TV Time: New Girl 2.17

Title Parking Spot

Two-Sentence Summary An all-out war over a coveted parking spot highlights the new tension between Nick and Jess in a way that not even Schmidt can deny. Meanwhile, Winston goes on a desperate search for a condom before he can enjoy some quality time with Daisy.

Favorite Line “You dropped your fish sticks.” (Nick)

Episode M.V.P.: Jess. While the entire cast—including Cece—was stellar in this episode, Jess stood out to me because she had to go through such a wide spectrum of emotions. Zooey Deschanel was able to effortlessly transition from silly (taking pictures of the cats on her car) and strange (the weird-off with Nick) to heartbroken (her belief that Nick regretted the kiss) and falling awkwardly but realistically in love. The moment just after Nick told her that the “no-nail oath” was created because he wanted her from the start was breathtaking. Deschanel faces Jake Johnson with a look of total, lovestruck shock, like it’s dawning on Jess as it’s dawning on the audience that Nick has been falling in love with her from the very start. You can see her struggle to breathe as the tears form behind her eyes, and it’s a moment of real, human beauty in the midst of such a hilarious episode. I also have to say that I’ve never liked Jess more than when I got to see her indignation at the very idea of the no-nail oath. She is a strong woman, but her strength is relatable and imperfect. And I love her all the more for it.

Favorite Moment: The entire montage of Nick, Jess, and Schmidt racing to get to the parking space was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Every detail was perfect: Nick negotiating with the kids to fold the cardboard and push his car; Jess’s awkward standoff with the old man; Schmidt hitting Nick with his car; and Jess pushing Schmidt’s car with hers. The comedy in this sequence was just pure, silly fun, and that’s sometimes all you need from a TV show—a good dose of laughing until you cry.

A New Girl GIF* for my New Girl Feelings: 

jess dance

Another week, another happy dance. New Girl just keeps getting better and better. The laughs are coming fast and furious, every storyline is working, and the chemistry between all of the actors in the cast has never been more perfect. The writers used Nick and Jess’s kiss as a realistic starting point for an entirely new branch of storytelling, and I love what they’re doing with the situation so far. It’s organic to the characters and the show as a whole, and it’s not getting in the way of the comedy. In fact, it’s making the show funnier—but also more emotionally charged—than ever before.

*I have no talent for GIF-making. Thankfully, I am highly skilled at searching Tumblr for the best GIFs. I take no credit for this beauty. 

11 thoughts on “TV Time: New Girl 2.17

  1. I enjoyed the fact that the love between Jess and Nick is coming out. Not developing to fast but you have know it was there for a long time. Also how they made a parking space battle be so funny. Never thought this show would keep getting better but truly it is.

    • The pace of Nick and Jess’s relationship is really perfect. It’s moving at just the right speed for the characters and the show. I can’t wait to see it keep developing each week!

  2. Just watched it AND LOVED IT. Nick was on fire (mispronouncing WiFi, playing the drunk and crazy card, not knowing what mazel tov means but assuming it’s bad, generally being an old man). Jess cracked me up with her plan for the cats (fish sticks and singing Memories, and don’t you dare judge me!), and basically everything in the “run to the car/ snag the parking spot” sequence was GOLD. I loved that Jess felt compelled to pick up the trash and stop for the grumpy old driver and take pictures of the cats on her car, and that Nick negotiated with the kids and hid his car under cardboard boxes. Flawless character moments all around.
    Winston’s plot fell a little flat for me, especially when CeCe was so abrasive toward him–not that he didn’t deserve a sharp talking-to, but it just felt awkward and not nearly as funny as everything else going on. I would’ve appreciated a B-plot with less conflict to balance out the huge conflict in the A-plot. But those are tiny complaints 🙂 🙂 THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS, NEW GIRL, and thanks for the recap, Katie!

    • For some reason, the mere sound of Winston freaking out leaves me in stitches every time, so I think I’m biased towards loving any plot that has him in full-on panic mode. 😉

      I totally forgot to mention Nick mispronouncing WiFi—absolutely hilarious (and totally how I’m saying it from now on)! I also think Jess’s way of handling the cats is exactly how I would have attempted to handle the situation; it’s never wrong to use showtunes to solve problems.

  3. Hahahahaha… I just watched this week’s episode and it couldn’t be more hilarious! This show keeps getting better and better and I really can’t pick one episode! But as I am a sucker for Nick/Jess I gotta say this one is close to my heart! So sweet Nick saying that he couldn’t help it and Jess’ face.. Jake Johnson is being amazing this season, he really became the show’s star for me.. If I had to pick my faves I would go for him and Zooey! Although I love the rest of the cast as well! Tks for your review! xx from Brazil!

    • This episode was so funny it had me crying from laughter. And you’re right—it really does keep getting better and better. I love how much attention Jake Johnson is getting this season because he really has been doing an amazing job. He’s definitely this season’s star!

      • He is really great! I love the look on his face when they are sitting against the manbulance and Jess says “You nailed my mouth. You nailed it good. And hard. And strong.” – his wistful smile was just awesome. There are so many times that he just smiles or raises an eyebrow and it says everything.
        The look on his face when Jess says she will not be nailing him is quite telling too. Sad but accepting.
        There’s so much in every episode. It’s amazing to think this is a “sitcom”

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