The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (4/10 – 4/17)

This week in television started off with a closer look at Belle’s character on Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Monday gave us Disney night on Dancing with the Stars, Jane’s bachelorette party on Jane the Virgin, and one of the most uplifting Castle moments of this season when Ryan and Jenny’s new baby boy was born (and given the perfect middle name of Esposito). On Tuesday, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s penultimate episode made me laugh harder than any episode of television so far this season, while The Mindy Project‘s big return made me cry (while also making me feel so proud of Mindy). Wednesday’s episode of Nashville took the drama—especially surrounding Maddie—up another notch, and on The Americans, certain characters found a way to release some of their own tension while others found their anxiety reaching a fever pitch with no release in sight. On Thursday, Orphan Black premiered with a look at Beth’s story, and on Friday, the impossibly charming Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returned to Netflix.

When many TV shows seem to be going to very dark places, it’s nice to take a moment to celebrate shows that still make us laugh. And Brooklyn Nine-Nine was at its comedic best on Tuesday night. “Bureau” had so many highlights that I can’t pick just one for the best moment on television this week. But I will single out Andre Braugher as the week’s best performer. Whether he was talking about his lint (which was oblong and blue, in case you were wondering) or describing the plot of Sex and the City, he proved once again why it’s a crime that he hasn’t won an Emmy for this role yet. I hope this is his submission episode for this season, because I can’t think of a better example of his talent.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week? And would anyone else like to sign a petition for FOX to create a web series in which Captain Holt reviews TV shows?

5 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (4/10 – 4/17)

  1. (it’s Abby btw, I got a wordpress) I’d have to say that my favorite thing on television that I saw this week would have to be the latest 100 episode. As harrowing and horrifying as much of it was, it brought back dynamics that have been missing from the show for much of the season and Lindsey Morgen was incredible. I mean, the girl played like 8 different versions of the same character in one episode and it was amazing.
    Also BELLAMY AND CLARKE INTERACTED!!! *I’m ok, I’m calm*

    Bellamy and Clarke and Jasper all had their internal monologues become external this episode and the way people reacted/didn’t react was incredible. I loved the way Clarke and Bellamy fell right back into leading together but they still were hesitant about each other and the dynamic was amazing. I also loved that Bellamy and Clarke both healed each other externally while reassuring each other that they understood. And there were Captain Swan parallels and I died.

    Honestly that epjsode was amazing.

    • Hi Abby! I’m so happy you enjoyed that episode of The 100! Heather loved it, too, and wrote a great post about it over at TVExamined. 🙂 It makes me so glad that this show seems to have returned—at least for that episode—to what works. And I don’t even watch the show, but I’m so excited for Bellamy and Clarke spending time together!

  2. We were so excited by Brooklyn Nine Nine this week because President Allstate was guest starring! I don’t know his name, but we used to watch him on 24, and then the President was on ads for Allstate (which we already have, but if we didn’t, I mean, how can you ignore that incredibly presidential voice?!) And then he turned out to be perfect opposite Holt and I totally didn’t see that twist coming! Andre Braugher is fantastic. I do hope he gets recognition. He is so funny.

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