The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/3 – 5/10)

This was a week filled with penultimate episodes, as season finale time is right around the corner. On Sunday, motherhood was the central focus on Once Upon a Time, and that focus produced one of the strongest episodes of the season. Also on Sunday, The Good Wife took a big step toward big changes at the end of its season; Game of Thrones continued to deviate from the books in shocking ways; and Brooklyn Nine-Nine reminded us all why Jake and Amy would be perfect together (before putting another roadblock between them, of course). Monday’s Castle was a light pre-finale bit of fun with a healthy dose of Martha feelings, while Wednesday’s Nashville was one of its most emotionally devastating hours of the season. And Saturday featured an episode of Orphan Black that brought the Leda and Castor clones closer than ever, as well as an episode of Outlander that took Claire on a long quest to find Jamie.

With the stress of season finales looming on nearly every television show I watched this week, I appreciated the moments that showed the calm before the storm even more than usual. This was especially true on Once Upon a Time. With huge plot twists and major revelations paving the way for what looks to be a game-changing finale, it was nice to have a moment in the penultimate episode where Emma and Hook were allowed to breathe, share a drink and a view of the horizon, and talk through things like a real couple. I loved the scene between them at the docks because it felt like a moment of grounded realism in the middle of crazy fairytale action, which has always been one of my favorite things about them as a couple.

The strongest relationships are ones in which both parties feel secure enough in the stability of their love to be honest with one another, and it makes me so happy to see that Emma has found that in Hook. While he never pushes her or makes her feel bad for her emotions, he isn’t afraid to tell her when she’s not being her best self. That’s the sign of a great partnership—one in which both parties help the other to be better. Hook knew Emma was hurting herself by continuing to shut out her parents, and his gentle but pointed advice helped her make the decision to finally move beyond her anger and arrive at a place of healing with the family she loves. That kind of support is wonderful to watch, and it was a nice reminder—before the insanity I’m sure will come with this finale—that Hook and Emma’s relationship has helped both of them grow into the best versions of themselves, which is the basis of True Love on Once Upon a Time.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?


6 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/3 – 5/10)

  1. Since there wasn’t one of these last week and in honor of the fact that you started watching the show, the best thing I saw in the last two weeks was the scene two episodes ago between Alba and Jane on Jane the Virgin. I have spent the better portion of the last 6 months worshiping at the alter that Jennie Urman and Gina Rodriguez have built that is no mystery. But in Chapter 20 gave us a moment between Jane and her abuela that was so visceral, so universal, so vulnerably honest and self aware that I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. This scene, which I won’t speak much on because I especially want you Katie to experience yourself, is the defines what makes Jane the Virgin special as a show and as a representation of parenthood, families, and yes, Latinas. It is why in a slate of great performances including Tatiana Maslany and Keri Russell I believe Gina Rodriguez soars this season above the field.

    But if I am sticking to the week, Martha, Martha, Martha. Susan Sullivan’s grace, nuance and style always makes Castle better. Susan and Nathan scenes in the loft for me provides the soul of this show. The scene this past week gave us yet another example of why this is true. From the warmth between these two, the vulnerability of Martha’s fears, the protectiveness of Rick and the humor laced throughout. I watched and was reminded yet again how no matter Rick’s sarcasm and aloof approach to the frivolousness of Martha she is someone he protects with unwavering loyalty. It’s a great relationship, it speaks to the father he is and the man he became. And it reminded me that what has always and continues to make Castle worthy of my time is the relationships of this TV family.

  2. Emma and Hook have not developed into the best versions of themselves . . . because no one ever will. What makes me disgusted by all of this is that Emma’s moral compass has been basically judged by her ability to forgive her parents for their mistakes and “open up” to Hook. This show and its fans STILL seem willing to turn a blind eye to Emma’s real flaws, because they have in their minds of her as some near ideal character. Even this new development isn’t about her simply embracing evil due to her own flaws. It was about saving Regina’s moral compass.

    Emma is still a Mary Sue. And I see that nothing will ever really change.

    • OK I have sat by and watched you maliciously eviserate the author and owner of this blog long enough. Your distaste for both OUAT and the character of Emma Swan is noted, well documented, and chronic at this point. No one who shares on this blog is 100% in agreement. However your tone and disrespect for the author and all of us who share here is unacceptable. This is a place for celebrating what we love and think about TV shows and the characters in them. No where is that more true than this weekly section. Your belligerent insistence to bring vitriol and rudeness here is at best unnecessary and at worst deliberately hurtful. There are plenty of places to complain, troll and be mean on the internet. Please take your hate there or anywhere but here because while the owner of this site has more kindness and goodness in her pinky than most people on the planet, I do not and have no problem saying to you that you spreading hurt and anger only makes us rally around her to protect that goodness from the likes of you. We collectively wish you would take your misery elsewhere.

  3. In other words, you want me to completely agree with the author of this blog, instead of expressing my own views.

    I’m not like that. I refuse to suppress my opinion for the sake of others. If I disagree with someone else’s opinion regarding a character or a story, I’m going to express it, whether you like it or not.

    • No, I don’t think anyone is asking you to agree completely with the author of the blog. I know sometimes my own interpretations have differed from Katie’s. However, your posts seemed to focus on all the ways you disagree with the blog and the people who post here. It just seems counterproductive to continue to read and post to a blog that you vehemently disagree with.

    • No, in other words I want you to be civil, as in civil discourse. A thing that happens on this site all the time. But a practice I have yet to see you engage in when commenting here. Your goals are clear – to brow beat the corners of the OUAT fandom who comment here, in particular the blogs author into submission with how much you despise the way this show, that no one on this site has any role in creating by the way, has developed two characters in it. We get it. We are all clear on that. However, you insist on bringing that one note of vitriol here week after week – even in the sections not dedicated to the show in and of itself.

      In case you haven’t bothered to notice, I, along with many posters, have a completely different take on this show (and other shows on this blog) than the author of NGN. I regularly comment on it and express my thoughts and opinions. And often those opinions are things I don’t like about characters on the show or interpretations Katie has on a particular episode. I simply don’t have the need to put down others opinions who differ from my own down in the process of expressing them. And more importantly, I appreciate and respect the space that she is trying to create here.

      What you bring here week after week is a dismissive, attack of the the site owner and those of who don’t actually agree with you. In fact, those of us who would agree with you recoil from your methods and your tactics of belittling independent of what we think. We do so because the nature and tone of this site is the antithesis of your behavior on it. It is why I will say again, we collectively wish you would simply take that vitriol and go. You’ve never sought the civil portion of the discourse here, just the opportunity to pontificate your distaste and belittle those whose perspectives are different from your own.

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