Daily Dose of Feelings #7

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

For my generation, there’s no moment in television that gets our collective tear ducts going like the final scene of Boy Meets World. It’s the perfect storm of great writing, incredibly strong (and realistic) acting, and the heightened emotional power that comes with a series finale. This scene gave us a chance to say goodbye to a group of characters that we literally grew up with, to watch their stories come full circle to the classroom where it all began.

Everyone has their moment in this scene that makes them cry the most, but mine will always be Shawn’s goodbye. And if you don’t openly weep when Mr. Feeny turns to the empty classroom and says, “I love you all. Class dismissed,” then I think you need to make sure your heart isn’t actually made of stone.


5 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Feelings #7

  1. I remember watching it when I was in high school feeling emotional about what graduating from high school and leaving my favourite teachers would have meant for me and now rewatching it as a teacher makes me even more emotional. I know how I felt saying goodbye to a certain period of my life and I know now how I feel saying goodbye to all the students that I watched grow up and cared about through the years we stayed together.

  2. This is actually the most perfect finale scene ever. The part that makes me cry the most changes with every viewing, but right now, the part that makes me the most emotional is when Cory tells Mr. Feeny that he’ll always be with them. It’s a powerful statement about the profound impact a teacher can have on your life, but it also works on a meta level. Our generation grew up with Mr. Feeny as another one of our teachers and the life lessons that he taught Cory, Shawn, Eric, and Topanga applied to us too. It’s everything I could want in a series finale.

    • This finale scene is the standard by which I judge all series finales, and I think it always will be. Like you said, Mr. Feeny was another one of our teachers in a way only the best fictional characters can be. Saying goodbye that character and this show in general was a sign that our generation was growing up, and that will always make me emotional.

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