The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (2/23 – 3/2)

After the Sochi Olympics ended with their stirring closing ceremonies last Sunday, many television shows returned from their hiatuses to join shows that were still airing in competition with the Winter Games. Monday’s Castle gave much-needed depth to Beckett and Alexis’s developing relationship. Tuesday’s New Girl continued to explore the effects of Abby’s presence on Jess and the rest of the characters, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine featured revealing performance evaluations and a great look at Jake and Gina’s friendship. Nashville returned on Wednesday with some amazing musical performances. Thursday’s Parks and Recreation gave us competing anniversary gifts from Ben and Leslie, and Scandal was back with more twists and turns than ever.

There were some really great TV moments that aired this week—from Nashville‘s newest band playing their first gig at the Bluebird to the introduction of a much-needed romantic interest in Mellie’s life on Scandal. But the best of the best came from Parks and Rec. Leslie’s anniversary gift to Ben was perfect, but not even the gift could top Ben’s reaction to it. I’m not sure anything will ever be better than Adam Scott sitting on a replica Iron Throne.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

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