TV Time: Castle 7.05


Title Meme Is Murder

Two-Sentence Summary The team from the 12th precinct investigates a pair of murders involving Internet celebrities, whose dead bodies were photographed and put online. The case leads them to a victim of cyberbullying who has found a sense of power in creating a legacy of brutal murders.

Favorite Line It’s not a line, but I think we could all use another viewing of this video:

My Thoughts “Meme Is Murder” felt like a filler episode before something huge, which we all now know that it was. It was fairly case-heavy, and we all know those aren’t my favorites. And while last week’s episode was also more about the case of the week and less about the characters and their growth, it got by on its charm and some pretty significant development for Castle and Alexis. It’s not that I need for Castle’s disappearance to be brought up every week in a major way, but after integrating it really well into the lighter episodes so far this season, it felt a bit strange for it to not have any presence in “Meme Is Murder.”

While this episode felt like filler, that doesn’t mean I didn’t find it interesting—and unsettling. I thought the guest actors were incredibly strong in this episode. I immediately felt for the former detective who was broken by guilt over not doing enough to help Adam Lane when he was a cyberbullying victim. There was something about his demeanor that evoked instant sympathy from me. And the actor who played Adam was great. He didn’t overplay his psychopathy, which would have been easy to do. Instead, he let it show in the deadness behind his eyes and the chilling way he delivered all of his lines in the interrogation scene.

In fact, I think Beckett’s interrogation of Adam was my favorite such scene in a long time. Stana Katic always does such a marvelous job of showing how Beckett owns that interrogation room, and she’s even better when she’s paired with a guest actor who matches her intensity. The battle of wills between Beckett and Adam was fascinating to watch, and I loved the moment we saw Beckett realize exactly how to get to him. The switch in demeanor from soft to scathing was an impressive bit of acting from Katic. And it was fun to watch Castle and the ex-detective work alongside Beckett to put the pieces together on the other side of the wall. It was a really satisfying moment of teamwork.

The case itself brought up really interesting concerns about the public nature of the Internet, the permanence of what goes online, and the culture of anonymity that leads to people feeling emboldened to act terribly. I thought Beckett’s frustration with the culture of anonymous bullying on the Internet was very realistic. I like when crime shows aren’t afraid to let us see that the detectives are bothered by these cases after they solve them. (And Castle’s little reassuring hug was very cute.) And I think most of us who are even slightly active online have had experience with the way the Internet allows people’s worst selves to come to the forefront. It was a very timely topic, and I thought it was handled well. I love the Internet—it creates and strengthens friendships and gives me a place to share my feelings with others who also feel passionately about the same things (much like Ryan with his adorable callback to his blog)—but it has a dark side, too.

I’ll close this review with some stray observations:
• I wish I cared more about Tori, but I just don’t. When you have a core group of characters as well developed as the ones on this show are, it’s difficult to add someone new into that group, and I don’t think it’s working with Tori.
• On the other hand, my love for Victoria Gates just keeps growing. I loved seeing once again how much she’s grown to trust Beckett, even in the face of her superiors doubting her. And Beckett’s smile when Gates told her she was still on the case was a thing of beauty. These two women have developed a real sense of respect that feels believable and genuine.
• I normally love everything Beckett wears, but what was up with that denim-on-denim ensemble?
• I’m continuing to like this trend of including Beckett being a part of scenes between Castle and his family at the loft. It’s a nice way to show that she’s completely integrated into his life now, and it makes the dynamic even more fun—especially in this episode, with all the women in Castle’s life teasing him about his video.
• CASTLE AND BECKETT ARE GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS! Did anyone else wake up smiling because of this, or was it just me?

14 thoughts on “TV Time: Castle 7.05

  1. I genuinely loved this episode but I felt like this episode served it’s purpose as a filler with most of the episode focusing on the case. Case-wise, it was creepy and the person who played Adam did a fantastic job portraying a serial killer. But I just wanted to comment one of the highlights of this episode – the interrogation scene. That scene was brilliant! We have not see the side of Beckett that Stana Katic has played before – playing the role of a bully in the interrogation and it was so interesting to see her in that role.

  2. This episode really hit on topics that most people just don’t seem to want to talk about – bullying and mental illnesses. Especially bullying online.

    There have unfortunately been too many cases like this in real life, where someone who’s been bullied either commits suicide or completely snaps like Adam did. These things can be prevented, but no one wants to talk about it, or if they do talk about it it’s only for a little while, after something horrible has happened – either a suicide or a shooting. Then it’s gone has fast as it came and they don’t talk about it again until the next tragedy. If only people would take bullying seriously and punish the perpetrators immediately, then it wouldn’t lead to something so horrible. I’m not trying to but all the blame on the parents and teachers for not catching the bullying sooner (of course bullying can happen anywhere, but teacher popped into my head first since in this case it was at a high school), because sometimes the adults never even know that bullying is taking place.

    Sorry for starting off so heavy. Off to the happier stuff!

    I loved how Gates didn’t throw her off the case. They’ve grown to respect each other a lot. When Gates was first introduced I wasn’t very fond of her, but I’ve started to really like her throughout the years.

    I hate how we have to wait two weeks but I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • You bring up really great points about bullying, and I think that’s exactly what this episode was supposed to do—get people talking or at least thinking about this very serious problem (which is growing more and more difficult to control as cyberbullying becomes more and more common). No need to apologize for being heavy—I love discussions like this, especially because people tend to write off Castle as “light” stuff when it’s actually really good at bringing up heavier topics when the situation calls for it.

  3. yeah, obviously I agree that Tory doesn’t seem integrated since I literally had to do a search on the poor girl’s name to see which character you were even talking about. I didn’t know she had a name beyond peripheral character brought in for random analysis occasionally (at least, that’s what title I would have given her…like I said, poor girl.) I just watched the episode this morning too- that’s how much of an impact she made, oops.

    They needed an episode like this for this season- compelling case, not as much character development, for nothing else than balance. It’s been a bit character heavy with Castle’s disappearance– and although I enjoy those moments immensely, I do also enjoy their cases when done well. I enjoyed the case much more than I expected to- and I think you nailed the reasons why, the guest stars were fantastic and the interplay with our main players was just as fantastic.

    • I also liked this case much more than I was expecting to, and that was a very nice surprise. While I’m always drawn to the more character-driven episodes, it is nice to see case-heavy ones that are executed well, too.

  4. I share similar thoughts about the lack of mention of Castle’s disappearance. I find it a lot strange that it would not be brought up at all. Very strange. You can’t just forget something like that. The story really held my interest and Badass Beckett always wows me!

    • I did find it a bit jarring that the disappearance wasn’t brought up this week, but Castle has been known to go for stretches of episodes without mentioning big story arcs. I’m sure it will rear its head again soon.

  5. Agreed that this was a filler to the main even run that will be November and December. But they went with a case that I really appreciated. Like you pointed out it was timely and just this side of 3XK creepy. Actually the case reminded me a lot of the Tick Tick Tick/Boom episode and Recoil. This held a darker criminal and as you pointed out made for the best Beckett interrogation we’ve seen in a while. What struck me about it, especially in comparison to the other episodes I mentioned was that Beckett is different. So the tone and tenor of the scene was different. In the past, we’d watch Beckett go into the dark parts of herself to relate to the criminal and try to get inside of them. She’s happy with a more optimistic outlook now, so going down those paths wears on her differently, which is why I appreciated the scene with Castle in the loft later. The man who has made his living off of the macabre is more ready to brush it to the side, but Beckett’s connection to the darkness is different. It was thrust upon her because of her mother’s murder. It’s a small detail, but I thought it really made that scene pop and the creepy factor of the killer menacing in a way they usually aren’t. I don’t know that it was the intent from the creative team, but it certainly felt that way to me.

    Now as for your observations, I have no net emotions around Tori, but then again, I didn’t expect her to be incorporated into the family the way I did Gates. I saw her more as akin to Karpowski from early seasons. Part of the fabric that comes and goes as people move in their careers. However, as much as I love Penny J. Jerald she and the show have exceeded my expectations around Iron Gates. I was so very attached to Captain Montgomery so I never expected to invest in her character. I was content to have the actor who was playing her service the role and move on. But the slow burn they have done with her really has paid dividends. The woman who told her 3 seasons ago that she hoped Beckett would feel the same about her as they did about Montgomery has come to pass. That scene of Gates not only having her back, but believing in her was perfect. It gave us the payoff well earned by both characters. And Beckett’s smile to acknowledge was priceless.

    I also want to co-sign on the incorporating of Kate into the Castle family through the loft scenes. It is the small shift from Kate and Rick in the loft to a family in the loft and I love it.

    And yes, I woke up grinning and laughing because that was 58 minutes of tease to the real meat of the matter – wedding in two weeks. I laughed at myself and my lack of caring that Castle wouldn’t be on next week and reveling in the fact I won’t be distracted by being Disney World when it happens!

    • I loved your take on the difference between Beckett and Castle in that scene at the loft after the case was solved. I really appreciated the fact that Beckett couldn’t just forget about it, and I think you’re right in saying that it’s because her connection to darkness is different.

      I also really appreciate that we both felt the same way about Gates initially. I thought no one would be able to replace Montgomery. And yet here we are, three seasons later, and I have come to both respect her as a character and love what Penny Johnson Jerald has done with her as an actress beyond anything I was expecting.

      I’m very happy for you that you don’t have to miss any of the Castle fun while you’re enjoying yourself in Disney! It’s nice when things work out like that. 🙂

  6. I too thought that this episode felt like filler, but it was a fun episode to watch nonetheless. I admit I always enjoy when a killer on procedurals gives the cops some clues like the photos in this episode because it’s always fun for me to try to figure out what it means along with our detectives. Adam was quite creepy and frustrating, which means the actor did his job very well, and I also enjoyed seeing Beckett once again dominate the interrogation room – I love when she gets to show off that skill. Ryan’s blog mention was probably one of my favorite moments of the whole episode as it was just adorable and was a nice bit of comedy in between the more serious moments. Castle’s web video at the end was wonderful and I think the show did a good job of making it a video that is very true to today’s culture – the autotune remix was perfect and the awkwardness of Castle’s fumbling was endearing. If an author I followed posted that type of video I would love it (and them) even more 😉

    Proof Tori’s integration isn’t working well is that it took me a moment to even figure out who you were talking about. Oops? I think I wouldn’t mind seeing her more but I don’t think you can integrate her into the group very well without giving her a lot more screen time than the show would be able to give. You’ve already got the 4 core characters and it might be too late to introduce another person who will be a major player in the group.

    Gates is wonderful, and I am so happy at the way her relationship with the group has developed. She’s always a fun addition to a scene and I’m so glad they added her to the show.

    Beckett did look a bit different this episode – I don’t know if it was the outfit, or something about her hair, but it was throwing me off just a tad. Stana is always gorgeous but denim on denim doesn’t work well for most people imo.

    While the promo for the next two weeks partially confused me (an alternate universe? what?) I don’t even care, I am so excited to finally see their wedding. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, my dear! 🙂

      I am 100% in agreement with you on Castle’s video. If an author I liked posted a video like that, I would become an even bigger fan of theirs. It was the perfect note to end on, adding some levity to what was otherwise a very heavy episode.

      There have been spoilers of a “What if?” episode for a while now, so I knew it was coming, but I am very curious to see how it fits with the wedding. I still can’t believe I’m actually typing “wedding” in relation to these two—and believing it will happen this time! 😉

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