The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/25 – 6/1)

After a couple of weeks away from my regular television viewing schedule while I was in Disney World, I came back to a TV week that didn’t feature a whole lot of new material (in no small way because last Sunday was without a new Game of Thrones episode), but what it did feature was fabulous. Monday nights in the summer are nights I spend with The Bachelorette, and last Monday featured a sweet date between Andi and Eric, which was ultimately heartbreaking with the knowledge of his tragic death after he finished filming the show. On Wednesday, So You Think You Can Dance returned with its first series of audition episodes. (For any of you wondering, I’ll be starting my SYTYCD recaps when they pick the Top 20.) And on Saturday, Orphan Black featured one big twist after another, ending on a shocking note that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

There’s nothing like Orphan Black to shake up a relatively slow TV week. Saturday’s episode will probably be most remembered for how it ended, but that wasn’t my favorite thing about it. Instead, I was drawn to the relationship between two characters who are now intrinsically linked though they have never actually met: Cosima and Kira. Cosima’s disgust and anger at finding out that Kira’s stem cells were put into her body without her knowledge and consent powered the episode’s most emotional confrontation. To see the way this woman cares for and wants to protect this little girl she never met was incredible, and it made me love Cosima even more. And then when Kira overheard Sarah and Cal talking about Cosima’s need for another of Kira’s teeth, that brave little girl pulled out her own tooth to help her sick “aunt.” Kira is a special little girl (and one of my favorite children on television), but she’s not just special because she’s the child of a clone with special healing abilities. She’s special because she can understand things far beyond her years and can act with empathy and level-headedness that even the adults around her don’t seem to possess. More than ever, I need Kira to meet Cosima, but I just hope it’s not because Dyad gets their hands on that incredible little girl.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

2 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (5/25 – 6/1)

  1. OK, let’s be serious, the best thing I saw on television this week was my NY Rangers win game 7 to enter the Stanley Cup finals 20 years after their magical run to the Stanley Cup in 1994.

    However, I agree with you wholeheartedly that what makes Orphan Black so stunningly fantastic isn’t always their big boisterous moments, like the ending of this episode. It’s the weaving of characters you didn’t realize you cared about and the pairings of characters in ways that are fascinating. Kira and Cosima is a great one. For me the biggest surprise was Rachel’s reaction and decision around Leekie. And is it just me or is it every time I think I’ve got Mrs. S. figured out, she makes a play that baffles me to how she fits into all this a little more.

    Ultimately though I love how Orphan Black manages its frenetic pace and storytelling with an infusion of immense amounts of humor. Is there anything about the I Love Lucy hi-jinks with Felix and Sarah at the clinic that wasn’t fantastic? I laughed out loud so many times and Garavis’ dead pan never ceases to enchant me. I think it was Shauna who said it best that this show and its twisted use of crafts supplies is pure genius.

    • I had a feeling your “best thing” was going to be your Rangers!

      I completely agree about Mrs. S. For probably the first time since LOST, I’m completely unsure of what side a character is really on. And yes, the craft-supply hijinks between Felix/Sara/Alison at the clinic reminded me that no show can seamlessly blend suspense, drama, and wonderfully dark comedy like Orphan Black.

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