The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (2/10-2/17)

Only one week into starting this new feature, and I’m already behind! Sorry, everyone, for my tardiness, but I hope I can make it up to you with my choice for the best moment on TV between Sunday the 10th and Sunday the 17th.

There were several moments in the running from this past week in TV. There was Beckett giving Castle a drawer for Valentine’s Day, Ron Swanson curing hangovers one pan-seared flank steak at a time, and everything Louis is doing lately on Suits.

But my favorite moment of the week came from this Sunday’s “Manhattan” episode of Once Upon a Time. Family reunions are always a source of great TV drama, and this reunion was one of the most dynamic, emotional, and electric things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. This is what happens when you put strong actors in a small space and let them go. The result was pure—pun intended—magic.


What were your favorite things from the last week in the world of TV?

2 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (2/10-2/17)

  1. I have a couple of things that I really loved last week. The first was from The Carrie Diaries. One of Carrie’s friends is in a long-distance casual relationship with a guy and she had gone to visit him and he brought up that he had slept with a couple of other girls. Not wanting to feel left out, Mouse mentioned that she had slept with another guy and when he got jealous, she told him to get over it and mentioned that it was a ridiculous double standard. She later told him that she had lied because she was embarrassed, but even if it had been true, he still wouldn’t have the right to be jealous. I was really happy with the way women’s sexuality was portrayed on the show.

    The second was from Castle. I really loved the humor that Gates brought to last week’s episode. Her obsessing over the show made her a more approachable and relatable character, which I loved.

    • I never did end up watching The Carrie Diaries, but now I want to! The books did a good job of showing female sexuality in a positive, balanced light, and I’m happy the show seems to be following in that same vein.

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