The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (9/28 – 10/5)

This week in television featured another group of strong season premieres, which began with a great first episode of Once Upon a Time‘s fourth season on Sunday. That night also saw Brooklyn Nine-Nine return with just as much humor and character development as ever, and it gave us an episode of The Good Wife with almost an embarrassment of riches in terms of great moments. Monday’s “movie night” on Dancing with the Stars was just the kind of light entertainment I needed before the season premiere of Castle broke my heart as it kicked off the season with a great mystery. Tuesday’s series premiere of Selfie was cute enough to keep me tuned in for another week, and both New Girl and The Mindy Project had their fair share of funny moments (and, in the latter’s case, one very sweet one involving a nightstand). Wednesday’s Black-ish was a strong follow-up to its hilarious pilot, and Nashville tugged at my heartstrings with some wonderful moments between Deacon and Maddie. Finally, Thursday’s night of Shonda Rhimes was once again impressive, with a standout, fearless performance by Bellamy Young on Scandal and another fascinating episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

In a week of television filled with great moments, the most satisfying came from The Good Wife. Watching Diane leave Lockhart/Gardner the way she did reminded me that no one does elevator scenes better than this show. It was also such a great parallel to last season’s exit by Cary, Alicia, and those they took with them. Christine Baranski’s ability to captivate with her subtlety was used perfectly in that scene. Her whispered “Goodbye” as she left for a fresh start was incredibly powerful in the myriad of emotions that crossed her face in that one short moment. My campaign for “Baranski for an Emmy” has begun once again.

This episode of The Good Wife also can’t be discussed without bringing up Cary and Alicia’s hug. After seeing so much tension between them and so much tension in Cary’s story in general, it was such a beautiful moment for both the characters and the audience. Sometimes you just need to see something warm and happy on television where you’d least expect it, and that hug was the most pleasant surprise imaginable.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

2 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (9/28 – 10/5)

  1. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this, because this was perfect. That hug reminded us not that Alicia and Cary are next Will and Diane, but that these two people have been through a lot of turmoil together battling to stay at Lockhart Gardner in the early seasons, battling each other across the aisle of a court room to the decision to break out on their own. They’ve found trust and friendship in spite of it all and that moment was such a great payoff.

    I have to say – the hugs had it this week from this one, to Brooklyn Nine Nine’s that reminded me how much I had missed that show to Castle’s holding Beckett in those final moments reassuring us of their relationship while visibly baffled and concerned by what was to come. It was a great week of television and more than anything I am so excited to be hanging out at NGN for regular discussion again.

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