The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/10 – 5/17)

This was a truly fantastic week of television, which is usually what happens when May sweeps time is in full swing and finales are airing all over the place. On Sunday, Brooklyn Nine-Nine set up its season finale with a great cliffhanger, and Game of Thrones aired another strong hour. However, it was a pair of season finales which made Sunday truly memorable. On The Good Wife, Kalinda said her final farewell and a surprise visitor showed up at Alicia’s door in the closing seconds. Also on on Sunday, Once Upon a Time‘s season finale gave us a fun trip into an alternate reality, but it also gave us a heart-wrenching sacrifice made out of hope, love, and true bravery. Monday continued the trend of strong season finales, with an episode of Castle so good it could have served as the perfect ending to the whole series. And Wednesday’s season finale of Nashville was as emotional as it gets, with moments of pain and pride that moved me deeply. Finally, Saturday’s episode of Orphan Black was a breathless thrill ride, and Outlander aired an episode that shook all of its fans to their core (an episode I still can’t think about without my hands starting to shake). In a week filled with some episodes that might end up as all-time favorites of mine in their respective series, choosing the best moment felt like a nearly impossible task. Was it Emma’s incredible moment of bravery or the emotional sacrifices in the alternate reality which inspired her sacrifice on Once Upon a Time (or even the very sexy sword fighting lesson between Emma and Hook)? Was it Mrs. S. welcoming Gracie as her guest on Orphan Black? Or was it Will finally learning to love himself and love someone else openly and proudly on Nashville? All of those were great moments, but only one moment I saw on television this week has made me cry happy tears every time I’ve re-watched it, and that’s the ending of Monday’s Castle finale. There was such love in that scene—between the characters, the actors, and the writers. Every word of Castle’s speech was beautiful. And the sight of the entire cast together in one room for the first time was incredibly moving, highlighting the sense of family this show has built over the last seven years. Nothing I saw on television this week made me happier than those final minutes of this season of Castle. They were a true gift to fans of this show, and I will treasure them. Always. What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

5 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/10 – 5/17)

  1. These posts are always a reminder of how many good things happen on the many great shows I watch, and also how many shows I don’t watch but mean to start “sometime” “when I have time.” The Once finale was just such an amazing 2 hours of TV. No one can do a finale quite like they do. It totally lived up to my expectations after last year’s “wish fulfillment” finale. Just so much fun, with so much heart. I’m excited to see what comes next.
    I spent the entire episode of Nashville clutching a quilt up to my nose, trying to hide from all the emotion. It did what Nashville finales seem to do – rip out your heart and leave you hanging. I can’t believe they even cliffhangered that rooftop kiss! Will’s moment was not only the happiest thing that happened all night, it was the only thing that felt like a wrapping up of one particular story arc to begin something new. I am so pleased they have allowed this character to grow out of his fear of telling the world who he is. I have no doubt there’s going to be a lot of trouble for him next season, but I’m not going to miss the lying and denying and all the hurt that caused (most of all the hurt Will caused himself). Oh, and now there’s one less thing for Gunnar to be worried about, keeping that secret. I don’t think he even told Scarlett. He’s a good man. Anyway, as usual I want to wrap (almost) every single Nashville character in a giant hug until the season returns, so I think the finale did it’s job.
    Brooklyn Nine Nine is such a joy. It’s my new “you have to watch this” show. Of course last night’s finale will be a next week’s top pick. Not one, but 3 kisses?! Gotta love that fake dating trope.
    Oh, and Jane the Virgin had a perfect finale. I can’t recommend that show highly enough either. It’ll be a good one to binge watch over the summer if it’s available. I hope it will be – they could get a lot of new viewers for next season if they release it for streaming this summer.
    And this might finally be the summer I start to watch Castle. I keep saying that, but I actually have it queued on Netflix so it might actually happen.

    • I’m so excited that you might be diving in to the Castle fun soon! It’s such a great show, and I feel like it’s the perfect summer binge. (Although seven seasons makes for a long—but worthy—binge. lol)

      I loved everything you had to say about Will on Nashville. I feel the same way about being so happy to see him let go of the pain he was causing himself by lying and denying who he was. I was so proud of him, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him, especially now that he has a stronger sense of self and a man by his side who loves him for who he is.

  2. OK, I can’t argue with the Castle closing speech! It was beautiful, poignant and surprisingly emotional. You’d think after Alexis’ graduation speech one would be braced for these moments in Castle. It was a magic moment on a Monday that gave me plenty!

    I am going to cast my vote this week however for Jane the Virgin. The show managed to do many things really well. It set up season 2 perfectly, it managed to wrangle Dara Creasey away from Castle and it brought an unexpected series of events to two plot points that were obviously coming. I know you are watching it so I will refrain from details. But there was a beautiful sequence surround the baby’s birth that served as a vivid reminder as to why this show is so special. And for that reason, it gets a dead on tie with Castle’s beautiful goodbye letter from the creators who gave us Caskett.

    • I am so ready to get my Jane the Virgin binge-watching on this summer! I only watched the first two episodes, but I loved them so much and can’t wait to continue. It’s going to be the perfect summer show and a very worthy addition to my TV lineup next fall. 🙂

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