The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/30 – 12/7)

This week in television featured a lot of shows gearing up for their winter finales, as well as plenty of holiday fun. On Sunday, Once Upon a Time gave us an hour filled with emotional reunions and even more emotional farewells, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave all of us Jake/Amy shippers a new sense of hope. Monday’s Castle had a fun action-move A-plot, but it will be remembered for its B-plot, which saw Beckett say goodbye to the apartment where she rebuilt her life. Tuesday’s New Girl gave us some more insight into Jess and Cece’s friendship, and The Mindy Project gave us some real character growth for Mindy. Wednesday’s Nashville Christmas episode was the relative calm before what looks to be a stormy midseason finale, and Friday brought out my generation’s nostalgic side with Girl Meets World‘s Christmas special.

There were a plethora of great moments to choose from this week when picking my favorite: Anna saying her wedding vows to Kristoff thinking they were about to die on Once Upon a Time, Mindy’s assertion that she would be fine without Danny if he didn’t want her as much as she wanted him on The Mindy Project, Juliette and Avery finally flirting again on Nashville

The moment that made me the happiest this week, though, came from an unexpected place: The Disney Channel. Girl Meets World‘s Christmas episode was a wonderful little dose of joyful nostalgia at a time of year when we all want to feel like kids again. Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and Shawn join Cory and Topanga for Christmas celebrations was enough to keep me smiling from ear to ear for 30 minutes. The episode told some pretty honest truths about growing up and becoming adults, but it did it in the charming way that Boy Meets World always approached its life lessons. And if you grew up watching Boy Meets World, there was no way you could watch Shawn and Cory reunite and not be swept up in the pure joy of lifelong friendship all over again.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

4 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (11/30 – 12/7)

  1. I am glad I took the 30 minutes to watch the Girl Meets World special even though I had never seen an ep before. The emotions that ran through me were quite unique when it comes to TV. These are people I grew up with. And to see them now, 13 years later, I was overwhelmed with every emotion I think I could ever possibly feel. There of course is the initial freakout of them having a 13 year old and me barely being able to take care of my cats, but there was also a lot I could relate to here. I loved the dynamic between Shawn and Topanga. I have had my best friend come stay with Sean and I twice this year, and having them both in the same house was so much fun. I was that same happy beaming Cory (I call them my platonic and romantic life partners). There is also the fact that plenty of my friends have kids now, and there is my niece and nephew, and I definitely related to Shawn and his affection for their daughter through his relationship with her parents but at the same time also feeling somewhat removed. And then of course it was just great to see Cory’s parents and Shawn again. Getting to see TV characters grow up over such a long period of time (21 years!) especially ones around your own age is not something you really see often (if ever). It made me really have to come to terms with my own age and where my friends and I are at this stage in our lives. Who would have thought I would get that on the Disney channel of all places? Ugh, I am still having feelings about this. Damn you Disney channel, I did not expect to spend my weekend reflecting on my life path!

    Runner up goes to ‘The Flash’. I dont like Arrow (I cant not laugh at his deep voice), and this was part of the big cross over event, but it was still fun to see them fight. It felt very Batman (Arrow, vigilante with cool gadgets without superpowers) vs. Superman (Flash, superpowers that go haywire). I think ‘The Flash’ is one of my fav new shows this season. The ensemble cast is top notch, and there are some great unique character relationships, my favorite being between Barry and his foster father.

    • I am so glad I’m not the only one still having Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World feelings. It’s definitely made me reflect on my life, too, and I definitely didn’t expect that kind of depth from a Disney Channel Christmas episode. It pleasantly surprised me, and we all know I love to be pleasantly surprised by the TV shows I watch.

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