Daily Dose of Feelings #18

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus from these posts. I was all set to start writing when I suffered a bout of narcolepsy…or just couldn’t stay awake any longer after too many days of staying up too late to write.

Sometimes emotional moments catch you off guard. They’re the ones that leave you shaking your head as the tears form in your eyes, wondering how a show or an actor can manage to surprise you after you thought you’d seen it all from the world of television.

The ending of this season’s finale of New Girl caught me off guard, and that seems fitting for a show whose best moments have come when I didn’t expect them. After the way the finale had built to Nick and Jess deciding to call off their budding relationship, I expected the finale to end with tension and angst in order to create suspense going into this coming season. Much to my pleasant surprise, however, the season ended on an incredibly happy and hopeful note, with smiles, laughter, and one hell of a kiss.

While so much of New Girl works on an emotional level because of the complexity of Jake Johnson’s performance, this scene works because of Zooey Deschanel. I love her vulnerability at the start of this scene because it feels so genuine. Her eyes are red, her nose is red, and her voice sounds like she’s been crying ever since she walked away from Nick earlier in the episode. Those little details may not seem like much, but added together they make her emotional investment in this man and this potential relationship so subtly powerful. At this point in the season, we knew how much Nick loved Jess, so it was such a gorgeous moment to finally see how much Jess loved Nick when her voice broke as she asked him to “un-call it.”

The beginning of this scene may be emotional because it’s such a realistic depiction of the vulnerability that comes with loving someone, but the end of this scene gets the tears flowing for me because it’s such a realistic depiction of the happiness that comes from loving someone. The sound of Nick’s confident steps towards Jess is such a perfect touch—it makes my heart race in anticipation. And then he kisses her in that way only Nick Miller can kiss her, and the sheer happiness she feels with him causes her to laugh in one of the sweetest, most honest moments of love I’ve seen on television in a long time.

That’s what love is; it’s happiness. It’s someone who makes you smile, someone who makes you laugh. This is one of those scenes where understanding the characters and their journeys makes a scene even more emotionally resonant. Jess Day loves to be happy—she likes happy things like singing and dancing and polka dots. And Nick Miller has trouble finding and holding on to happiness—he’s grumpy and cynical and thinks people are the worst. So it’s a beautiful, surprisingly emotional thing to see these two people find each other and make each other this happy.

Love doesn’t always have to be dramatic and angst-ridden. It should be something that brings you joy. The same can be said for TV shows. New Girl brings me joy, and I’m so happy it chose to end such a great season on such a joyful note.

4 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Feelings #18

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you and what you wrote! I think that one of the beautiful thing of this couple and relationship is that it feels so real. It has a comic relief in it but it also has all the fear or doubts and the joy of falling in love with our best friend or the person we like in our real lives. I like angsty stories and couples but sometimes it’s too much for me and they become boring and unrealistic to me. Maybe it’s because i have never been in an angsty love relationship or in a love triangle and I can’t feel completely invested in this kind of story. But I can feel totally invested in Nick and Jess relationship because I have lived that kind of feelings and like you said “Love doesn’t always have to be dramatic and angst-ridden. It should be something that brings you joy. “

    • “I like angsty stories and couples but sometimes it’s too much for me and they become boring and unrealistic to me.” I completely agree with you on this point. Sometimes the angst just becomes too much to take. In order for me to invest in a fictional relationship, I have to see happiness between them because that’s what love should be. For Nick and Jess, every part of their relationship has felt honest and believable and real, which is so rare.

  2. I just recently started watching New Girl and totally fell in love with it. I just watched the finale a couple days ago, so it’s still pretty fresh. I totally agree with you about Zooey Deschanel rocking this scene. A lot of the big moments in Nick and Jess’s relationship have been instigated by Nick, so it’s awesome to see the two of them on equal footing in this moment. And like you mentioned, I love that they chose to end the season on a sweet note. I wish more shows did that!

    • I love that people are still discovering just how wonderful New Girl is (we could always use more people in this fandom)! The idea of them both being on equal footing in this scene is something that I really love. Equality in relationships is very important to me, so I liked seeing Jess show the emotional honesty we’ve already seen from Nick. And it’s really nice as an audience member to know where both characters stand and to know that both characters know where each other stands, too. The lack of unnecessary dramatics with this couple is one of my favorite things about them, and I’m hoping (and believing) that will continue next season.

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