’ll get a scene in the next few episodes that will deal with the consequences from the sheriff realizing that his son was actually telling him the truth about werewolves, because I feel like the audience still needs some emotional payoff from the sadness in this episode.

On a side note, I feel like the chess scene with Stiles and the sheriff is probably what it is like for non Teen Wolf fans when we try to explain the plot to them. Sorry, everyone who has heard my excited ramblings about the show and wondered What the heck are you talking about?

We can finally put a name to what all of Lydia’s powers add up to! She is a banshee, which explains why we’ve seen her screaming so much in this season and last season. We still don’t know the full extent of her powers, or how her screaming works other than that she screams before a death occurs. What I find interesting is that it appears that Lydia’s scream acts in a similar way to the wolf howl; it gives her a way of calling the pack, as we saw that not only Scott, Ethan, and Aiden heard her scream, but Derek was able to hear Lydia’s scream all the way from the hospital. I’m hoping that we see that Lydia has more powers than just screaming to forewarn of a death and showing up at the place the bodies will be found, or that she at least learns how to gain some control over her powers.

The last major arc in this episode was the reveal that Jennifer Blake, our seemingly innocent English teacher, is the Darach. I knew there was something strange about her! I am quite curious about her past and her motives now, as she clearly knows the Alpha Pack and fears them enough to feel that the sacrifices are a “necessary evil.” That she is clearly being portrayed at the moment as a character who, as Peter would say, “live[s] in shades of gray,” is quite interesting, and I can’t wait to see where they take her character.

She also appears to have several different types of powers, and I’ve been wondering if her powers have been absorbed from those she has sacrificed—healing capabilities from the healers, seduction ability from the virgins, fighting skills from the warriors, and perhaps an extra boost to her intellect from the philosophers? We certainly saw her healing capabilities, and what appeared to be her seduction capabilities from this past episode (kissing the sheriff). Speaking of seduction powers, perhaps this is why Derek’s relationship with her seemed to move so fast? We also see that Jennifer appears to have some sort of other magical powers, in that she was able to slit the piano player’s throat from her spot in a classroom in a different part of the school. If she can do all of these things, it’s going to be quite hard for our group to take her down.

I’m also wondering about a few things that could be little errors on the show’s part or could be something more. First, how did Stiles and Cora (and their whole group?) figure out that the Darach was likely attacked by werewolves and left for dead? We haven’t seen anything to indicate that in the show so far, yet Stiles spewed out this information to his father like they’ve known it or had it as a strong speculation for a while. So how did they decide that was likely—just based off of Lydia’s description of the Darach?

Also, about the file Melissa and the sheriff study that is supposedly Jennifer’s file: The picture looks nothing like her; perhaps that is because Jennifer’s image is an illusion that she throws up because she can’t exactly walk around in her true Darach form because people would notice, of course. Also, if Jennifer was attacked but her identity was unknown (listed as “Jane Doe” on the form), then why was there a picture of her in the first place, seeing as her face was slashed up when she arrived? And why does the form say “child” under her occupation? There are still many questions about Jennifer Blake, and I’m hoping we’ll get some answers in these last few episodes of the season.

Other Notable Things
• Chris Argent: He is still suspicious to me. Don’t forget that even though we saw him take shots at the Darach this episode, we still don’t know how he knows the Darach’s plans for which groups of people to sacrifice and where they’re finding the bodies.
• Isaac and Allison: Seeing these two working together was one of my favorite parts of the episode, and I’d love to see them interact more.
 Twin Trouble in Paradise: Ethan and Aiden are starting to argue over Danny, and I’d be surprised if we don’t see a moment of conflict soon with Ethan having to decide whose side he is on in this fight against the Alpha Pack.

Episode Title Speculation: 3.10 “The Overlooked”
I’ll be honest here, I have no idea what this title means in terms of the show. In a way, you could say almost every character is “overlooked” if you are considering overlooked to mean not appreciated or underestimated. Our group of characters are often considered the underdogs when looking at the experience and age of most villains they have faced over the past two plus seasons, so it could be a reference to our whole group. However, most episode titles seem to refer to a specific person or persons, or a specific event or object, so it’s unlikely that this title would refer to our group in its entirety. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Do any of you have ideas as to what’s coming for us in the last episodes of this half of Season Three? Feel free to speculate with me in the comments below, and share your thoughts on this episode!


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