The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (1/25 – 2/1)

This week in television kicked off with a Sunday that showcased the best in both sports and film/television. The NFL Pro Bowl, NHL All Star Game, and SAG Awards all aired on Sunday, along with another hilarious episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that put Jake and Terry in a room full of defense attorneys. Tuesday’s lineup included another excellent hour of Parks and Recreation that saw the return of Treat Yo Self Day and the best hour of Agent Carter yet. Wednesday was a night of season premieres for some of my favorite cable dramas. On Suits, Louis’s sense of betrayal led to him lashing out at everyone around him, and on The Americans, no character escaped the hour without their vulnerabilities being brought into the spotlight. Finally, Saturday gave us my favorite episode of Saturday Night Live so far this season, as J.K. Simmons proved to be quite the natural host.

This was a week for fabulous ladies on television getting stuff done—whether it was Leslie figuring out a way to save her beloved JJ’s Diner and get her national park on Parks and Rec, Elizabeth taking down a pair of FBI agents on The Americans, or Amy using her conflict resolution skills on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But my favorite fierce female performance this week was Hayley Atwell’s work on a fantastic episode of Agent Carter.

Peggy and Howard’s tense, emotional scene in her room was the finest moment so far on this great show. It gave real depth to Howard, but the most memorable part of that scene was Peggy’s monologue about why Howard has no right to Steve Rogers’s blood. In just a few sentences, Atwell was able to convey so much emotion: Peggy’s love for Steve—not Captain America but Steve Rogers and the selfless good he stood for; her disgust with herself for losing sight of what Steve would have wanted her to do and—more importantly—what the woman she once was would have done; and her deep sense of betrayal by someone she thought believed in the same things she did. Atwell has been fantastic as Peggy from her first moments in Captain America, but she has never been better than she was in that scene.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

3 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (1/25 – 2/1)

  1. I was so glad to see HTGAWM back this week and see how they would approach this part of the season – without the back and forth of the flashbacks. Viola Davis is incredible. Can you imagine hearing people talk about you in the bathroom and confronting them with such poise? She is so good at that confidence and guts, but when she falls apart in private she’s even more amazing, conveying how much of this character’s life is a front.
    The Superbowl was a bummer – besides my team giving the game away at the last moment, I was bummed by how many ads were pre-released and I’m kind of sick of the hype of the whole thing anyway. Katy Perry’s half time show was pretty cool – I have no idea how she changed so fast!
    And Downton Abbey had plenty of drama and snark which always makes me happy (even if some of the story lines seem a little drawn out or recycled).
    I’m glad almost all of my shows will be back with new episodes this week 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear you enjoyed HTGAWM! I don’t know when I’m going to be able to catch up on that and Scandal because Thursdays have become my night to catch up on the three Wednesday shows I watch that all air at 10 pm. There’s simply too much good TV to go around! I’m thinking of saving a couple weeks and then having a big binge-watch weekend sometime soon.

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