2013 SAG Awards Favorites

Last night, the SAG Awards provided some genuine laughs, some fabulous fashion, and some big surprises. In the spirit of the feel-good nature that accompanies this annual celebration of actors honoring their own, I wanted to share a few of my personal favorite things about the ceremony—from the dresses to the speeches.

Favorite Photo: Alias Reunion!

TNT/TBS Broadcasts The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

My inner teenage Alias fangirl has been waiting for a photo of Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, and Bradley Cooper since the 2013 award season began, and last night we finally got one (also featuring Garber’s very handsome partner Rainer Andreesen)! What a beautiful and talented cast that was.

Favorite Couple: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Source: Access Hollywood

Source: Access Hollywood

If this award season has taught me anything so far, it’s that no married couple in Hollywood seems more normal and adorable than Ben and Jen.

Favorite Hair and Makeup: Anne Hathaway

Source: Pichaus

Source: Pichaus

I wasn’t a huge fan of her see-through dress, but I thought Hathaway’s hair and makeup were absolutely stunning. She looked soft, elegant, and the very picture of Hollywood glamour.

Favorite Fashion Comeback: Jessica Chastain

Source: NY Daily News

Source: NY Daily News

After a big miss at the Golden Globes, Chastian hit a grand slam with this stunning Alexander McQueen gown. It was bold but classic, and just daring enough considering that old (and clearly incorrect) “redheads can’t wear red” adage.

Favorite Fashion Moment (Male): Bradley Cooper

bradley-cooper-sag-awards-2013-01282013-05-435x580 socialite life

Yes, Cooper’s tuxedo was a winner, but the best part of his look last night was his hair. And his clean-shaven face showing off his gorgeous bone structure. And his bright blue eyes. And his hair…

Favorite Fashion Moment (Female): Kerry Washington

Source: NY Daily News
Source: NY Daily News

This Rodarte gown was breathtaking. The contrast between the structured top and romantic bottom was perfect, and the color made her stand out in the best possible way. I loved the detailing on both the bodice and the skirt, and she knew exactly how to wear that dress—playing everything else down so it made a statement all on its own.

Favorite Comedic Speech: Tina Fey

“Amy, I’ve known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham.” Need I say more?

Favorite Heartfelt Speech: Jennifer Lawrence

The genuine gratitude and emotion in this speech (especially when talking about David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper) put tears in my eyes. You could tell how much this honor meant to her, and it made me all the more hopeful for her on Oscar night.

Favorite Surprise: Argo winning Best Ensemble

Source: Hollywood Reporter
Source: Hollywood Reporter

I almost picked Downtown Abbey’s big upset over Homeland, but I couldn’t pick against Ben Affleck, which seems to be the motto of the 2013 award season. Argo was one of my favorite films of the year, and I’m thrilled it’s getting so much recognition, especially when the cast—and Affleck in particular—seems so honestly proud of what they achieved and are continuing to achieve with this movie. Although I’d still love for Silver Linings Playbook to take home the Oscar, I would not be sad at all to see Affleck’s Best Director snub rectified with a Best Picture win.

These were my favorite moments of this year’s SAG Awards, but now I want to know yours. What moments are you still talking about today? What dresses and tuxes made your jaw drop (both in good and bad ways)?


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