The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (6/29 – 7/6)

This week was heavy with reality television and not a lot of scripted programming (with Suits taking a week off). It began with a new episode of The Bachelorette that made it perhaps more obvious than ever that Josh is the one for Andi. (Her genuine, glowing smile when he said he was falling in love with her was a close runner-up for my favorite moment of the week.) The week continued with the hilarious penultimate episode of The People’s Couch and the first So You Think You Can Dance live show of the season. The rest of the week was filled with special TV events—from World Cup soccer and Wimbledon tennis to Marvel Universe and Indiana Jones movie marathons.

I don’t think it will come as a surprise that the most fun I had watching TV this week was when Zack and Valerie performed their tap duet on SYTYCD. It always puts a smile on my face to see my favorite style of dance in the national spotlight, and this routine brilliantly captured the essence of why I love tap. It was complex in its rhythms, stylish in its execution, and entertaining from start to finish. Watching Zack in this routine is like watching a master at work, and his performance only gets more impressive with repeated viewings.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

5 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (6/29 – 7/6)

  1. I did adore and agree with pretty much everything you wrote here. For my money, the best thing I saw this week was 24 Live Another Day. This truncated reboot of a show I really loved in the early going has proven it is still capable of surprise, interesting storytelling and no holds barred character push in ways that is very reminiscent of its first season.The last three episodes have built to a very tense final few hours creating a surprise with faces from past seasons, unresolved storylines and a shocking bait and switch that truly is characteristic to what is best about this show. After resolving Michelle Fairley’s plot line last week I wondered what could possibly surprise and unfold in the final third of the show. I have not been disappointed and if anything, it has only gotten stronger. 24 isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who loved the framework and execution of a real time show, it has been glorious to have Jack back in the form or Keifer Sutherland.

    • I never got into 24 the first time around (I think because my entire TV-analyzing brain was too consumed with Alias at the time to care about other shows that also asked me to think as I watched), but now you’re making me want to give it a try. Also, how did I not know the brilliant Michelle Fairley found yet another job?

      • 24 was the first show I ever marathoned. Back when it debuted, DVRs weren’t around and because of the shows format if you missed more than one episode there was no catching up. So when life got busy in season 1, I missed a bunch of episodes and promptly purchased the DVDs when they were released. I then proceeded to watch 24 episodes in 4 days in 8pm – 2am batches. The first season is stellar. The 7 seasons that followed were hit and miss. Some significantly better than others. However, the early couple of seasons do feature a brilliant Penny Johnson Jerald in a role that would be big fun for you given her Castle role.

        Michelle Fairley was a fun last minute addition when Judy Davis dropped out of the show and we the viewers are better for it.

  2. That was so much fun! I need to start watching SYTYCD again ASAP, I forgot they were getting to the live performances already.

    I haven’t been watching much live TV lately as there’s not many summer shows I watch, but I’ve started watching a few older/not currently airing shows (and will likely add a couple more to my summer TV binging soon). Right now I am really enjoying a Canadian show called Bitten, and have started watching Arrow, which after a few episodes in has yet to truly hook me but is still quite entertaining.

    • This seems like a good, diverse crop of dancers, so I hope you do start watching this season so we can talk about it!

      I was wondering about Arrow, so you’ll have to keep me updated on how your viewing is going!

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