The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week: Let’s Go Buffalo!

The most consistently entertaining show on TV right now isn’t one of my beloved Bravo shows. It’s not even the very pretty (and very steamy!) Bridgerton, which I spent this week escaping into (and am currently on Episode 6 of, so #NoSpoilers!).

It’s the Buffalo Bills.

If you’re looking for something to watch on TV that will keep you on the edge of your seat, leave you smiling, and entertain you for hours, then look no further than the team that’s risen from NFL punchline to headline.

Great relationships? Check. (Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are everyone’s favorite dynamic duo.) Comedy? Check. (I’ll never stop sharing their snowball fight video.) Killer dance moves? Check. (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Bills team so well choreographed—on the field and on the sidelines!)

Even if you don’t think you’re a football fan, this team will probably find a way to make you smile—unless you’re a fan of whoever they’re playing that week, that is. They’re charismatic. They’re confident. They’re good.

And they’re fun.

(Side Note: I fully understand that I am tempting fate by talking about how much fun this team is to watch when the playoffs start next week. But I’m choosing to embrace joy in 2021 where I find it, and not even my superstitious Buffalo sports fan side will stop me from doing that.)

In a long, hard year, the Bills have given this community something to look forward to—something to get excited about. Sundays (or Mondays…or Tuesdays…or Thursdays…) are fun again in Western New York. At a time when hope seems hard to find and in a city known more for sports failures than any kind of success, this team has us hoping again. And in some ways, it feels like a lot of the country is hoping right along with us.

Because the fun is contagious.

On Monday, the Bills beat the New England Patriots—their longtime nemesis—on national TV by a score of 38 to 9. It capped a run of nationally televised games that served as a kind of coming out party for Allen, Diggs, and the rest of this group—showing the whole country not just how much talent they bring to the field, but how much joy they bring to it too.

Joy isn’t something that comes easily in the middle of a global pandemic, but for a few hours every week, the Buffalo Bills make it feel easy, even for a city that’s famously skeptical when it comes to our sports teams. It helps that they’re doing their best to inspire good things in the city that loves them too.

Before Monday night’s game, ESPN aired a story about the impassioned fanbase known as “Bills Mafia.” And it was such a breath of fresh air to watch as someone who loves being a Bills fan but hates our reputation for jumping through tables and lighting ourselves on fire. This story focused on the charitable efforts Bills Mafia has been a part of in recent years, and it warmed my heart to see the city I call home—the City of Good Neighbors—shown in such a positive light.

That’s what this team has done for this city. It’s brought a positive glow to life in Buffalo for the past few months—and it’s only gotten stronger in the last week. And I can’t think of anything better to watch than that—unbridled positivity, unencumbered joy, and unforgettable fun.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

9 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week: Let’s Go Buffalo!

  1. I am thrilled this feature is back so I can get your thoughts every week! And so I can ramble about random shows in a planned location 😉

    It technically aired last week but I didn’t watch the Call the Midwife Christmas special until today so it still gets my vote. Anything that makes me cry from the sheer goodness of the characters is a winner in my book and these Christmas specials always give me so much of that. It is a show full of kindness and love unlike any other I watch. From a guest star making one of my favorite midwife’s dreams of flying come true by giving her a chance to try out a circus trapeze, to a special Christmas celebration filled with friendship and understanding between two women who often feel overlooked or unwanted because of their age and lack of husbands, to a nurse helping a mother feel more ready to give birth by giving her a chance to remember all the babies she’d lost in previous attempts, it was an episode of compassion. There was still a lot of stress but it ended in joy and that’s what will stay with me until the show is able to safely return.

    • I’m so glad you got to watch it—and that it was just as good as you’d hoped it would be! I’m always here for feels, and this show seems like it knows how to deliver them perfectly. ❤

  2. I love that this feature has returned. I love that the Bills are the thing that relaunched it. My Bridgerton love is well documented, but the best piece of TV I watched this week was Made About You’s reboot. Comfort and the familiar was a big need for me this week, even more than joy and getting to revisit and spend time with Jamie and Paul was just the antidote I needed. I’ve always loved this show because it’s POV never wavered. This was about the day in/day out of two people and their relationship – why it works, how it works, what to do when it isn’t working. That focus and watching characters who grow together and love and not because they are the same but because they compliment one another. To see them at a stage when they are returning to being a couple (as opposed to a family that they became when they had Mabel and the show ended) was a wonderful bookend to this story about these two neurotic, loving, frustrating people. They are so flawed in their methods and manners but in a way that doesn’t take them outside of people we relate to or embrace in facets of ourselves. So for me (in spite of Lady Danbury’s fierceness and fantastic hats) Mad About You was the best thing I watched this week.

    • This comment brought me so much joy! We’ve already talked about this, but I’ll share with the class, Mad About You is one of the first “grownup” shows I remember being allowed to watch when my parents had it on, so it will always have a special spot in my heart (and in high school I had a teacher who let us watch the Thanksgiving episode every year on the day before our holiday break). To know that the reboot still feels as good as the original makes me want to go run and watch it immediately, and that kind of glowing recommendation is what this kind of post is all about!

  3. I’m so excited you’re doing these posts again! I am really looking forward to rooting for the Bills in the playoffs this year. I mean, I’ve been rooting for the Bills every year since I met you, but they seem extra fun to watch this year and I think they have a good shot at going far (fingers crossed!), so I’m extra looking forward to watching them this weekend.

    I didn’t watch a lot of TV in the past week (more movies, for once!), but I think the best thing I saw was Bridgerton, and specifically if I’m picking one moment, a scene in Bridgerton (SPOILERS FOR 1×03) where Simon and Daphne are looking at a painting that used to be one of his mom’s favorites, and they start holding hands. Bridgerton has excellent pining which I am a very, very big fan of lol, and I am always here for tentative, almost shy hand holding. In this case it was a very “we can’t look at each other because the second we acknowledge this is actually happening then it will stop because of course our Feelings can’t be real as this is a ruse” scenario, and it was excellent. Give me all the pining!!

    • I am forever grateful our teams are in different conferences so the only time I ever have to worry about rooting against the Seahawks is in the Super Bowl (and I guess that time they played this year lol). I’m really hoping the fun keeps going for us as long as humanly possible and we keep picking up more fans along the way because this team is the best I’ve probably ever seen personally (I was basically a baby for the good teams of the 90s) and also filled with really high character, charming guys.

      And now for THAT SCENE you brought up! ALL KINDS OF YES. Those little touches are done so well on this show. I’m thinking also of the moment when his hand grazes her bare back while they’re dancing and I all but swooned myself!

    • Leah. I’m 1000% with for all the things I love about Bridgerton that scene may hands down be my favorite of the series. I love everything about. And move over and give me some room to sit on the pining couch with you!

      • Yes!! The more the merrier on the pining couch! It is one of my absolute favorite parts of romance story arcs, I am never not on the pining couch 😉

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