A Galentine’s Day Love Post

Happy Galentine’s Day, all you perfect sunflowers!

Galentine's Day

Courtesy of the official Parks and Rec Twitter account.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Although it was created as a fictional holiday spearheaded by my life inspiration Leslie Knope, the world beyond Pawnee, Indiana, has embraced this day of ladies celebrating ladies, and we’re all better for it.

Galentie’s Day is a day to celebrate female friendship in all its forms—from the people we share offices with to our travel partners, internet support systems, and all the sisters, chosen family, and platonic soulmates in between. It’s a day to honor the positive impact women have had on our lives—from our mentors to our mothers and every friend who’s ever given us advice or comfort over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. And it’s a day to raise a mimosa, a waffle, or a big plate of bacon to the ladies who’ve lifted us up and made us laugh, held our hands through the hard stuff, and inspired us to be the best, bravest, and brightest versions of ourselves.

This has been a hard year for friendships. Zoom happy hours and FaceTime dates and long text chains can only go so far in replicating the warmth and joy of spending time in the presence of the people you love. Skype isn’t a perfect substitute for girls’ trips. Five-minute, outdoor, masked gift exchanges aren’t the same as birthday dinners. Group chats aren’t the same as group hugs.

And this month in particular—with the one-year anniversary of the start of this mess right around the corner and the pandemic depression bearing down like a heavy weight—feels like a struggle. We all seem to be feeling a little lonelier, a little sadder, a little less patient, and a little more exhausted. The desire to compare our struggles to others’ social media highlight reels seems stronger, and the grace we should be giving ourselves seems to be wearing thin. Old insecurities have reawakened, and new anxieties have made their presence known.

It’s times like these when all really need our friends.

But in the midst of all of this isolation, we’re finding our way through it. We write cards and make virtual dates and send gifts just because. We celebrate when someone’s mom gets her vaccine and commiserate when we hit the working-from-home wall. We still cry together and laugh together and support each other—even if the ways we do it look a little different.

So today, I wanted to bring a little bit of my yearly Galentine’s Day celebration to all of you. Because all of you—my NGN Family of smart, strong, complex, and caring women—deserve to be celebrated. You inspire me every day, and your support and love has played a huge part in helping me become the woman I am today.

You know what that means…

It’s time for a Love Post!

For anyone new to a Love Post, here’s how it works: Make a comment on this post with your username (and things like your Twitter or your Tumblr URL if you feel like people might know you better by those identifiers). Then, sit back and let others reply, telling you how much and why they love you. Finally, if you want to, you can share the love! Reply to your friends’ comments on this post and tell them how awesome you think they are.

Even if you’ve never posted at NGN before or think no one will know or remember you, leave a comment. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

I’ll start things off below just so you can see how it’s done, and I hope that by the time this day of ladies celebrating ladies is done, the comments will feel like a true Galentine’s Day party.



Source: The Atlantic

17 thoughts on “A Galentine’s Day Love Post

    • You know I can never pass up an opportunity to give you some extra love!

      I miss seeing you in person so incredibly much and there’s a decent chance our airport reunion hug is going to be 5 minutes long whenever I get to see you again and everyone else is just going to have to be alright with that. You are my go-to person for every kind of news. Whether it’s happy, sad, petty or somewhere in between, you’re the one I want to share it with. I love that our weekly Skype dates have given us a chance to talk about super random things that we’d probably never text about because they’re just background things in our lives but it really does feel like we’ve tried to bring the energy from our trips and turn it into a regular feature of our lives. It isn’t the same at all but it’s also kept me sane for the past year and I cannot thank you enough for that. You are such a consistently giving person, not just with your excellent presents and surprise food, but with your energy and love. You are there no matter what I need with hugs or distraction or just a place to vent and be sad (and actually encourage me to have those feelings, no matter what they are). Absolutely none of this comment is organized in any way and I feel like I’m all over the place but I hope you always know how important and special you are to my life. I love you always and thank you for always being the best Leslie Knope a girl could ever ask for ❤

    • Katie! I’m trying to think of compliments I haven’t already given you, which is kind of hard, because one of the things I admire most about you is your steadiness. You seem like you’re basically the same person with everyone, which takes an incredible sense of self. Not that you never change; it’s just that you’re always honest. I love that you don’t hide behind cynicism, but that your positivity isn’t toxic, either. It’s hopeful. I’m so grateful for our shared appreciation for things like Disney, the two good NFL teams, and, obviously, the show that gave us Galentine’s Day, because it led to this friendship. I hope we get to hang out in person sooner rather than later! Ellen’s Energy Adventure forever.

    • I always enjoy when you do these posts! Thanks for giving us a community space to share the love this weekend ❤

      We don't typically get to see each other every year (why is the U.S. so big, why??), so I am even more grateful that we managed to get together last year before everything stopped. That Vegas trip and getting to see you in person was one of the things that helped me get through the past year, and I loved getting to spend time with you in one of your favorite places on earth! Hopefully once we can travel again we can all manage to get together and do something fun.

      I love that we share a sense of optimism and hope in our general world outlook, without it ever seeming fake or forced or oblivious to the realities of the world. I love that your writing is that way too – not that it always has to be positive, but that when something brings you joy you share that joy and love, and even when it's not something I am into myself I still get so much enjoyment out of seeing your passion and love for it. I will always admire the way you manage to capture the heart of something and put it down in writing.

      I also love that we get to share a love of sports and root for each other's teams, with hopefully more fun coming with Seattle's NHL team happening soon! I need to start learning hockey lol, and I can't wait to talk about it with you.

      And of course, I love having you as a friend. You're such a generous friend, and I always feel like I can turn to you if I need something, whether it's support, advice, or just needing to vent. I love getting to share experiences and passions with you, getting to discuss and dissect media the way our nerdy English Lit selves love to do lol, and flail over our favorite ladies (more Lucy Chen tonight!!). I'm so grateful to have had you in my life for so long, and hopefully many more years to come ❤

    • Sweetie! Sunshine Girl! She of the Awesome Writing.

      I love that you are so committed to this nerdy corner of the internet. Thank you for sharing what you love and why you love it. Thank you for letting the rest of play here and creating a happy little NGN family.

      I love your willingness to try new things with your writing and this blog — and your willingness to bring back old things in new ways. I love your willingness to share you growth as a human and that we can all come along on the journey.

      I love that explore the complexity of fandom and enjoyment. We can critique and still enjoy. (We can snark and still enjoy. Oh, wait. That’s me.) Thanks for welcoming us all and making a joyful, happy place where we can explore story and Kermit-the-Frog-arm-flail about what we love — like angsty jaw clenches. And the serious stuff. Yep. Serious stuff, too. 🙂

    • Heather! I know we’ve only met one time in person, but I just want to say that it was obvious then that you’re just one of the kindest people out there. I also love that you watch so many different shows, and all with the same enthusiasm and attention. I hope you’re doing well (by today’s standards)!

    • My Beautiful Tropical Fish,

      I love that in every possible way you are my Ann Perkins. You know that I’m a lot. You know that I can be a steamroller sometimes. You know that I’m not perfect. But you never try to change me. You love me as I am, while always encouraging me to follow whatever path I think is going to make me best self. And you’re like that with everyone—you accept people as they are, while also giving all your friends the love and support we need to keep growing, learning, and evolving.

      (You also have all the strengths, but we knew that already.)

      I love that you listen—actively, empathetically, and enthusiastically. I talk a lot. And it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t seem like they’re turning it out sometimes. But you never make me feel that way. You never make me feel like I’m too much or not enough. You’re understanding and patient and thoughtful. I love that you pay attention to the details—in the media you consume and in the lives of the people you love. It’s what makes you a fantastic gift-giver and a wonderful friend.

      You’re a good person, and sometimes I’m not even sure you realize how good you are. I could give a million examples of this—of all the food you’ve sent me when my parents have been sick or in the hospital, of all the long days spent giving me support when I spiral, of your genuine kindness toward everyone from my sister to waitresses when we travel to every single one of your friends. But I’ll just say this: You’re such a good person, and the greatest testament to that is the fact that you never talk about what a good person you are. You just consistently show up for the people you love, act with kindness toward others, and give so much to so many.

      I love so many other things about you, too. I love when you lean in closer to the screen when I’m about to get really petty on Skype. I love your love for boy bands and romance novels. I love that you’ll eat my mushrooms and let me have your pickles. I love our shared memories of duck fat potatoes and South African guys and running down Michigan Avenue in the rain. I love that you support my love of balconies, sparkling wine, and expensive shoes. And I love that I know our next airport hug is going to be one for the record books. ❤

    • Kelly! I always feel awkward commenting on your tumblr posts so I just don’t but you’re someone I’m always happy to follow on various social media platforms even if we rarely have shows in common. Your love for The X-Files and Better Call Saul makes me happy and I really appreciate your honesty when things just suck because everything really is rough at the moment.

      • PLEASE always feel free to comment (even if it’s just to talk about how bad things are right now. Because they’re bad). And thank you so much!! I’m always happy when my enthusiasm is contagious. Sometimes that’s all we have right now.

    • KELLY! I want to start by saying something I don’t say often enough: I love your writing. I love that I can always tell when something is written by you—from a Tweet to a Tumblr post to a TV Guide article. You have such a strong voice. It’s funny and insightful and honest in a way that feels genuine and real, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. It’s special.

      It takes bravery to be an honest writer with a real voice, and that’s what you are. You’re brave. And I love that about you. It takes bravery to love things the way you love them. It takes bravery to do so many of things you’ve done in your life—from the places you’ve lived to the truths you’ve shared to the very underrated bravery of saying when things are not okay and you feel bad. It takes guts to be yourself, and you’re gutsy.

      I love that you always reach out to others, even when you’re going through things yourself. I love your enthusiasm for the media you love because it’s always inclusive and infectious. I love your love for the Packers and what that says about your sense of loyalty. I love your love for Ellen’s Energy Adventure and what that says about your excellent taste. And I love that you will get what I mean when I say that on days when I’m feeling down, a text from you feels like the part in Illuminations when the countries lit up—warm and bright and like things are going to be okay.

    • I’m so happy you came to visit this little love post bb!

      I loved that I was able to get to see you before everything went to hell and that I got to share one of my favorite places on Earth with you! I loved getting to drink fancy drinks at our last dinner and walk the Strip at night and eat fantastic breakfast food and explore amazing hotels with you.

      I love that we have these wonderful memories together and that our friendship has spanned years and fandoms and life changes, and it’s still this steady, supportive force that I can count on.

      And that’s who you are. You’re a steadying force for so many people in your life. You know who you are and what you like (and what you don’t, which is just as important!), and you are unapologetically yourself, which I love so much about you. I love your warmth, how easy you are to talk to, and how genuinely kind you are to the people around you (don’t think I’ve ever forgotten you bringing my sister a Seahawks jersey!).

      I love that even when life is hard and the world is dark, you’re never cynical or harsh. You reach out. You let people (aka me) know they’re not alone. And that’s such a gift. ❤

    • You’re here! Every single time I see a comment from you, I know it’s going to brighten my day and leave me feeling better than I did before. I love your sense of humor, your love for stories and especially stories about self-definition, and your unwavering support for me and this little corner of the Internet.

      I love that you love things for what they are. You never expect the media you love to be perfect and you remind us to have fun with it even when it’s not (sometimes especially when it’s not). And that sense of loving things without wishing they were different extends to the people you care about, too, or at least that’s what I’ve always felt from you. Your acceptance of me as I am and my writing as the ever-changing work in progress that it is has played a big part in keeping NGN going. In dark times when I’ve thought of just walking away, I’ve thought of your kind words about not needing to be positive all the time—that being real is more important than being shiny and happy and perfect. And it’s helped me stick with it and feel better about myself every step of the way.

      You’re the Rose to my Peggy, my fellow Doctoberfest reveler, and one of the most genuinely kind people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting through the crazy world of fandom. We’re lucky to have you as part of the NGN Family. ❤

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