Nerdy Girl Reads: The Revolution Was Televised


Title: The Revolution Was Televised

Author: Alan Sepinwall

Genre: Nonfiction

Page Count: 388

The Basics: In The Revolution Was Televised, popular television critic Alan Sepinwall turns an analytical eye towards the transformation that began over a decade ago and is still going on in the world of television dramas. From the characters they focus on (often complex antiheroes) to the channels we watch them on (often cable networks), television dramas have changed remarkably in a short period of time, and Sepinwall argues that these changes have produced some of the most compelling shows in the history of the medium. Each chapter focuses on one game-changing drama and its impact on television and pop culture as a whole. The birth of cable as a major player, the importance of audience participation through the Internet, and the impact of 9/11 on the stories we want to watch are all discussed with words from the creators, writers, and network executives who helped give life to this television revolution.

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