The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/8 – 3/15)

Another strong week in the world of television began on Sunday with an hour full of secrets on Once Upon a Time, a look into Jake’s relationship with his dad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and a trip through Alicia’s mind on The Good Wife. Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor ended with a proposal in a barn (which I’m sure is very romantic for some people). On Tuesday, The Mindy Project gave us a humorous and heartfelt exploration of Danny’s Catholicism and how it will factor into his future with Mindy and their unborn son. And Wednesday’s episode of The Americans brought Martha into the spotlight in the most tense episode so far in this fantastic third season.

There were plenty of great moments to choose from as my favorite of the week—from Danny letting go of his Catholic guilt because he’s never been happier on The Mindy Project to Elizabeth and Philip opening up to each other about their children on The Americans. However, my favorite moment of the week was a moment that brought a character farther in their development than I ever could have hoped for this soon into their journey of redemption—and that moment was Regina apologizing to Geppetto on Once Upon a Time.

Regina’s story is developing into a beautiful story of choosing to be better than who you once were, and this scene epitomized that theme. Lana Parrilla brought such sincerity to Regina’s apology, and I was incredibly moved by the way this scene showed that growing as a person isn’t a perfect journey; you’ll have missteps and setbacks and relapses into dark places because you’re human, but the important thing is to choose to move beyond those moments of giving in to your worst self and choosing to be better afterwards. Regina isn’t a perfect person, but the important thing is she’s acknowledging that now and making the conscious choice to be a better version of herself. That’s how you change the way the world sees you; that’s how you find hope. And that’s a story I can believe in.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?


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