The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/30 – 4/6)

This week in television kicked off with another emotional Sunday night, as death returned to Storybrooke in devastating fashion on Once Upon a Time and the grieving process began on The Good Wife. Monday night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars featured a stunning performance from Meryl and Maks that earned the first 10s of the season. Tuesday gave us the triumphant return of The Mindy Project, which made all of us fall even more in love with Danny Castellano. Wednesday’s episode of Nashville featured huge moments of emotional confrontation between Scarlett and her mother as well as between Rayna and Deacon. Thursday’s episodes of Parks and RecreationSuits, and Scandal continued to set the stage for their April season finales, as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland had its series finale. And Anna Kendrick’s turn as Saturday Night Live host last night was one of the most purely entertaining hosting performances of the season.

This was another week where the best thing I saw on TV was far from the happiest. And, once again, it came to us courtesy of the brilliant actors on The Good Wife. All of “Last Call” was stunning and compelling—from Cary’s deposition outburst and David Lee’s private moment of grief to Diane unleashing her righteous anger on an unsympathetic client and Kalinda’s showdown with Will’s killer. But the scenes that have continued to haunt me were the scenes between Diane and Alicia, the two women who loved Will more than anyone. Their first hug was punctuated by brutally realistic sobbing, and their moment of quiet, shared grief in Diane’s office was a beautiful showcase for the talents of Christine Baranski and Julianna Margulies. Their performances in this episode should land both of them on the list of Emmy nominees this year, if there’s any justice in this world.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

4 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/30 – 4/6)

  1. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Christine Baranski more, and yet there it was last week going from the tenderness of the moment with Alicia, to the stoicism of being a senior partner in breaking the news, to the powerhouse anger of firing an intern and a client on either end of the episode. THIS is the episode I hope she submits to the Emmys and I sincerely hope that they sit up and take notice of just how brilliant she is at drama as she has been rewarded for comedy. She astounds me.

    Also astounding was the entire performance and character moment the writers of The Good Wife gave to David Lee. Talk about a complete revelation without ever taking him out of character. It was so wonderful to watch and be surprised by over the course of the hour. An unexpected source of grief (and much needed laughter) in the span of The Good Wife family.

    And Cary, oh Cary and “THAT” scene. I’ve always adore him and that moment of visceral anger spoke to every fan. Again, an unexpected response.

    And finally, I am still chilled by Alicia’s non-responsive reaction to the hug at the end of the episode. Everything about that physicality in that moment set a trajectory for the rest of the season. It was 20 seconds of Peter and Alicia’s desperation — for Peter to make the death meaningful, but not something that meant everything and for Alicia the need to finish the story of Will as someone who loved her, someone who was looking to find his way back to her.

    Simply great television from the best ensemble on TV.

    Notable mention — Keri Russell over on The Americans who couldn’t be further from Felicity and gets better every week.

    • Christine Baranski has always made me feel proud to share the same hometown, and that pride only gets more intense with each episode this season. I hope Emmy voters are paying attention because she deserves as many accolades as she can get for her brilliant work this season and in this episode in particular.

      Your description of that final moment between Alicia and Peter as “chilling” is perfect. It was a moment of immense disconnect. I loved the juxtaposition of Alicia and Peter’s coldness with the warmth Josh Charles brought to that imagined last call. It spoke to exactly why Alicia would want that to be the final page of her and Will’s story—it was her way of affirming the idea that Will loved her and wanted her, which will have such a huge impact on the rest of this season, especially in terms of her relationship with Peter.

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