TV Time: Teen Wolf 3.03

Today, the lovely Leah is back to share her thoughts on the latest episode of Teen Wolf!

Title Fireflies

What Happened? Derek, Scott, and Isaac chase after Boyd and Cora in an attempt to stop them from hurting innocent people, and, when it becomes clear that they need help, they go to the one person in town they know has experience with trapping werewolves: Chris Argent. Meanwhile, Lydia discovers a body at a nearby pool, and after learning more from Melissa McCall about all the recent attacks, Stiles figures out what all the victims had in common, leading him to the discovery that someone is using Beacon Hills as a resource for their human sacrifices.

Favorite Quotes
“You called the police before you called me?”
“I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?”
“Yes!” (Stiles and Lydia)

“We need help.”
“We have Isaac now.”
“I mean real help.” (Scott and Derek, with Isaac right next to them)

“And—just curious—is there a reason the gun is still pointed at me?”
“Well, there’s probably still some part of me that wants to shoot you.”
“I get that.” (Scott and Chris)

“Let him be the hero of his morally black and white world. The real survivors, you and I, we live in shades of gray.” (Peter)

“What kind of werewolf strangles someone? You know, that’s not very werewolfy.” (Stiles)

My Thoughts This week our main plot was following Derek, Isaac, and Scott as they tried to catch Boyd and Cora before they hurt anyone. I really enjoyed seeing them work together as a team, especially the continuation of Derek and Scott working together instead of the antagonistic relationship they had last season. Also, Isaac and Derek’s interactions in the car while waiting for Scott were hilarious. Isaac is getting to show more and more snark, which I very much appreciate, and I’m hoping these first few episodes are indicative of him having lots of screen time this season!

Receiving help from Chris Argent was not surprising, as we all knew that Chris and Allison were likely going to be back in the hunting game sooner rather than later, despite their agreement to stay out of it. However, it was quite interesting to get to hear more of the techniques used by hunters to trap werewolves. If nothing else, it created a very interesting group dynamic (and a fun scene between Chris and Scott in the parking lot).

They manage to trap Cora and Boyd in the high school where, of course, there is one teacher left in the building. Why in the world Ms. Blake was still at the school grading papers at what must have been somewhere around four or five in the morning (the sun comes up while they’re there!) I have no idea, and why she goes to get a ream of paper from the supply room when she appears to be grading tests I don’t know either. While this was perhaps the most unrealistic part of the episode, I can mostly ignore it with a “because of plot and character reasons” handwave. I’m much more interested in seeing how Ms. Blake reacts to learning about the wide world of werewolves present in her new town, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her reaction in the next episode!

Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles this week had some detective work to do. Lydia stumbles upon a body at the pool, and we quickly realize she’s going through more horrible mind games, as she had no idea she was going to the pool until she arrived. I really can’t wait to see where they take whatever is happening with her character and watch her be amazing once she has the knowledge of what her powers are. For now, I’m just hoping she finds a way to start figuring out what exactly is going on with her, and, if it’s Peter, find a way to get revenge on him for messing with her mind not just once, but twice. I’m hesitant to believe that it’s actually Peter pulling the strings this time though, as I feel like whatever’s going on with Lydia appears to be something slightly different than last season. Whatever it is, I hope we find out more soon.

Stiles puts the pieces together in this episode about what all three victims—the guy at the pool, Heather, and Emily (the girl from the camping scenes)—have in common: They’re all virgins. I myself am wondering if they were all virgins on the cusp of becoming, well, not virgins, and that this new supernatural baddie is somehow attacking them in order to keep them “pure” or something to that effect. We can’t know for certain, especially since we know nothing about what was happening to the guy at the pool before he died, but at least now Stiles has something to go on when doing his research about these murders.

Personally, I loved the realization-scene montage, as I always love those moments when everything comes together and the character sees a pattern that had been hiding right in front of their eyes. Teen Wolf’s music department certainly deserves a shout-out for their choices of music in every episode, but in this scene especially I appreciated the dramatic soundtrack.

We end the episode with Stiles telling Scott about his theory that the bodies are human sacrifices, and this will lead us into the next part of the season. This episode seemed to not have a lot going on, but I do think it established a lot of plot points and character moments that are quite significant and will play out over the next few episodes (or possibly even the rest of the season).

Other Notable Things
 The Fireflies: The fireflies we saw throughout the episode were clearly not natural—Chris Argent said that California fireflies don’t glow, yet these ones were obviously lit up—and thus likely have something to do with our supernatural problems this season. I’d guess it has something to do with whatever or whoever is performing these human sacrifices, as I doubt the alpha pack would bother to deal with the bugs. Either way, it’s certainly another clue that something very strange is going on in Beacon Hills.
 Allison: Allison has just been told that her mom tried to kill Scott and that was why Derek accidentally bit her. Poor Allison has received blow after blow lately, and I’m hoping this piece of information won’t send her back into the bad place she was in during the end of last season. I do think, though, that this information will change things for her character in a big way, and we’ve already seen her embrace her hunting side more when she helped corner Cora and Boyd in this episode.

Episode Title Speculation: 3.04 “Unleashed”
Unleashed | Release from a leash or restraint. (Thanks for the definition, Google.)

I’m going to guess that this title is a pretty straightforward indicator of what will be happening in 3.04: Both of the major threats to Beacon Hills this season will be “unleashed” upon the town, and both the alpha pack and the unknown person(s) performing the human sacrifices will ramp up the intensity of their attacks. It’s time to increase the pace of this season’s conflict and start bringing our group into contact with who appears to be our main antagonist this season—Deucalion.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What is your opinion about the human sacrifices? And did you enjoy seeing Chris working with our werewolves? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, and I’ll see you all again next week!


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