The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (4/6 – 4/13)

This week in television started off on Sunday with a trip into Zelena’s past on Once Upon a Time and the triumphant return of Game of Thrones. Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars shook up the show’s partnerships with varying degrees of success, and Tuesday’s hour of The Mindy Project broke all of our hearts but may have featured the comedy’s finest acting to date. And Thursday provided a trifecta of excellent episodes: A new addition to the Knope-Wyatt family was revealed on Parks and Recreation; the Suits season finale saw the end of both Scottie and Mike’s time as Pearson-Specter lawyers; and the lives of multiple important characters are hanging in the balance after Scandal‘s penultimate episode of the season.

I was going to choose Mindy and Danny’s terribly realistic breakup scene as the best moment of the week because Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina were just so good in it. However, it’s time I chose something uplifting again—and I am so thankful for Parks and Rec‘s happy pregnancy reveal, which took what could have been an ordinary episode and elevated it to one of the show’s turning points. Leslie revealing her pregnancy to Ben (just by saying she had good news for him) was the perfect showcase for Amy Poehler and Adam Scott’s warm chemistry and underrated talent for handling emotional moments with realism and sincerity. The subtlety, love, and genuine happiness in that scene was like comfort food for the soul after so many weeks of depressing television.

Because NBC doesn’t like to let me share their videos, relive the joy again by watching this scene over at! 

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?


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