The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (10/11 – 10/18)

I apologize for the fact that this post was missing last week; I was busy recovering from my amazing New York Comic Con trip, which you can read all about here

This week in television kicked off with another emotional hour of Once Upon a Time, which featured twist after twist and revelation after revelation. Also on Sunday, Brooklyn Nine-Nine highlighted Jake and Boyle’s friendship, and The Good Wife introduced a new man in Alicia’s life, played by the ever-charming Jeffrey Dean Morgan. On Monday, Dancing with the Stars switched up the partnerships with mixed results; Jane the Virgin premiered with so much humor and heart; and Castle continued to explore Kate and Rick’s new dynamic, as well as how it affects Ryan and Esposito (and Martha, too). Tuesday gave us a karaoke-filled episode of The Muppets; another look into modern parenthood on The Mindy Project; and the introduction of two great new characters on The Flash. On Wednesday, Nashville continued to break our hearts with even more depressing drama. And Friday and Saturday gave us the first two parts of Girl Meets World‘s Texas adventure, which highlighted just how talented the young actors on that show are.

It’s no secret that this has been a pretty heavy start to the season for many of the dramas I watch: Emma is the Dark One on Once Upon a Time, Castle and Beckett are in the middle of an unnecessary (in my opinion, at least) separation, and literally everyone is struggling to find happiness on Nashville. So lately, I’ve been incredibly appreciative of the shows I watch that are designed to do nothing but make me smile.

That’s why I loved the season premiere of Jane the Virgin so much: It had its moments of tears, but they were quickly followed by moments of pure joy and warmth. And that’s why I still smile when I think about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Jake and Boyle’s “My Hunch” dance. And more than any other week so far, this week I found myself truly appreciating all the moments of silly fun The Muppets gave me.

Was the karaoke scene on The Muppets the deepest or most interesting thing on TV this week? No, but it wasn’t supposed to be. It was simply supposed to be fun, and that’s exactly what it was. It made me laugh from start to finish, and with so many TV shows breaking my heart lately, I love knowing that I can put on The Muppets and find so many reasons to feel nothing but joy.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

Fangirl Thursday: An Underrated Christmas Classic


We all have a favorite holiday movie that we love with all our hearts, despite it being seemingly unknown by most people. It makes watching that movie even more special, like you have a holiday tradition few others could appreciate, a little hidden gem of Christmas joy.

My hidden gem of holiday joy is A Muppet Family Christmas. No, it’s not the same as A Muppet Christmas Carol—although I love that movie, too. A Muppet Family Christmas is a TV movie first aired in 1987 that features all of the classic Muppets, Sesame Street gang, and Fraggles visiting Fozzie Bear’s mom for Christmas during a snowstorm.

Most people don’t know this made-for-TV special exists, but those who do cherish it for the gift it is. My sister and I have to watch it at least once every Christmas season, but we can be heard quoting it and referencing it all year (especially telling people to “Look out for the icy patch!’). From interactions between Big Bird and the Swedish Chef to small talk between Ernie, Bert, and Doc, this is a mash-up of some of the most beloved characters of not just my generation but ones before and after me, too.

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