The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/18-5/25)

Once again, this is Heather filling in as Katie catches up on TV after a well-earned vacation. Thanks for reading!

Wow, what a week of TV. While many shows have already finished for the season, those that remain had a particularly strong week. On Sunday, we said goodbye to The Good Wife, which left us wondering if Diane will join Florrick-Agos and if Alicia will run for State’s Attorney. We also saw Tyrion find a champion in Oberyn Martell and Lysa Arryn was pushed out the Moon Door, courtesy of Littlefinger. On Monday, Bones ended their season with a conspiracy at the FBI that left both Booth and Brennan in federal custody. On Tuesday, fish fell from the sky and Lester started embracing his darker side as Gus and Molly continue to struggle with his connection to Marvo on Fargo. Wednesday, The Americans wrapped up a fantastic second season with the reveal that the Centre wants Paige to join the KGB and only one parent is considering it. On Friday, we also said goodbye to Hannibal with a stunningly shot fight scene and the fate of 4 characters currently unknown. Finally, Saturday brought us an episode of Orphan Black in which Sarah gets answers about the past from Duncan and finds out Leekie is more involved than she previously believed.

You know it’s been a good week of television when there are so many choices for the best thing of the week. Even in one show, it can be difficult to narrow down which moment I felt was the best. After much consideration, I have finally chosen the ending scene to the season finale of The Americans.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck finding a clip of the moment and my skills at search Tumblr for gifs are not nearly as good as Katie’s so I will just have to describe the scene for you.

Earlier in the episode, Philip and Elizabeth found out that the KGB wanted them to recuit their daughter to be a “second generation illegal”. They are angered by the order and made it very clear that they were not to go near Paige without their consent. However, they are torn on the merit of the idea. Philip doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near the KGB. Elizabeth, on the other hand, sees herself in Paige and wants to give her something to channel her passion into that they can bond over, rather than be driven apart.

This season has largely focused on Philip and Elizabeth as a team. They are closer than they’ve ever been as they protect their family from external threats. This issue threatens that stability. It sets up a very promising plot point for season 3 and I am sure it will bring out more fantastic acting from Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

TV Time: Parks and Recreation 5.12

This week, the beautiful tropical fish Heather takes the reins and shares her thoughts on Parks and Rec

Title Ann’s Decision

Two-Sentence Summary When Ann decides she wants to be a mother and is willing to do it on her own, Leslie steps in to keep Ann from making a rash decision. Elsewhere in Pawnee, Ben picks a caterer for his and Leslie’s wedding and April channels her inner Leslie Knope at a public forum.

Favorite Line “Tragically, we are both heterosexual.” (Leslie, about her friendship with Ann)

My Thoughts The main focus of this week’s episode was on Ann’s decision to have a baby with herself and Leslie’s reaction to her decision. Leslie felt Ann was rushing into the decision, especially considering the quality of guys from whom she was considering getting sperm. If there is one thing that is undeniable about Parks and Rec, it is how much Leslie loves Ann and wants her to live a beautiful, happy life, and so Leslie makes it her mission to stop Ann from going through with what she sees as a big mistake.

Without the final scene between Leslie and Ann, I would have been disappointed by Leslie’s actions. I never doubted that Leslie wanted the best thing for Ann, I was just sad that she thought she should make that decision rather than Ann. I recognize that Leslie is always going to think her way is the best and often will go to ridiculous lengths to prove that, but I also know she is also capable of recognizing when she’s gone too far, especially when she’s hurt someone she loves, which is why I was grateful for that final scene. I’m glad Leslie was both willing to admit that the way she went about things was wrong and openly tell Ann that she should take a little more time with this. To me, that is what makes their friendship the best one on television. Ann recognized that Leslie had her best interests at heart, and Leslie recognized that it was okay if her friend chose something in life other than what she would have chosen. At the end of the day, they will always love and accept the other for who they are, and that’s what a good friendship is all about.

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